Where To Find Paradiso In Starfield

The Paradise in Starfield is a beautiful resort to enjoy and a place where you can perform some important tasks.

The universe of Starfield has all types of planets, ranging from scorched deserts and frozen wastelands. Paradiso in Starfield offers relief from these desolate planets as it’s a tropical vacation resort with a vibrant environment.

The Paradiso is first introduced to the player during the First Contact mission, in which you find an unidentified ship filled with humans who fled their home planet, Porrima II, long ago.

Now, they are trying to return, but their planet is owned by a corporate organization planning to turn it into a resort. I’m here to help you find the Paradiso and guide you through the activities you can do there.

Paradiso location in Starfield

There are about 1,000 planets in Starfield, so it’s natural for players to consider finding Paradiso daunting. Paradiso is located on Planet Porrima II, the second planet of six planets that orbit the star Porrima.

Porrima II itself is also known as the Paradise Planet in Starfield because of the Paradiso Resort.

Paradiso quests and vendors in Starfield

Paradiso is a full-blown resort in Starfield and houses a lot of activities that you can do either for fun or work. Here is what the Paradise Planet has to offer:


First Contact Quest

The planet not only offers leisure but also some storyline as well. After touching on Porrima II, you can begin the First Contact mission.

There are people stuck on the planet and are desperate to get out. You will have to be the middle-man between the destitute and a powerful CEO. Or you can also help Kumar Sharma as an alternative questline.

Lost and Found Quest

This is another one of the quests that can be found in Paradiso in Starfield – Lost and Found. You can be the saint who can help find the lost items throughout the resort and return them to their rightful owners. All you have to do is talk to the person at the reception of the resort and the quest will be triggered.


If you are looking to buy some ship parts, Paradiso has a ship vendor location in Starfield for you to visit.

There are also several other vendor locations on Paradiso that you can visit and explore. From guns to ship parts, you will find a vendor for everything.

Kick back and rRelax

Aside from all the running around and completing objectives, you can also take advantage of all the amenities that this Starfield resort has to offer. There are hotels where you can book a room.

There are restaurants that offer different kinds of cuisine and finally rooftop bars with an amazing view of the resort to give you that much-needed mental break that you have been wanting.

Regardless of what you decide to do on Paradiso, there is plenty of stuff to keep you busy for a while. You can also visit the remaining five planets in the Porrima system once you get bored of Paradiso.

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