How To Romance Sam In Starfield

A lonely father who values his daughter's wellbeing above anything else, Sam Coe is one of the best companions and romance options in Starfield.

Sam Coe is a member of the Constellation faction in Starfield and is a mercenary by profession. With proficiency in rifle handling and spaceship piloting, Sam Coe is an invaluable companion in the game. You can also romance Sam Coe and propose him for marriage after completing his companion quests in Starfield. Once you complete “The Empty Nest” main mission with Sam and his daughter, he will become available as an active companion in the game. 

To get Sam to like you, you need to earn his approval by doing things that he likes. This will increase your approval rating in Sam’s eyes making it a hell lot easier to romance him first and then propose to him later in Starfield. In this guide, we will be covering all these aspects extensively.

How to romance Sam in Starfield

Just like the rest of the romanceable companions in Starfield, wooing Sam is a lengthy process. You must follow our directions to romance Sam successfully in Starfield. Before we start the guide, make sure you always select the [Flirt] option from the dialogue menu whenever it appears.

Likes and dislikes

Every companion and crew member in Starfield is unique. They have distinct personalities and their own set of morals. If you do something that your companion in question dislikes (Sam Coe in our case), this will hurt your chances of romancing him in Starfield.

Doing things they like will earn you approval points. These points stack up until they reach a specific level (not shown in the game). Once you hit that specific level, you get to advance your relationship with your companion to the next level. 

Sam is a very simple man at heart who loves his daughter immensely. He also belongs to the most prestigious family in all of the galaxy but hates using their name to his advantage. Make sure that you are kind towards his daughter Cora and refrain from asking about the Coe family to increase your chances of being in a relationship with Sam in Starfield. He also likes brave people who can diffuse a situation with force if necessary. 

Same’s dislikes include extorting people for money or hurting innocent people. If you want to ruin this run, just ask Sam to use his Coe family name to your advantage. Hurting Sam’s daughter in any way will also nuke your chances to romance him in Starfield. Talking smack about the Freestar Collective faction is also off-limits.

How to complete the romance quest for Sam

Upon earning enough approval from Sam Coe, he will invite you for a chat. Apparently, his daughter Cora is worried about her mother Lillian Hart, who is a ranger. This will start “Matters of the Hart” companion quest for Sam Coe. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to replace Sam unless you finish this quest. 

Head to the Rangers building in Neon City on Volii Alpha planet. Use persuasion on the guard to access Lillian’s office. Read her note and then use your marked map to reach Ryujin Apartments. To progress your romance quest with Sam in Starfield, search Lillian’s apartment to find a data slate. 

Now make your way to McClure II planet inside McClure star system. Kill all the pirates to save Lillian. Follow her lead to plan another attack on the syndicate and use Dumas’s ship to reach Adromas III planet on Adromas star system.

After defeating the enemies, try to sort things out between Sam and Lillian. Return to Akila city and talk to Sam there. Select all the answers with [Flirt] option until you get a prompt to select between [Friendship] and [Romance]. Go with romance to finally start your relationship with Sam Coe in Starfield.

How to marry Sam in Starfield

After a while, Sam will invite you for some serious talk. During this talk, be kind and gentle until the [Commitment] option appears. Selecting this option will start “Commitment: Sam Coe” which allows you to marry Sam in Starfield.

Upon marrying Sam, you will also unlock Starcrossed achievement in the game. Your reward will be additional dialogues and a fully strengthened bond with Sam Coe. 

If you get tired of your romance and marriage with Sam in Starfield, you can visit him and request him to break things off. This will allow you to end your relationship with Sam and look at other possible candidates like Sarah or Barrett.

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