How To Use Transfer Container In Starfield

Extracting resources from planets in Starfield requires a storage solution which is where transfer container comes in handy.

The Transfer Containers in Starfield are automated Storage Systems that store any mineral or resource, whether it is a Solid, Liquid, or Gas, that your excavators produce in an outpost. Transfer Container Capacity is massive, storing up to 200 game items. Lastly, Starfield Transfer Container’s cost is zero; you just have to pay for the material used in the process.

How to Build a Transfer Container in Starfield

Outpost building is a relatively deep system in and of itself. You have access to multiple supplementary building items to facilitate your needs. Extractors will mine resources from rich deposits on the surface, and containers will act as storage where you can store them.

To build a Transfer Container in Starfield, you will first need the following resources:

Once you have those, you can go on to build the Transfer Container in your outpost. However, you’ll also need to build an extractor and its associated power source to get any mileage from it to initiate the resource harvesting cycle.

Each resource requires a specific type of extractor, e.g., you’ll need to build an Iron Extractor to extract Iron and a different one for Argon. This is important as the material you need to build, say, a cobalt extractor, will be different than the ones needed to build an iron extractor, so be sure to check which building materials you need on a case-by-case basis.

How to use a Transfer Container in Starfield

Transfer containers help transfer whatever output you extract from planets, which can be solid, liquid, or gas. Without a transfer container, you must sit next to an extractor for days while it produces resources.


If you have a transfer container, the harvested resource is automatically moved to storage in your outpost. The following material is required for Transfer Container construction.

Using a Transfer Container is relatively easy. After you’ve built and placed your extractors, power sources, etc., go to your extractor in ‘Build mode’ (Press E on the Keyboard) and aim your reticle on it.

Look to your options and see an option ‘Create Output Link.’ On PC, the default button for this is right-click. Go ahead, and after right-clicking, a red line will emerge from the extractor, tied to your reticle. Manually take this line to your Transfer Container; when closed, it will automatically latch onto the container.

You can build the Starfield Transfer Container Output Link by pressing the associated button (E) on the Keyboard. Doing so, your Starfield extractor output will now be transferred into the Transfer Container.

Starfield: How to collect items quickly

In Starfield, there is a way that you can transfer items quickly from the Transfer Container without needing to get out of the ship. For this, the first thing that you need to do is land your ship close to the Container Ship.

Due to the newer terrain, landing the ship nearby is not possible; therefore, it is best if you build a “Landing Pad.” After building the pad, you must land your ship on that and reach the Cargo Hold. Once there, you will find all of the Transfer Container items there.

How to shift resources from Transfer Container

Of course, that’s not all. You can transfer relevant materials to your ship with the container setup prepped and ready. First, you must ensure your ship is located near your outpost. Once it is, after you go to your ship inventory and swap to ‘Cargo Hold,’ when toggling different inventories beyond ship and character inventory, you can access your Outpost’s Inventory.

At that point, it’s a simple transfer. Take what you want, store what you want, etc. Note that sometimes your ship’s cargo hold may not show an option for outpost inventory. Building a ‘Landing Pad’ for your ship may rectify the issue in times like these.

You can also get more mileage with transfer containers via ‘Cargo Link – Inter-System,’ a structure that allows you to readily transfer materials from one outpost to another to cut back the time it would take to travel to a specific Outpost to grab the specific materials you wanted.

Build one in your current outpost and another in a different outpost of your choice for additional ease of resource transfer. The cargo link comes with two containers. A red one for materials to be sent to other outposts and a green one for materials received from another outpost.

After you have built the cargo link, repeat the same steps you did to link the Extractor to the Transfer Container, but this time, link the transfer container to the red box. The Cargo link has a control panel to specify which outposts you want to transfer to adjust as you see fit. And just like that, you now have a self-sufficient resource transfer system in place

How to Fix Starfield Transfer Container Not Working

While working with the Transfer Containers in Starfield, some players faced a problem with them Not Working. The reason that you might face this problem is that it’s not connected to any power source.

To Fix the Starfield Transfer Container Not Working, you need to ensure that the output line is connected from the extractor to the Transfer Container without any obstruction. Sometimes, the wires are connected but not wired in correctly.

If the distance between the extractor and the Transfer Container is big enough, you must add the Power Source in series to the Extractor.

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