Starfield Best Weapon Mods, Ranked

Slight adjustment to your weapon with mods and you are ready to instill everlasting fear into bones of enemies in Starfield.

There is nothing better than making an already favorite weapon of yours more lethal and efficient. How can you do that, you might ask. Two words. Weapon. Mods. Starfield comes with all sorts of modifiers for your weapons and finding the perfect one that suits your build can be a bit of a hassle. That is why we have put together a list of the best weapon mods in Starfield.

We have tried to make the list as objectively as possible. There are tons of other mods in the game that you can try an well and pick the ones that suit your needs and playstyle the best.

Ranking the best Weapon Mods in Starfield

Here is a list of the top 10 mods for your weapon that you can use in Starfield.

1. Rapid

Weapon Mod ID: 000FEA04
Material Required: N/A

A high rate of fire is always appreciated when it comes to combat. The more bullets you can unload it an enemy quickly the more favorable the outcome will be for you.

This is why Rapid is going to be a lifesaver for you when it comes to choosing the best weapon mods in Starfield. This gives you a 25% bump in your rate of fire.


Every gun that you apply it on is going to shoot more bullets in the same amount of time hence the damage dealt will also shoot up.

In a pinch, this is going to really tip the scale in your favor because of how effective a high rate of fire can be. Use it in conjunction with other mods and your weapon can shred through any enemy you want.

2. Skip Shot

Weapon Mod ID: 0031C0C4
Material Required: N/A

This is a bit of a unique one but surely is worth it. What Skip Shot does is that it will fire 2 projectiles instead of 1 every fourth shot you take. That means even though you have shot four times the total projectiles shot will be 5.

On paper, this might not sound like a lot but once you sum up the total damage, it is a lot more than it would normally have been. Pair it with another DPS boost mod and there is no chance that an enemy will stand in front of you.

3. Extended Magazine

Weapon Mod ID: 000FFA3B
Material Required: N/A

The simplicity of the mod is overshadowed by the amount of utility it brings to the table. Extended Magazine is one of the best weapons modifiers in Starfield and it is also pretty self-explanatory.

The Extended Magazine is going to give you twice the amount of bullets you normally would have. If your gun previously had a clip size of 20, now it will have 40.

This is instantly a confidence boost because now you wreak havoc for a longer period of time without having to take cover and reload.

4. Hitman

Weapon Mod ID: 00122F1C
Material Required: N/A

There is nothing more satisfying than a swiftly executed kill by the hands of a professional hitman. You are going to deal an additional 15% damage with this mod when you are aiming down the sight.

ADS not only gives you increased accuracy which is already a good thing and now on top of that, every shot is now more lethal. The mod works its magic regardless of the enemy type of the gun it is equipped on.

5. Shattering

Weapon Mod ID: 000F4557
Material Required: N/A

There will be times when you face enemies with bulky armor, making it impossible for anything to get through it and this is where this mod comes in.

The Shattering weapon mod in Starfield is going to make it significantly easier to deal damage to enemies with heavy armor on.

What we suggest is that you should use it for your main weapon because of how often enemies with heavy armor come out to fight.

6. Instigating

Weapon Mod ID: 000F2013
Material Required: N/A

The pure joy of melting the brains of an enemy with a single shot is something every gamer can understand. To put it simply, Instigating will increase the overall damage dealt but with a twist. The increased damage isn’t with every shot.

The first shot that you land on an enemy with full health is going to deal 2x the damage of a normal shot. In most cases, this should be enough to take down an enemy and even if it doesn’t your next shot will surely do the job.

7. Armor Piercing Rounds

Weapon Mod ID: N/A
Material Required: 4x Lead, 2x Adhesive, and 3x Tungsten.

Despite being so low on the list, Armor Piercing Rounds is still one of the best weapon mods in Starfield.

Use this in combination with Shattering and there is no armor made that can stop a bullet shot from your gun. It will replace your normal bullets with special bullets that are able to pierce through any armor.

Tougher enemies no longer have a chance to stand in front of you for long because you are literally going to go past any layer of protection they have on their bodies.

You can also pair it up with Extended Magazine and you are good to go for any kind of mission.

8. Long Barrel

Weapon Mod ID: N/A
Material Required: 1x Sealant, 1x Iron, and 1x Nickel.

Although the pistols are a great piece of utility, they are only good in close-quater combat situations. In any other case, you are bound to pull out another gun with a longer range.

Long Barrel is going to give you increased damage over a longer range and not only that, you will also now have greater accuracy and recoil control.

9. High Powered Internal

Weapon Mod ID: N/A
Material Required: 4x Titanium, 3x Adhesive, 3x Tantalum, and 1x Isocentered Magnet.

High Powered Interanal is a simple yet very effective weapon mod in Starfield. There is nothing fancy but it is going to give your gun a decent boost in the DPS. There are other mods that do this as well but this is more versatile and is compatible with most weapons in the game.

That is the reason why we have put this on our list. On its own, this might not do much but when combined with other mods, this can cause some serious damage and make it worth your while.

10. Incendiary

Weapon Mod ID: 0007D728
Material Required: N/A

Giving your enemies a little taste of the hellfire before they are finally sent to the real one is what this mod does. This is going to replace your regular rounds with explosive rounds that explode on impact and set the enemy on fire.

While this might not cause a huge amount of damage it surely staggers the enemy and it slowly deals damage over time and that is enough to make sure you can finish the job before the fire becomes cold.

If you are not a fan of fire damage, you can replace it with Lacerate and that will do the same thing but with bleed damage.

How to craft Weapon Mods in Starfield

Crafting weapons or an armor mod in Starfield is fairly easy if you have the right tools for it. You are going to need two things to get started. First up is the Research Lab.

Before you can apply a mod to a weapon, you will need to unlock it by researching it. Research Lab can be found at tons of places around the world but the most common and the most accessible place is The Lodge.

It is the place that you will initially visit to start the Constellation’s Questline. The Lab should be in the basement of the building. Once you have the mod unlocked, head to the Weapon Workbench.

Interacting with it will give you the list of weapons you currently own and each weapon will have a list of weapon that can be applied to it.

Much like the Research Lab, there are several locations for Weapon Workbench. You can also install one of your ships to have easy access on the go.

Crafting mod requires some kind of material that varies from mod to mod. You can find the list when you try to apply the mod on the weapon. The material usually differs based on the rarity of the mods. The rarer the mod, the more materials will be required.

How to use cheats to get Starfield Weapon Mods

Grinding your way to the top is not the motto that everyone is going to follow. That is why Starfield gives you an easy way to enjoy the game with much less hassle.

You can use Console Commands and Cheats in Starfield to do pretty much everything and the best part is that you can do all of this natively and legally.

All you have to do is find the Weapon Mod ID and the command to apply the mod. To make it easier for you, use the following command to apply any mod to any weapon you want:

(Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID)

If you get bored of the mod and want to swap it for another one, you can remove the mod as well using a cheat:

(Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID)

If you don’t have the ID for the Weapon Mod that you are looking for, we have compiled a list of all Weapon IDs in Starfield.

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