How To Get Chlorosilanes In Starfield

Crafting some item in Starfield and suddenly realize that you need Chlorosilanes but don't know how to get it?

Chlorosilanes in Starfield is a chemical compound and a rare resource used to craft different items. There will be a time when you will be crafting or upgrading an item in Workbench, and you realize that it needs Chlorosilanes.

You will be scratching your head at that time as you will have no idea where to get this. That is why I’m here to help you get Chlorosilanes in Starfield.

Starfield Chlorosilanes locations

Often, Chlorosilanes are challenging to get. However, three ways are guaranteed to get you Chlorosilanes. The first method is to search for it on the surface of planets and moons. Not all planets have Chlorosilanes, but there are few planets where you can quickly obtain Chlorosilanes.

Here is a table that mentions all the locations of planets containing Chlorosilanes:

Planet NameSystem
JemisonAlpha Centauri System
EarthSol System
GagarinAlpha Centauri System
Sirius III-b (Moon)Sirius System
KurtzAlpha Centauri System
Porrima IIIPorrima System
MarsSol System
SumatiNarion System
DalvikNarion System
Volii EpsilonVolii System
EuropaSol System
Procyon IProcyon A System
ShorunValo System

At the surface of these planets, you can easily find the Chlorosilanes. But how will you find it on such a giant planet’s surface? The answer is to use your Hand Scanner and scan the Starfield surface.

If you node a Chlorosilanes Seep, the scanner will indicate the resource as SiH3Cl. Simply interact with it to collect it. You can get Chlorosilanes in loot boxes and crates. But your odds are very unlikely.


Where to buy Chlorosilanes

If you are too lazy to search the surface or crates in Starfield. Then you can buy Chlorosilanes from the shops. Remember that some shops will have Chlorosilanes available only if you reach a certain level. Here are shops from where you can get it:

The first shop is “Jemison Mercantile,” located in New Atlantis in Jemison.

The second one is named “Denis Averin” and is located in Cydonia on Mars

How to farm Chlorosilanes in Starfield

Once you find a Chlorosilanes vein on a planet’s surface, you can use it to farm more. For that, you need to build an outpost on the planet. At the Outpost, install a Chlorosilanes Extractor. You must also power the extractor through a Solar Array or Wind Turbine. It depends on the planet’s weather.

After you have set up the extractor in Starfield, you can leave it there. It will make Chlorosilanes, which you can start seeing after a few in-game moments.

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