Starfield Where Hope Is Built Walkthrough

The quest to find the stolen ship continues as we question more people in Where Hope is Built mission in Starfield

The investigation that started during the Deputized mission in the Freestar Collective Faction’s storyline extends to “Where Hope is Built” in Starfield.

This is regarding the problems faced by the farmers on Montra Luna. You will be tasked with leading the investigation, exploring all the angles, and talking to more people.

You will have to work with Ranger Nia Kalu and interrogate President Ron Hope of HopeTech. With that said, this guide presents a deeper insight into how you can carry on every single objective in this mission.

How to unlock the “Where Hope is Built” mission

As we have talked about in the earlier section of the guide, Where Hope is Built is an extension of the Deputized mission, so it goes without saying that it also serves as the prerequisite for this mission. Once you are done with the requirements, you can instantly start this one.

How to complete “Where Hope is Built” in Starfield

Where Hope is Built is not a very extensive mission in Starfield. You can get done with this one pretty quickly. Here is what you need to do.

Meet with Daniel Blake at headquarters

The last leg of the Deputized mission involved recovering a slate from the body of the enemy you took down at the farm. You need to take this back to Marshal Daniel Blake. He will keep it and ask you to meet up with Nia Kalu on Planet Polvo.


Along with her, you will need to head to HopeTown to have a chat with the president of HopeTech, Ron Hope. He can give us more information about the ship that was stolen at the farm. You can head out immediately after talking to Marshal.

Help Nia and take down the outlaws

As you approach Planet Polvo, your ship will receive a distress signal from a nearby ship. Turns out it is from Nia Kalu and she has been attacked by outlaws.

Head towards her ship and you will find her injured with her ship in need of a quick fix. You will need to fix the ship at three different locations, marked by mission markers.

Once you are done with it simply, return to Ranger Nia and she will tell you that the outlaws are headed towards Miatha, one of the moons of Polvo.

Leave immediately and head straight for the location. Upon reaching there, you will have to engage in a dogfight with the outlaws. They are not going to be difficult to take down and you will also get good loot from them, once you take them down.

Talk to Ron Hope

Once you are done and dusted with the outlaws, you can head to Polvo. There should be a HopeTech factory near the landing site.

Nia Kalu will also be present there and you will need to accompany her to meet the president of the company, Ron Hope.

You will need to ask him questions about the ship that was stolen in Montaru Luna. During your conversation, an employee of the company will come into the office and tell you that the stolen ship has been on Neon.

Have a discussion with Nia and she will suggest you contact Jaylen Price, a Freestar Ranger on Neon.

Once the conversation is over, you will complete “Where Hope is Built” and start on the next, Shadows in Neon mission, in Starfield.

Starfield – Where Hope is Built mission rewards

Successfully fulfilling your duties will fill your pockets with the following items:

  • 6800x Credits
  • 250 XP

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