Starfield Shadows In Neon Walkthrough

Shadow in Neon is going to put your investigative skills to test while you find out the truth behind the stolen ship in Starfield.

Your adventures continue as you follow along the storyline of Freestar Collective Faction. Next up on the list of adventures in Starfield is the “Shadows in Neon”.

As you are now a trusted and recognized member of the Faction, you will be sent by Marshal Daniel Blake to investigate a stolen ship. The story links to the previously solved Deputized mission where you help the farmers of Montara Luna.

You will be tasked to work with some local officers and find out the people behind the heist. In this guide, we are going to dig deeper to find out every detail about this mission.

How to complete Shadows in Neon in Starfield

If you have completed the mission pre-requisite Where Hope is Built quest with Officer Nia and Ron, you will know that at the end of it, you receive the news of a stolen ship being spotted on Neon, a planet in Volii Alpha.

Upon the suggestion of Nia, you will head to Neon immediately and work with the Local Freestar Ranger, Jaylen Pryce. Something to note is that you will have to find other ways to investigate because the authority of the Freestar Rangers does not work on Neon.

Talk to Billy and get the information

You will immediately head to find and talk to Billy Clayton, Pryce’s personal informant. Once you have found Billy, upon inquiring, he will refuse to give out any information about the ship. This is out of fear of the infamous local loan shark, Emmet Goodman.

You can be nice, you can threaten, or you can bribe Billy, but he will not say a word. Now you have two options here. If your Persuasion Skill is properly developed, you can talk him into giving you information. Successful Persuasion will lead to him giving you the name of the thief, Grace Early.

Jaylen Price will immediately reply with the possible whereabouts of Grace Early and you can head there to have a chat with her.

Find Warehouse key and Deal with Emmet Goodman

If you are not able to get any information out of Billy, there is still another option. Billy owes some credits to Emmet Goodman and asks you to settle his debt. Emmett is inside a warehouse, and you need the warehouse key to reach him. You can get the warehouse key in Starfield from a security guard standing in front of the warehouse during Shadows in Neon. You can either pickpocket, persuade, or kill the security guard to obtain the warehouse key in Starfield.

Use the warehouse key to reach Emmett Goodman. Once you are inside, you will be face-to-face with Emmet Goodman. You will again be faced with three possible situations. Pick either of them because the outcome of getting information from Billy will remain the same.

You can either persuade Emmett Goodman to forgive Billy’s loan or you can pay with 4000 credits to clear the loan yourself. You can also kill Emmett Goodman to make Billy talk like a parrot. Pick either of three and afterward head back to Billy and he will give you the name of Grace Early.

Interrogate Grace Early

Ranger Pryce knows that Grace Early can probably be found at Madam Sauvage’s place. Head down there and you will find her there. You can simply interrogate her and give her the same three choices you gave to Billy.

Persuade her with talks, give her money, or threaten to lock her up. Whichever way works for you, Grace will give you a tablet with encrypted information about the people who hired her. The names of Maya Cruz and Marco will come up.

Take the tablet back to The Rock, Akila City. Give the encrypted table to Alex Shadid and have a chat with Daniel Blake to conclude the mission.

You will receive the following reward for the inter-planetary investigation during Shadows in Neon in Starfield:

  • Unlock Surgical Strike Mission
  • 6800 Credits
  • 250 XP

Starfield Shadows in Neon bugs

There is a bug in the quest Shadow in Neon in Starfield. This bug hinders your progress and even Bethesda acknowledges it. Luckily, with the patch 1.7.29, this bug has been fixed. During this bug, talking to Bill after killing Emmett won’t progress the quest in any manner. We recommend that you update your game to the latest version to fix this bug. If the problem persists, make sure to use Persuasion on Billy to skip Emmett’s section as it is the only solution.

There is another minor bug that makes Jaylen Pryce disappear right before entering the elevator. This results in Starfield preventing you from activating the elevator as you keep getting the Sky Suite (Restricted) error in Shadows in Neon once Jaylen disappears.

Simply reload a prior save or go to Neon through the elevator and Jaylen Pryce will reappear automatically. Even though this issue has been fixed with a patch, if it still exists you will have to use the Starfield Shadows in Neon quest ID FC04 to advance to the next step or finish the mission.

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