Starfield Deputized Walkthrough

The Ruffians have been troubling Mikaela and it is your job to take them out in Starfield.

Unlocking the Deputized mission in Starfield will require you to complete the Job Gone Wrong. It is going to be the first mission when you come to Akila City. To jog your memory a little bit, you will need to successfully save hostages from a group of robbers.

Due to your extensive skills, Daniel Blake, a higher-up in Freestar Rangers will offer you to join the force. Which in turn will trigger the Deputized mission.

The Deputized mission is part of the process of joining the Freestar Collective Faction. Your performance during the Job Gone Wrong mission might’ve impressed Daniel, but he still wants you to put your foot down and prove it.

Complete Task From The Terminal

For that, you must head to The Rock, the headquarters for Freestar Rangers. On the second floor, you are going to find Emma Wilcox. Chat with her, and she will direct you to the terminal with four missions.

You must complete at least one of four to earn your place in the organization. Here are the four mentioned missions and how you can do them.

Kill the Outlaw Captain on Maheo IV-b
Head to the Maheo IV-b, a moon with severe atmospheric conditions. There, you will find a pharmaceutical company inside, which resides the Outlaw Captain. If you feel like it, you can kill everyone but killing only the captain will do just fine.

Kill the Outlaw Gang Leader on Altair IV-c
Same thing, just a different planet. This time, you can get a robot companion to help deal with enemies. The captain will be inside the plant. Evicerate and evacuate. Simple as that.

Destroy the Crimson Fleet Captain at Sirius
Head to Sirus III-a in Sirus Star system. Engage in a dogfight with the captain of the Crimson Fleet. Defeat him, and you are done for the day.

Rescue Hostage at Maheo III-b
A Freestar Rangers captain has been kidnapped along with a ship. Locate the ship, attack it, defeat all enemies, and recuse the captain to end the mission.

Get ready for your first assignment

Once you have completed at least one of the four missions, you can return to The Rock and inform Marshal Daniel Blake.

He will officially welcome you to the Freestar Ranger’s Fleet. You will be given your official Deadeye Pistol, Uniform, Badge, and Hat. Put them on, and let’s head out towards our first mission.

Help the farmer on Montara Luna

Your first task is to respond to a call about unknown entities causing trouble on an old woman’s farm. Head to Montara Luna in the Cheyenne system and talk to the old lady. Here, you’ll find the Watchdog ship.

She will make you fully aware of the situation and how the Ruffians torment her. To find the Ruffians in the deputized mission, you’ll need to follow their tracks follow the quest marker until you’re at the bottom of the Canyon. Here, you’ll find tracks left behind by the Ruffians. Scan them and follow the trail to locate them.

On your way, you’ll encounter multiple enemies such as Swarming Sunflower, Land Mines, Pack Octomaggots, and humans with a turret. Once you are past all of that, you will reach the location where the Ruffians are residing.

No matter how you talk to them, in the end, you will have to take them and recover the “Job Done” data slate off his body. Next, you’ll have to view the Jobs Done slate. Open your inventory, then tab over to notes.

Scroll down until you find the Jobs Done slate and view it. Show it to Emma Wilcox and return it to the old farmer lady (Ms. Waggoner). After you are done having a chat with her, the mission will be concluded.

Can you Take the Watch Dog Ship on Montara Luna?

On Montara Luna, you discover a seemingly abandoned Watchdog ship randomly sitting on the old woman’s farm. Its sleek black exterior makes it seem like a worthwhile steal, but unfortunately, you cannot take it. The Watchdog ship in the deputized mission is nothing more than a prop and is not a ship you can take with you in Starfield.

The ship remains there for the remainder of the game but will remain inaccessible. Thankfully, you can buy it from a ship technician in Akila City or Hope Tech’s lobby through Inaya Rehman on Polvo for 42,000 credits.

Emma not Moving bug

In the Deputized mission in Starfield, you may encounter a bug during your last objective. When you’re with Emma Wilcox in the Marshall’s office, she will not move, halting your progression in the quest to join the Freestar Collective.

This bug occurs when a player picks up an object in the office, immediately making everyone hostile and resulting in your arrest. When you come back, the glitch will manifest. There are two possible fixes for this bug.

  • Firstly, you can try completing another quest, particularly ‘The Great Laredo Caper’. This mission involves Annie Wilcox, who is Emma Wilcox’s daughter. When you catch the thief and return to the warehouse to rendezvous with Annie, Emma will be present there.
  • They exchange a quick conversation, which changes the quest that was bugged. After you’ve completed this quest, head back to Montara Luna and pick up where you left off, and the mission should play out normally. You can also try doing some main missions to try and resolve this issue.
  • Secondly, you can load up a previous save. For this fix to work, Follow Emma until you reach the second floor, then exit the building. Wait for a few minutes, then go back and rejoin her; this should prompt her to move as she is intended to, fixing the bug. Simply loading up a previous save without following the rest of the steps may also work.

Deputized can’t scan footprints bug

During the Starfield Deputized mission, you will be tasked to find the ruffians. During this, you’ll have to scan their footprints in the canyon. However, due to a bug, this may not be possible on some playthroughs. While this bug doesn’t halt your progress, it can be frustrating not knowing where to go.

The only workaround for this bug is to locate the Ruffians on your own. Make your way down the valley while looking for land mines. Following the land mines will lead you to the Ruffians.

Deputized jobs done slate

The Deputized mission in Starfield grants you several objectives to complete. These objectives scale from easy to difficult. However, one of the easiest objectives is to “Read Job’s Done Slate” in Deputized. You will receive this objective after defeating the Ruffian Leader after confronting them. However, the question is, how to Read Job’s Done Slate in Deputized?

Well, you can read the slate by simply opening your inventory and navigating to the notes section on the list. Furthermore, scroll to find the Job’s Done Slate and click on it to read it. Thus completing the Read Job’s Done Slate” objective in the Deputized Starfield mission.

Rewards you’ll get in exchange for your time and effort in completing the Deputized mission in Starfield.

  • Join the Freestar Rangers achievement
  • Deadeye Pistol
  • Where Hope is Built Side Mission
  • 6800x Credits
  • 250 XP

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