Starfield All Cydonia City Side Missions Guide

Cydonia is a mining city on Mars that has its fair share of side missions in Starfield for you to complete and help the locals.

Cydonia City in Starfield also known as the Heart of Mars, is amongst the four main cities in the game. Being a colossal mining settlement on planet Mars, this city has a lot to offer. Both interesting yet unpleasant at the same time, the city is built underground to keep the inhospitable environment outside at bay.

As you roam around the city in your pursuit to complete your main quests, you’ll come across many fascinating characters. During your journey, you’ll pick multiple side missions in Cydonia as well.

We have compiled this guide to provide an overview of all Cydonia City side missions in Starfield. These side quests are a great way to earn some extra credits and you’ll get a chance to explore the local caves that sit beneath the planet’s turf.

How to get to Cydonia City in Starfield

To get to Cydonia City in Starfield, you must head to the Sol star system located northwest of Alpha Centauri. In this system, you must head to planet Mars and choose Cydonia as your landing point. The city may be difficult to locate so rotate the planet and observe keenly to find your destination.

Now that you’ve found it, land your ship and get ready to explore this fascinating city of minerals and complete all Cydonia side quests in Starfield.

All Cydonia City side missions in Starfield and how to start them

Cydonia has a lot to offer and you’ll come across multiple events as you explore the city from one end to another. From main missions to side missions, the city has it all. Get ready to meet new interesting characters and earn some hefty rewards along the way.


The following are all Cydonia City side missions in Starfield and how you can start them.

Freight Fright

In Freight Fright in Starfield, you must assist Denis Avern, a vendor, in tracking down his shipment that has been delayed. As you embark upon your journey to retrieve the shipment, you’ll head to the Ship and find it infested with Heat Leeches.

Take out the leeches and check up on the cargo containers. Once done, you’ll report back to Denis to receive your rewards.

Refurbished Goods

Refurbished Goods in Starfield is a continuation of the Denis Storyline after you complete Freight Fright. Denis will appoint you with a task to retrieve weapons from military crates in the Deserted Relay Station.

You must head to the Deserted Relay Station where enemies will await you. Clear them out and search for the military crates. Your weapons are placed in these so loot them and return to Denis to claim your rewards.

Heart of Mars

In Starfield’s Heart of Mars, put your mining boots on and grab your cutter as you’ll have to carve out a small titanium rock worth a fortune. Meet Laylah in Cydonia City and get set to extract the Heart of Mars from a cave.

You’ll go on an adventure to find the Heart of Mars. When you come across it, you’ll have to use your cutting equipment to extract the precious Titanium rock. Take the rock back to Laylah and claim some great rewards.

Drydock Blues: Deimos

Drydock Blues: Deimos in Starfield is a mission where you’ll have to deliver a massive amount of Chlorine to the Deimos Staryard. This mission is unlocked by heading to the Deimos Staryard and interacting with the sales Computer.

Deliver the product in the cargo hold of your ship and claim the rewards this mission offers.

Media Sponge

Media Sponge in Starfield is a wholesome mission that takes you on a venture to get limited-edition books for a fellow fan. You’ll have to travel across the galaxy to different planets to collect these premium items.

Get the limited edition books from different locations for Mitch the fan and claim the rewards.


Help out a psychologist complete psychological evaluation for the Deimos Company Employees in Starfield’s Psyched. You’ll be giving an extra hand to Cydonia’s residential psychologist in assessing the Physchi of the employees.

In this mission, you’ll be given the task of filling out Psych assessment questionnaires for named employees of the corporation. This will save the doctor’s time, and you’ll receive rewards for your assistance.

Red Tape Blues

Red Tape Blues is a simple mission in Starfield that requires you to apply for a job for the Executive Assistant post to a mining executive, Peter Brennan. The job application seems more like a test, and you must answer most of the questions to be eligible.

To guarantee your selection, you’ll have to hack into a computer and delete the applications of the other candidates. This will allow you to be selected and will open up the pathway for the rest of the missions that follow this storyline.

Red Tape Blues also starts a chain of related quests which we recommend you to do in our list of all Cydonia City side missions in Starfield.

Red Tape Runaround

Red Tape Runaround is the continuation of Red Tape Blues. This an interesting mission in Starfield in which you must help make the lives of miners easier by approving mining equipment using the mining executive’s computer.

However, to complete this task, you’ll have to complete favor upon favor, leading to unexpected choices having their own consequences. Things may get complicated as you progress through this mission, but the rewards it offers make it worthwhile.

Red Tape Reclamation

Red Tape Reclamation in Starfield is the continuation of the Red Tape Runaround where you’ll be doing Trevor the Miner another favor. After you approve the mining equipment from the executive’s computer, you’ll be sent off to find Hank and check up on the packages.

After going through a series of events, you’ll come to a point where you’ll have to decide the fate of Hank. Grab some great rewards from Trevor after completing this Cydonia side mission.


Before you can play Runaway in Starfield, you must complete the Red Tape series of missions. This simple mission shares the story of a broken bond between a father and his daughter. You’ll come across a miner named Rivkah who will ask for your help in rebuilding a damaged relationship with her father.

Your task is to deal with Natan, the father who is a ruthless man who has grasped Rivka’s liberty. Help deal with Natan to grant Rivka her freedom and enjoy the rewards this mission has to offer.

Space Frog from Outer Space

Help a kid put up adorable Space Frog Posters on your outposts in Space Frog from Outer Space in Starfield. This wholesome mission is quite simple, and the smile you put on the kid’s face is worth it.

Although the rewards of this mission are quite low, the feeling of satisfaction is the best part of it.

Special Delivery

Special Delivery in Starfield is a worthwhile mission in Starfield that requires you to help a UC Marine deliver a birthday gift for his dear sister. Speak to Chris Cullen and agree to help him send the present.

You’ll have to travel to another planet to make the delivery and receive some great rewards from the Marine.

Start-up Stopped

Start-up Stopped is a thrilling mission in Starfield where you’ll have to go on a rescue mission to retrieve a hostage named Erick. Captain Gustavo has hijacked the berry Mule Ship and has held Erick Hostage.

You must figure out a way to resolve the matter and return Erick along with the ship and the goods in it back home safely. This thrilling and tactical mission is a fun way to hook yourself up with some great rewards.  

The Bounty That Got Away

After a Trackers Alliance Agent accidentally lets one of her targets escape, you must set on a mission and track the bounty down in Starfield’s The Bounty That Got Away.

After being punished for letting a bounty escape, the agent will request your help in finding the target. This mission does not require anything extraordinary, and you’ll have to use a Tracking Sensor to your advantage. After completion of the job, claim your rewards from the Trackers Alliance Agent.  

Top of the L.I.S.T

At a bar in Cydonia, you’ll meet Phill Hill who will talk about the League of Independent Settlers, an organization that assists clients in finding a new home in a whole new world. He’ll give you the job of finding suitable biomes and completing various surveys to see if the planet is suitable or not.

You’ll have to choose from a bundle of planets making your job a bit difficult. Although the Top of the L.I.S.T is a long and tedious mission, it does have great rewards to offer.

This ends our list of all Cydonia City side missions in Starfield. We hope you will have enjoyed reading the guide and will have found it helpful.

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