Best Teams to Manage in Football Manager 2021

What's the best team for you, as a manager in Football Manager 2021?

Choosing the right team to manage in FM 2021 for your opening save game can be overwhelming. We’re here to guide you so that you can pick the Best Teams to Manage in Football Manager 2021 and enjoy the full FM21 experience.

Best Teams to Manage in Football Manager 2021

This Football Manager 2021 guide will help you choose the perfect team to manage by highlighting each team’s essential characteristics.

We will guide you through the top 9 teams that are guaranteed to enhance your management experience in FM 2021.

Red Bull Bragantino

Red Bull Bragantino is an exciting save. With a league of amazing wonderkids, this team can provide you with the ultimate management experience.

With a well thought out strategy and framework, this Red Bull model can turn out to be a promising save.

Your first goal should be to win Serie A. This is an essential step for your team to dominate South America.


After this, keeping up the right tempo by winning some champion leagues will make Red Bull Bragantino worth your save!

Inter Miami

David Beckham’s new club Inter Miami is the ultimate package for your opening save.

With so many fantastic players like Rodolfo Pizarro, Mattias Pellegrini, and Blaise Matuidi recruited into the club, this is the perfect team to fire your opponents with!

Inter Miami has a highly experienced squad that will promise you the ultimate Football Manager 2021 experience.

With so many fantastic players in the team, you’re all set to win an MLS Cup. Use this experience to have the edge over your opponents.


Popularly known as the Barrowcelona, this team is one of the most interesting English clubs you should consider saving.

Winners of the English 5th tier and two FA trophies, this team has a lot to offer. Barrow has a solid profundity over the pitch in terms of numbers.

The team went through a rough patch after manager Ian Evatt left to join Bolton.

There is no doubt that Evatt introduced a unique style of play into the club, which led them to be the National League champions. Although it can be challenging to manage, if you adapt a manner similar to that of Evatt, your team will achieve its goals.

Your main goal should be to help your team climb the English football pyramid and reach the top.

AZ Alkmaar

Winners of a couple of league titles and the UEFA Europa League Cup’s runner ups, this lesser-known team can be an exciting choice for you.

Although it is not one of the big three teams, it has a compelling advantage among other options out there.

The reason why you should opt for AZ Alkmaar as your opening save is its excellent youth recruitment. AZ Alkmaar is praised for its youth recruitment for being among the best in the league.

As the team’s manager, you should use this factor and use your team’s potential to reach the top.

This team can threaten opponents like PSV, Feyenoord, and Ajax in the upcoming years with consistency. With fantastic youth recruitment like AZ, you could easily top Eredivise.

Macarthur FC

With experienced players like Adam Federici and Denis Genreau, this team has an excellent combination of youthful talent and professionalism.

This is the first time this team has entered the A-league on FM21. You’ll need to consider a few things if you decide to opt for Macarthur FC as your opening save.

While managing this team, you’ll need to keep in mind that there will be six empty player slots you’ll need to fill.

To do this, you will have to go through a tricky recruitment process with many restrictions.

If you manage to avoid finishing at the bottom of the league for five years, your team will show you a commendable performance.


Bodø/Glimt is amongst the best Scandinavian teams that you can choose for your opening save.

Featuring exceptional young prospects such as Jans Peter Hauge and Patrick Berg, this is one of the most exciting teams this year.

Bodø/Glimt currently sits at the top of the Norwegian first division or Eliteserien by a considerable margin.

With a team like Bodø/Glimt, you can easily compete amongst other challenging opponents in Europe.

The winning league is rewarded with £1.57m, and they also get to enter the ECC in the Champions Path Qualifying Round.

With a fantastic team like Bodø/Glimt, you can easily qualify past the group stage. Bodø/Glimt is the only Scandinavian team capable of achieving such a challenging goal.


Bundesliga has emerged as an exciting league in terms of management. With exceptionally talented managers continually trying to stop the domination of Bayern München, Dortmund seems to own the throne.

If you look beyond this region and move your focus towards Schalke, you’ll be equally amazed.

Managing Schalke can be an exciting choice for you to make. As the manager of this team, there are a few immediate steps you need to take.

Schalke has finished at the bottom of the Bundesliga in the last few seasons.

Your primary goal should be to make your team win a Review Derby before any other European Football leagues. Wins like these for your club will help you restore the team’s pride and name in Gelsenkirchen.


Milan is possibly one of the best teams you can choose for your opening save for Football Manager 2021.

With an average player age of 24, this team has impressive youth recruitment with commendable skills.

As the manager for Milan, you should keep in mind that your team is expected to win their first Scudetto by the 2023/2024 season.

Winning a Scudetto for Milan is an extremely challenging task to take control of, especially considering the substantial threats by opponents like Atalanta and Lazio. Despite this, it is highly achievable if you strategically manage your team.

FC Edmonton

The Canadian Premier League was added as a unique, downloadable feature in the 2020 version of the Football Manager series.

The latest release, Football Manager 2021, consists of the parts from the previous version. FC Edmonton is the oldest amongst the eight other teams added in the league.

As the manager of FC Edmonton, you’re not expected to perform exceptionally well.

Undoubtedly, taking up the challenge of managing Edmonton and helping it reach the top could be a fantastic achievement for your career.

You’re expected to do your best and be competitive. You should take your time and build a grip over the league structure and rules.

From this point on, your goal should be to beat the Canadian teams in the Canadian Championship and also to compete in the North American Champions League.

Competing in CPL and NACL will be challenging, but this will be a worthy challenge and achievement for you.

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