Starfield Gagarin Survey Guide

Players can visit Gagarin Planet in Starfield to get its survey data which can be sold for credits to vendors.

As you set out in the large-scale Galaxies of Starfield, you will travel to planets and systems, such as Gagarin. I will brief you on completing the Starfield Gagarin Survey in the Alpha Centauri System. Getting a 100% score in survey data is crucial for all.

The data can be sold to different vendors scattered across different systems. The Survey Data gets you a substantial amount of Credits. However tempting as the motivation may sound, completing the 100% survey will stretch over a long period of hours, given you don’t know where to look.

How to 100% survey Gagarin in Starfield

The first and foremost method to get a chunk of the survey data is to perform the initial scan of the planet image. This will get you some increase in your overall Survey data percentage as well as point out all the resources available on the Planet. Simply press R to do a scan. However, this feature may sometimes be unavailable.

Gagarin Survey Checklist

Gagarin has eight fauna, five flora, four resources, and a single trait to get you 100% survey status in Starfield. Completing the checklist without a proper guide can lead to the consumption of many hours. I will brief on Fauna, Flora, and the resources, so let’s get into this.

FaunaProng Wing Seabat, Coralbucket Filterer, Trilobite Scavenger, CoralCrawler Geophages, Dust Devil Exorunner, Shardhopper Geophage, Sunfish Filterer, and Sea hag.
FloraBurnt Pokeleaf, Sweetwater Cactus, Bitter Golden Glow, swamp Bottle root, and Velvet Bloom
ResourcesChlorine, Water, Chlorosilanes, and Lead.
Planet TraitsUnexplored Biological Feature

All Fauna on Gagarin

There is moderate Fauna on Gagarin, and you need to scan the following in Starfield to survey this planet:

  • Prong Wing Seabat
  • Coralbucket Filterer
  • Trilobite Scavenger
  • CoralCrawler Geophages
  • Dust Devil Exorunner
  • Shardhopper Geophage
  • Sunfish Filterer
  • Sea hag.

Fauna containing Prong Wing Seabat are fliers, and their temperament is wary, so be cautious when scanning as they cause you some harm while in the act of hunt. You can find them in Rocky Desert, Swamp, and Wetlands.


Along with the Prong Wing Seabat is the Coralbucket Filterer. You can spot this creature by using your scanner and putting it at an angle of elevation. Furthermore, the Trilobite Scavenger will accompany the two mentioned faunas above in the same biomes: Rocky Desert, Swamp, and Wetlands.

They can be camouflaged easily in the Starfield Gagarin terrain, so keep your scanner out for spotting them. They also have a unique skittering noise, so listen closely as you get closer to them.

You won’t have to move a lot to locate the majority of faunas as three more reside in the same locations: the hasty CoralCrawler Geophages, Dust Devil Exorunner, and Shardhopper Geophage. Dust Devil Exorunner is dangerous and can hit you very hard, taking a great chunk from your health pool.

Meanwhile, the shardhopper Geophage is passive and tends to get away when presented with tense situations.

For the last two Faunas, you must locate yourself in the Ocean Biome of Starfield Gagarin as they will have Sunfish Filterer and Sea hag. Sunfish Filterer won’t damage you, but don’t go into the waters as they have microbial contamination, which will hurt you. The Sea hags are aggressive, and beware as they may attack you.

All Flora on Gagarin

You need to scan the following 5 flora on Gagarin to survey this planet in Starfield.

  • Burnt Pokeleaf
  • Sweetwater Cactus
  • Bitter Golden Glow
  • swamp Bottle root
  • Velvet Bloom

For Flora, you only have to traverse Wetlands, Swamps, and Rocky Desert to cover all four Floras. Burnt Pokeleaf, Sweetwater Cactus, and Bitter Golden Glow are all found in the Rocky Desert. The swamp Bottle root and Velvet Bloom are found in Wetlands and swamps.

You must find multiple instances of each flora to scan them completely. Make sure to find and scan as much as possible until the Blue colored Floras on your Scanner turns green.

How to Find Resources on Gagarin in Starfield

As you progress through the Gagarin Planet in Starfield, you will find a couple of resources, which are mentioned below:

NameFound BiomeDescription
Chlorine (Cl)Mountain“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in a number of crafting outpost structures such as the Pharmaceutical Lab, Tick Turret Mk I, and Laser Turret Mk I..”
Chlorosilanes (SiH3Cl)MountainChlorosilanes are used for a variety of crafting and research projects such as Resource Extraction I, Optic, and Laser Mods I and II projects.”
Water (H20)Swamp“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, which is used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”
Lead (Pb)Mountain“Lead is a resource that is used in the majority of gear-crafting and base-building projects.”

To cover the Resources of Gagarin in Starfield, you can easily pull out your scanner and traverse over the lands. You do not have to stick to finding rocks or rocky structures to locate the resources, as they can also be found over the land.

The resources are Water, Chlorine, Lead, and Chlorosilanes. They are very abundant and can be found easily all over the planet. You are very likely to locate these first compared to flora and fauna.

All Biomes on Gagarin

Biomes of each planet vary depending on their situations, whether they are habitable or not. The biomes on Gagarin that you can survey are listed below:

  • Rocky Desert
  • Swamp
  • Wetlands
  • Ocean

How to Discover Gagarin Traits

While doing the survey of Gagarin in Starfield, you will find the following traits:

  • Unexplored Biological Feature.

This can be found easily when you land anywhere on the planet and look in the surface map for different anomalies. Look for markers labeled “Signs of Life” and “Natural”.They will lead you to the traits of Starfield Gagarin.

You can easily traverse there and delve into the location. The location comprises expansive Coral figured plants. Simply scan them to Discover the trait.

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