Starfield Freestar Collective Questline And Rewards

What is better than being a space explorer? A cowboy space explorer. In this guide, we will guide you how you can join Freestar Collective Faction in Starfield and become a space ranger.

Freestar Collective faction is made of space cowboys sworn to protect the galaxy from negative elements in Starfield. Found centuries before the events of Starfield by Solomon Coe in Akila City, Freestar collective rules three main regions of the galaxy including Cheyenne, Volii and Narion.

Freestar Collective is all about freedom of beliefs and personal choices unless they harm the other. After decades of war with the United Colonies, Freestar Collective now offers the most peaceful and serene places in all the galaxy. 

In this guide, we will discuss how you can enroll as a space cowboy in Freestar Collective faction of Starfield. We will also tell you in detail the benefits you can reap from joining them and patrolling the galaxy as the upholder of law.

How to join Freestar Collective in Starfield

If you want to be a cowboy in space, you need to join Freestar Collective which involves completing “Job Gone Wrong” main quest. Luckily, you can join all the factions in Starfield in a single run so there is no downside to joining the democratic part of the game.  

Once you land in Akila City, you will be forced to resolve a violent situation in a bank. You can go gun blazing the old Wild West style or use persuasion to make the bandits surrender. Once everything is resolved peacefully, you will officially be invited to join the Freestar Rangers by Marshal Daniel Blake.

He is the current head of Freestar Rangers in Starfield and will give you one additional task “Deputized” before handing over the ranger badge. You will receive a ranger outfit and a unique handgun as a reward.


Starfield Freestar Collective questline

Freestar collective faction quest becomes available early in the game once you meet Sam Coe and desire to hire him as a companion. In this section, we will briefly look at all the quests that you can obtain from the rangers and complete them to become one yourself permanently.

I personally recommend doing Freestar Collective faction questline first in Starfield before any other like Crimson Fleet or Ryujin Industries to gain a lot of XP and credits.

1. Job Gone Wrong

Job Gone Wrong is the first main quest of Freestar Collective Rangers in the game. Once you accompany Sam and his daughter to planet Akila, the cowboy sheriff will ask you to help him diffuse a situation inside the bank. Once you save the situation (and hopefully save all the hostages), talk to Sheriff Blake again who will invite you to Freestar Collective headquarters. Rewards for this mission are 100 XP and 3800 credits.

2. Deputized

Once at the headquarters talk to the Sheriff once more to start Deputized faction quest. He will ask you to complete one more quest from the task board to prove your worth. Select a mission and complete it to earn Rangers badge, 250 XP and 5000 credits.

3. Where Hope Is Built

Once you become a full-time deputy for the Freestar Collective faction in Starfield, Sheriff Blake will ask you to save one of his deputies Nia Kalu. This starts Where Hope Is Built quest. Go to planet Polvo to find her and fix her ship. Accompany her to Miatha planet to find and defeat the rogue elements that attacked her ship. You will receive 250 XP and 5000 credits for your heroic deed.

4. Shadows In Neon

For Shadows In Neon, you need to travel to Neon city and talk to Jaylen Pryce. He will take you to Billy Clayton. You need to help Billy with a favor in return to learn about the thief who stole a Hopetech ship. Use Persuasion to enter the warehouse and confront Emmet Goodman. Return to Billy after handling Emmet and he will give you the address of Grace Early. 

Receive a data slate from Grace and return to Akila City. Talk to Alex and Sheriff Blake to complete the mission and earn 250 XP and 5000 credits.

5. Surgical Strike

Travel to Narion system to find the clinic to start Surgical strike. Once inside the clinic, meet Ari Miller and inquire her of a female mercenary Maya Cruz. Give him the description and let Ari help you narrow down the search for the fugitive. You can use lockpick skill here to escalate the matter. Use the medicine skill to enter the VIP section of the hospital. Find and read the letter to find Maya Cruz near Sakharov. Once you find her inside an old, abandoned mine, she will turn hostile. Defeat her to earn 350 XP and 5000 credits.

6. On The Run

Travel to the Cheyenne star system and find Marco’s ship. Marco is the actual perpetrator of all the nefarious schemes so far. Once you find Marco, talk to him and persuade him to surrender the data slate. If the persuasion option fails due to his undying allegiance to the first cavalry, you can always fight Marco and kill him to obtain the data slate as a reward from his body. You will obtain 350 XP and 5000 credits for completing this quest.

7. First To Fight, First To Die

Hand over the data slate to Alex that you obtained from Marco during First to fight, first to die main quest. Once he cracks the code, Alex will ask you to travel to Arcturus II planet on Arcturus star system to find the First Cavalry’s headquarters. Once you reach there, Pax Hull will greet you with a violent attack. Defeat him to finish the penultimate quest for Freestar Collective faction in Starfield and obtain 250 XP and 9600 credits.

8. The Hammer Falls

The final faction quest of Freestar Collective in starfield, The Hammer Falls, involves a difficult moral dilemma. Once you crack open the data slate obtained from Pax Hull’s body, you will realize that Ron Hope was behind the whole nefarious scheme. Travel to planet Polvo in Valo star system to find him inside Hopetech.

Ron gives you the option to accept his bribe and betray your oath to Freestar Collective Rangers. I can’t turn my back on space-tooting and shooting brethren, so I decided to kill Ron to finish the Freestar Collective faction quest in style. Rewards for this quest include 10 XP and 12400 credits.

Freestar Collective exclusive rewards

Freestar collective faction doesn’t offer that many unique rewards for completing their faction quest line. The biggest rewards here are the integrity and the virtue. However, you do obtain a few unique rewards from two quest lines, Deputized and The Hammer Falls. 

Deputized earns you a deputy badge that you can use to intimidate people in the game. The reward for completing the final quest of Freestar Collective in Starfield awards you Ranger Spacesuit and Ranger Space Helmet. The Ranger spacesuit has 96 physical damage protection, and it is one of the best protective gear in the game.

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