Starfield Surgical Strike Walkthrough

Getting closer to the real criminal, or are we? The question remains as we try to answer it in the Surgical Strike Mission in Starfield.

“Surgical Strike” is the continuation of your adventure in Freestar Collective’s storyline in Starfield. The masterminds behind the spaceship heist from Montara Luna are still at large. The name of Maya Cruz came up during an investigation and now it is up to you to locate and bring her in.

You are going to be following leads and tracking her down throughout the mission. If you get stuck at some point and do not where to go, this guide will help you through every pinch.

How to unlock the Surgical Strike mission

Since this is part of the ongoing investigation into the ship heist, you will need to first complete the Shadows in Neon mission of the Freestar Collective Faction storyline. Doing so will lead you towards the Surgical Strike mission.

How to complete Surgical Strike in Starfield

Every lead you have gathered will point towards the fact that Maya Cruz is sick and is admitted to a hospital in The Clinic. It is a medical facility located near Deepla Planet in the Narion Star System. Here is how the story will unfold.

Question people about Maya Cruz

The first order of business is to gather information about the whereabouts of Maya in the Clinic. Your first point of contact will be Ben Armstrong, Freestar Ranger stationed at the facility. He will welcome you and introduce you to Ari Miller who handles the records for the hospital.

Ari will be happy to help and will also tell you that there has been some issue going on with the computers at the hospital. If you have Computer Skills unlocked then you can offer to help with it. Ari will try to find Maya in the system but nothing will show up.


He will tell you that since she is a criminal, it is unlikely that she is going to use her real then. He then proceeds to tell you about all the female patients admitted to the hospital.

You can either question all the patients or you can head to the room where you first met Ben and access the computer through the terminal on the wall.

Go to Admin Access > Disruptor Mk4 and the name Rivera, Catalina P. will come up in the VIP section. That is Maya Cruz.

Gain access to the VIP section

The VIP section is a restricted area and you can only enter if you have a Key Card. To obtain that, you are going to have to talk to Doctor Cassidy.

There are two ways to get it. Either your Persuasion Skill is high enough that you can talk him into giving you the card. You can also unlock Medical Skills and use them to pose as a medical professional.

Dr. Cassidy will believe you and will give you access to the VIP Section of the hospital.

Investigate the VIP Section and find clues

As soon as you enter the VIP section, you will see utter chaos there. The turrets have been activated and the room you enter has a bobby trap so better what out.

You are now supposed to look for clues regarding Catalina Rivera. It turns out it is Maya Cruz and she knew that you were coming and she made a run for it.

From the note on the side of her bed, it can be seen that she is headed for a hideout in the old abandoned mine in Sakharov. It is time to head there and put an end to this all.

Locate Maya Crus in The Abandoned Asteroid Mine

You can fast travel to Sakharov and dock your ship. Head inside the abandoned mine. You need to go deeper and deeper into the mine. Enter through the blocked door which can be opened by destroying the four pins on either side of the door.

Head inside and keep going until you reach the floor where you will find a computer terminal to use and unlock a new section of the mine. Go out again and keep following the path. You will again find a locked door that can be opened using the lever on the right side.

Keep going until you see a large tower made out of crystal. On top of the tower, inside the lab, you will find Maya Cruz. You can take her down pretty easily. She will have a conversation with you and will ask you to kill her but you need information.

She will then give you an encrypted tablet and will ask you to leave you alone.

Visit Alex Shadid in Akila City

Once you have the slate in hand, head back to The Rock and find Alex Shadid. He will ask you about your mission and will tell you that he can probably crack this encryption if you give him more slates like this.

With that, the quest will come to an end and you will get your rewards.

Starfield – Surgical Strike mission rewards

These are going to be your compensations for successfully completing the mission:

  • 5000x Credits
  • 350 XP

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