Starfield Mars Survey Guide

Visiting Mars and completing its 100% survey in Starfield can help you earn some good Credits.

Mars is among the thousands of planets available in Starfield for survey. It is located next to Planet Earth in the Sol System. The planet Mars is one of the 5 planets that hosts a city. In its case, it hosts Cydonia.

It is essential to survey a planet that you visit as it gives you information about its life, resources, and plants. Surveying 100% of a planet also gives you an XP and a data slate that you can sell for a reasonable price of 4,000 Credits.

How to 100% Survey Mars in Starfield

When discussing scanning a planet to 100%, many players think they must explore the whole planet. Fortunately, that is not the case. To thoroughly scan the planet, you need to scan all the available types of flora, fauna, inorganic resources, and planet traits.

You might need to travel to different biomes on a planet to scan some items. A survey is 100% completed when you complete the survey checklist of a planet by scanning all the required amounts of life and resources.

Mars survey Checklist

Mars has a concise checklist containing no flora or fauna. The only thing you will be scanning on Mars is its resources and traits. Here is the checklist to complete the planet Mars survey in Starfield:

ResourcesChlorine, Water, Chlorosilanes, and Lead.
Planet TraitsPelted Fields and Solar Storm Seasons.

All Fauna and Flora on Mars

There are no flora or fauna on Mars survey as it is inhospitable for growing plants. Players usually find scanning resources, flora, and fauna very annoying as they consume up a staggering amount of their time, and even though when players are near to their completion, there is always either a resource or flora or fauna that will not let them accomplish the 100% survey.


However, this should not be the case for Mars, as it will not let the players worry about its Survey checklist.

All Mars resources in Starfield

Most often, you will be visiting a planet to collect some resources. Having data on each planet’s resource offering can be very beneficial. Using this data, you can set up a mining outpost on that planet to mine specific resources. Mars offers 4 different resources. Here are the following:

NameFound BiomeDescription
Chlorine (Cl)Toxic vents“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in a number of crafting outpost structures such as the Pharmaceutical Lab, Tick Turret Mk I, and Laser Turret Mk I..”
Chlorosilanes (SiH3Cl)Natural SpringsChlorosilanes are used for a variety of crafting and research projects such as Resource Extraction I, Optic, and Laser Mods I and II projects.”
Water (H20)Rock Deposits“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”
Lead (Pb)Natural Springs“Lead is a resource that is used in the majority of gear-crafting and base-building projects.”

How to discover Mars Traits in Starfield

Traits are special locations on a planet in Starfield that can be life signs or resources. If your Survey checklist has a circle with an exclamation mark on it at the bottom, it means you need to scan the planet for traits. Planet Mars in Starfield has 2 traits:

Pelted Fields

To complete this trait on the Starfield Mars survey checklist, you must go to unexplored geographical features and scan the Stony Meteorite.

Solar Storm Seasons

You can scan the Iron meteorite in Storm Crater to get this trait.

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