Starfield First to Fight, First to Die Walkthrough

The main question during the First to Fight, First to Die mission in Starfield is that should you kill Paxton Hull or not?

First to Fight, First to Die is the summation of Paxton Hull’s story in a classic Starfield style. This will be your final confrontation with him, and it is up to you to put this matter to bed once and for all.

As we approach the end of the Freestar Collective Faction Storyline in Starfield, we get deeper and deeper into the investigation leading to fugitives Maya Cruz and Paxton Hull. Today, we will be helping you to complete the First to Fight, First to Die Side Mission in Starfield.

First to Fight, First to Die quest guide

Before you take part in the First to Fight, First to Die side mission in Starfield, you must unlock it. To unlock this side mission, you must complete a prerequisite mission. The mission that you need to do before starting this quest is On The Run.

It is another one of Freestar’s Faction missions where you must find and locate an encrypted slate, just like the one in Surgical Strike in Starfield. First to Fight, Fight to Die in Starfield, as mentioned, is your final battle in bringing Paxton Hull down. Before you head on to the battlefield, the first thing you need to do is attend the debriefing meeting.

Head to the Freestar Mech Factory

Your first objective is to attend a meeting with Daniel Blake and Emma Wilcox. During the meeting, you will tell them about the investigation’s current progress, and they will tell you to step it up.

Shahid will interrupt you during the meeting. He will inform everyone that he has successfully decrypted the slate and now has the information about everything.


He will mention something about the first Mech Factory by Freestar Collective. The factory had been previously abandoned. Also, now it has become the base of operation for Paxton Hull.

You need to head straight for it to take him out. The factory is located on the Arcturus II. You can fast travel to the location.

Defeat the Mercenaries on the ship

The mercenary ship ambushes you after your arrival. If you want to land on the plant, you will be tasked to take it down and get into the factory. It should be easy enough if you are decently leveled. Now, it is time to land on the planet and enter the factory.

The factory consists of several mercenaries. Paxton Hull hires these enemies to bury you alive. Your task is to eliminate them and reach the Operations Room deep inside the facility. You will face real enemies, automated turrets, and land mines. Be careful of all of them and steadily make your way to the room in question.

Defeat all enemies and Paxton Hull

The Operation’s room is where most enemies will be, along with the mastermind, Mr. Hull. He has been a key figure in creating anarchy in Freestar Collective’s system. He is going to be located in the upper section.

Once you have successfully placed a bullet in everyone’s head, face Paxton and take him down. He will fall on his knees but will not die just yet. Furthermore, you must clean up all of the mess as it will allow you to make the conversation without being disturbed.

Should you kill or save Paxton Hull?

Finally, it is time to talk to the man behind the criminal activities. He will first praise you for your exceptional fighting skills and try to persuade you by pitting you against the government.

When this does not work, he will open fire, and you have to look for the right opportunity and take him down immediately to save yourself and the galaxy. Paxton Hull’s death will conclude the First to Fight, First to Die side mission in Starfield.

Starfield First to Fight, First to Die mission rewards

After killing Paxton Hull in Starfield, you will complete the First to Fight, First to Die mission. Following is the first to fight first to die Starfield loot to receive for completing the mission:

  • 9600x Credits
  • 250 XP

First to Fight, First to Die bug

You will note a bug during the First to Fight, first to Die mission in Starfield. This bug prevents you from landing or triggering the space battle. You will only find a “Travel to Arcturus II” objective on your screen. However, you can easily fix this bug by forcing the trigger to the encounter with the command. Thus fixing the bug in the process.

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