Starfield The Hammer Falls Walkthrough

Selling your soul for money or bringing justice to the wronged? Pick what you want in The Hammer Falls in Starfield.

“The Hammer Falls” is part of the Freestar Collective Faction missions in Starfield. As you start digging deep into the Montara Luna Farmers’ matter, you realize that the problem isn’t as simple as it seems. You find out that it wasn’t a simple robbery by some space bandits. The event is part of a greater conspiracy all of which is funded by Rob Hope, President of HopeTech.

During this mission, you are going to finally confront Rob and ask him to come clean and accept everything he did. What happens afterward and what will you need to do in certain situations? This guide will every possibility regarding the mission.

How to unlock The Hammer Falls mission

Our first interaction with Rob Hope was during the First to Fight, First to Die mission, so naturally it became the prerequisite for the Hammer Falls mission in Starfield.

You can either carry out the Shadows in Neon mission first and then come to Rob. Otherwise, you can immediately proceed to act upon the information you have gathered so far.

How to complete The Hammer Falls in Starfield

Here is what you need to do in order to either bring justice to the people or fill your pockets. Either way, we won’t judge you.

Talk to Ron Hope

The first step would be to head to HopeTown and straight inside the factory where you can find Ron. He will be talking to his employees, somewhere deep inside the facility. You will be able to track him with a mission marker.


Once you see him, head up to him and talk to him. He will ask you about the ongoing investigation and will ask you for an update.

This is where you will tell him that you know everything. From how he colluded with Paxton Hall and exploited the poor farmers of Montara Luna. The whole mystery that started during the Deputized mission.

He will first deny but since you have the slate from Paxton, he will not be able to put up a show anymore.

He will tell you all about his mining operation and how his experiment turned soil useful for him but killed all of the crops. At this point, he will try to silence you and you will be presented with two outcomes.

  • Accept a Bribe of 20000 Credits and Stay Silent
  • Ask Rob to turn himself in.

Option 1 – Accept the bribe

If you choose to accept the Bribe, Rob will hand you the money in exchange for the evidence and your silence.

He will give you 20000 Credits as a bribe. If you have your negotiation skill upgraded, you can bring it up to 60,000 Credits.

You will head back to Marshal Daniel Blake and lie to him about the whole interaction. That will be the end of the mission and you will receive your rewards.

Option 2 – Turn Rob Hope in

If you don’t comply with Rob’s wishes and do not accept the bribe, he and his security will turn hostile and start shooting at you. You can take them down with ease.

Once the boss is down, Birgit McDougall would want to have a chat with you. You will need to talk to her and your business at HopeTech is over.

Head back to The Rock, in Akila City. Find Marshal Daniel Blake and make him aware of the whole situation. At first, he will not believe you but will trust you when you show him the Slate. He will feel sorry for Hope and commend you on your bravery.

Then he will turn to Emma Wilcox who will be standing nearby. She will ask you if you want to join the Freestar Collective Faction. If you say yes, you’ll be promoted to the rank of Ranger from Depty. This will be the end of The Hammer Falls mission in Starfield.

Starfield – The Hammer Falls mission rewards

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Hammer Falls mission:

  • Star Eagle-class Starship
  • 12400x Credits
  • 150 XP

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