Starfield Media Sponge Walkthrough

Help out a fellow fan in Media Sponge by finding some limited first editions of his favorite book in Starfield.

Media Sponge is an Activity based on true fans with collector’s hearts in Starfield. You will meet a long-term fan of a book series looking to upgrade his collection of limited-edition items.

You will be sent across the galaxy from the pits of Cydonia to buy these books and bring them. This guide shares multiple locations where you can find these books for the Media Sponge in Starfield.

How to unlock the Media Sponge mission

To unlock Media Sponge activity in Starfield you need to overhear the UC Security Guard outside Broken Spear Bar at Cydonia on Mars in the Sol System.

He will be near just after the plastic blinds at the Cydonia Central Hub on the Main Level of the Mining Colony of Cydonia.

He will mention that his friend Mitch has been looking for someone to help him out with a few things and your Mission HUD will automatically be updated with Media Sponge under the Activity Tab.

How to complete Media Sponge in Starfield

Reach Cydonia on Mars to find Mitch Benjamin. Head down into the Cydonia Mining Colony and enter through the orange door leading to Luxe Condominiums-Cydonia Residential on your left, opposite to Trade Authority.

You may remember the Trade Authority Outpost from previous missions like the Delivering Devils and Runaway. You will find Mitch standing near the entrance, a little away from the UC guard.

He shares that his favourite book series, Dragonstar Force had a not-so-successful first run. Being a huge fan, he wants to collect all the limited first editions but can’t leave Cydonia or have them shipped here.

You’re tasked with finding and buying the limited edition volumes and bringing them back to Mitch in exchange for rewards.

There are multiple locations across the galaxies in Starfield where you can find Dragonstar Force but we have mentioned a few quick ones you can access.

Location 1: HopeTown (Polvo)

To buy the Dragonstar Force first volume you need to head out to HopeTown on Polvo in Valo Star System. Enter the Pit Stop, door left of the Hope Tech building, just in front of the landing site.

You need to talk to Fast Hoang, who will be sitting on the bright sofa chairs, right next to the entrance. Ask to trade with him, you will find Dragonstar Force Volume 1 under the Notes Tab for 98 Credits only.

Location 2: New Homestead (Titan)

Another location where you can obtain the Dragonstar Force book is New Homestead at Titan, Saturn’s Moon, in the Sol System. Enter the Homestead building at the end of the path from the landing site.

Head down the stairs and enter the first Store on your left after entering the residential area to talk to Jae Montreal.  

He is one of the few genuinely friendly vendors in Starfield so take a look at his shop and you will find Dragonstar Force Volume 1 under the Notes Tab for 88 Credits.

Location 3: Gagarin Landing (Gagarin)

The third and last location on this list where you can find the Dragonstar Force book is Gagarin Landing on Gagarin in Alpha Centauri Star System.

Head straight up the stairs from the landing site and enter Clint’s Collectables on your right. Talk to Clint De Haven and see what he has to offer. You will find Drgaonforce Volume 1 for 85 Credits, the cheapest rate as of yet in Starfield.

Should you persuade Mitch to pay or not?

Head back to Mitch in Cydonia and you can hand the book over to him directly or persuade him to pay you some extra Credits.

If you choose to persuade Mitch in Media Sponge, you will need to pass a 4-bar persuasion check in Starfield. You can choose +3 orange and then +1 green to clear the bar or use the +5 Manipulation dialogue if you have the skill unlocked.

We suggest persuading him because not only it is easy but pays a little more extra on top of an already good payment.

Starfield – Media Sponge mission rewards

Despite being an easy mission, the payment is definitely better than a lot of lengthy missions for a fraction of the effort and time.

Completing Media Sponge will reward you with 100 XP and 2100 or 3700 Credits depending on if you pushed for a little extra payment in Starfield.

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