Starfield Alpha Centauri System Location and Planets Guide

Alpha Centauri is a system in Starfield that features many planets and moons.

As you progress your journey in Starfield, Alpha Centauri will be the first system you will encounter. It is home to many unique places once you visit it. In terms of location, the Alpha Centauri system is close to the “Sol” System.

Starfield Alpha Centauri location

Alpha Centauri is one of the biggest “Planetary Systems” that features one of the biggest cities “, New Atlantis“. The city has one of the biggest human populations in Starfield. All of the Alpha Centauri Planets are named after big astronauts. Aside from four planets, you will find eight moons orbiting around different planets.

All planets in the Starfield Alpha Centauri

You will find four planets in the Alpha Centauri system:


Jemison is one of the planets in the “Alpha Centauri” system named after “Mae Jemison”. She was among the first black astronauts to enter space with NASA. It houses the headquarters of “United Colonies” and “Constellation” in its capital, New Atlantis. In addition, most of its members operate through “The Lodge” and a spacestation named The Eye in Starfield.

Jemison has the standard Oxygen environment with many “Fauna, Flora and Resources” that players can access its Survey Data. Due to its unique architecture, many wealthy people live here.


Named after “Yuri Gagarin”, Gagarin is one of the planets in the “Alpha Centauri” system. He was the first man to step into space and carry a soviet flag with him. It is one of the planets in Starfield’s “Goldilocks” habitable zone.

Due to this reason, it features a lot of “Fauna, Flora and Resources” that players can get to its Survey Data in Starfield. The weather and gravity of this planet are very similar to Earth as it resides very close to that in the Star System.

You will find a settlement called “Gagarin Landing“, a now-banned “Mechs” manufacturing hub. Furthermore, you can access this town after completing the “One Small Step” mission.


The Olivas is one of the biggest planets in the Starfield Alpha Centauri system, named after “John D. Olivas”. He was one of the greatest astronauts who manned the mission to ISS in 2007.

Due to its uninhabitable climate, you will not find any “Fauna and Flora”; however, you will find many resources due to its ‘Gaseous Nature”. Lastly, It has a total of five moons orbiting around, which are listed below:

  • Lovell
  • Hawley
  • Voss
  • Chawla
  • Zamka


Named after “Roberta Bondar”, Bondar is one of the planets in the “Alpha Centauri” system. She was one of the first women Neurologists to step into space.

Due to its extreme heat, you will not find any “Fauna and Flora” but many resources in Starfield Bondar. The resources you will find here are “lead, chlorine, nickel, tungsten, platinum, and xenon.” Lastly, Bondar planet features two moons, which are listed below:

  • Curbeam
  • Grissom

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