Where To Find Paradiso In Starfield?

A beachfront vacation among the sea of stars.

The universe of Starfield has all types of planets, ranging from scorched deserts and frozen wastelands. The Paradiso Resort offers relief from these desolate planets as it’s a tropical vacation resort with a vibrant environment.

The Paradiso is first introduced to the player during the First Contact mission, in which you find an unidentified ship filled with humans who fled their home planet long ago. There is a lot more than work this oasis in space can offer. We are here to help you find the Paradiso and guide you through the activities you can do there.

Paradiso location in Starfield

You can find Paradiso on Porrima II in the Porrima Star System. To grav jump to it, you will have to first jump to the nearest planet, Volii Alpha in the Volii System. From there, you will easily hop to Porrima II to get to the infamous Paradiso resort you keep hearing about from NPCs in Starfield.


Porrima II itself is also known as the Paradise Planet in Starfield because of the Paradiso Resort.

Paradiso Missions and Vendors

Paradiso is a full-blown resort in Starfield and houses a lot of activities that you can do either for fun or work. You should definitely check out the shops there for some rare and interesting finds. The exploration can also amount to some decent loot if you are short on Credits.

Mission: First Contact

During your first visit to Porrima II, the unknown ship that hails you belongs to settlers from Earth who are stranded in space due to technical difficulties. This interaction will start the First Contact mission.  You are either to help them get out of there by buying a Grav Drive for their ship or persuade them to settle on the planet.


Purchasing the missing part to resolve the technical issues of the ship is the only way to resolve the mission without any bloodshed. It can, however, be heavy on your pocket.

Mission: Lost and Found

The Lost and Found side quest is an easily missable mission on Paradiso. Simply, talk to the receptionist of the resort to trigger it. All you have to do is find and return the missing items to the owners for some quick rewards.


While you are relaxing on this majestic oasis in the middle of nowhere, you can get quite a few upgrades. All vendors in Paradiso have unique shops that provide an interesting experience on their own. Like the General Store which carries both clothing and weapons

We also recommend visiting the ship vendor to upgrade your ride with all the latest ship parts. He will be standing near the cargo left of the landing pad, one of the only ship services vendors in Starfield without a proper establishment.

Trade Authority Kiosk

If have anything illegal that you would want to sell then Trade Authority is the place to go. You will find kiosks or screens with their logo all over Starfield. One of those Trade Authority terminals can also be found at the Resort near the Paradiso Shipyard.

Things to do in Paradiso

Paradiso is full of relaxing activities so why not enjoy them while you are visiting to get away from the usual missions in Starfield?

You can rent out a suite for yourself in the Deluxe Penthouse Suite and get a taste of luxury. Try the local cuisine and relax at Chez Simon’s rooftop bar with amazing views of the resort to get a much-needed mental break. You can also get a new look at the Enhance Clinic to fit the holiday vibe.


To fully immerse yourself in the vacation-like experience, you can find a swimsuit in a locker on Paradiso. It is in the first beach house down the stairs from Paradiso Hotel. Change out of your spacesuit to avoid getting it wet and go for a dip in the vast ocean.

If you do miss the action, you can find a Terrormorph in an underground cave beyond the beach near the hotel. There is a lot to keep you busy in Paradiso, so take your time to explore both inside and outside the resort to enjoy all that it has to offer.

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