Starfield Where Hope Is Built Walkthrough

The quest to find the stolen ship continues as we question more people in Where Hope is Built mission in Starfield

Where Hope is Built in Starfield is a Freestar Collective faction quest and your first proper quest as a Freestar deputy. Once you complete the Deputized quest, return to the Rock on Akila City and talk to Marshal Daniel Blake. Show him the “Job Done” slate and discuss the attack by mercenaries on the farmers of Montara Luna. This will trigger the Where Hope is Built quest automatically. 

In this guide, we will take you across the galaxy to help a stranded ranger, kill some outlaws, and then confront a business mogul, all while trying to help some poor farmers. So, buckle up and tighten your seat belts as we try to tackle the Where Hope is Built side quest in Starfield. 

Talk to Marshal Daniel Blake

Where Hope is Built in Starfield is an extension of the Deputized mission, so it goes without saying that it also serves as the prerequisite for this mission.

The last section of the Deputized mission involved recovering a slate from the body of the enemy you took down at the farm. You need to take this back to Marshal Daniel Blake on the Rock. He will discuss it with you and ask you to interrogate the mercenaries. For this purpose, Daniel Blake will ask you to meet Nia Kalu on planet Polvo. Once you have Nia Kalu with you, you will need to head to HopeTown to chat with the president of HopeTech, Ron Hope. He can give us more information about the ship that was stolen at the farm.

Meet Nia Kalu on Polvo

You can head out for planet Polvo inside the Valo star system immediately after talking to Marshal Daniel Blake. 

As you approach planet Polvo, your ship will receive a distress signal from a nearby ship. Upon docking the ship to help, you will realize it is Nia Kalu’s ship. She was ambushed by the outlaws and is now injured. Introduce yourself as a Freestar Collective deputy, and she will ask for your assistance. Make sure to fix Nia Kalu’s ship in three places by following the objective markers. 

Once you are done repairing the ship, return to Ranger Nia Kalu, and she will tell you that the outlaws are headed towards Miatha, one of the moons of Polvo. Leave Nia Kalu’s ship immediately and head straight for Miatha. Upon reaching there, you must engage in a dogfight with the outlaws. They will not be challenging to take down, and you will also get good loot from the outlaws after taking them down.

Talk to Ron Hope in the HopeTech factory

Once you are done with the outlaws during the Where Hope is Built mission in Starfield, head to Polvo planet. There should be a HopeTech factory near the landing site. Once you enter the HopeTech factory, Nia Kalu will be there waiting for you. She will ask you to be polite with Ron Hope and agree to all his demands. Follow Nia Kalu to the elevator, and she will take you to the office of Ron Hope. 

Tip: No matter the tone you take while talking to Ron Hope in Starfield, it doesn’t change the outcome. It only affects how your active companion responds. Like, if you are more diplomatic than aggressive, Sarah will like it (if she is your active companion). 

Interrogate Ron Hope about the HopeTech factory and the stolen vessel that was used to attack the farmers on Montara Luna. Once the interrogation with Ron Hope finishes, one of his employees, Cosette, will enter the room and announce that the stolen ship has been found. It was last seen on Neon.  

Talk to Nia Kalu once more, and she will advise you to visit Neon and meet Jaylen Price there. He is another Freestar Ranger who is currently appointed to Neon. This will finish Where Hope is Built mission in Starfield and branches into Shadows in Neon side quest.

Successfully completing Where Hope is Built mission in Starfield will get you the following rewards: 

  • 6800x Credits 
  • 250 XP 

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