How To Travel To Akila City In Starfield

Akila City in Starfield is the capital of Freestar Collective and home of Sam Coe, making it a must-visit place in the game.

Starfield features a number of main cities you can explore and complete quests in. Each city is part of a different star system and as such features a very different theme and environment. If you fancy yourself a space cowboy and are looking for a somewhat Western theme, Starfield Akila City is the place you should definitely visit. Not sure where it is? Allow us to explain how to get to Akila City in Starfield.

Starfield Akila City location

Akila City is the main capital of the Freestar Collective and the central hub of Freestar Rangers, basically the marshals of this area. Akila City is, as the name suggests, on the planet Akila in Starfield. The planet Akila itself is within the Cheyenne system.

To get to the Cheyenne system and then Akila City, you need to look north of the Olympus system. Find the star system and then use your grav drive to jump to Akila planet. You will also come to Akila City as part of The Empty Nest main story quest with Sam Coe.

The Akila City foundation was laid by Solomon Coe who is also the founder of the Freestar Collective. It is one of the two acting interstellar governments in the Settled Systems. To protect the natives from the dreaded Ashta, the city has a boundary wall as well.

Should you wish, you can also join the Freestar Rangers while in Akila City by completing the Deputized quest.

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