Starfield Jemison Survey Guide

Players can visit Jemison Planet in Starfield to get its survey data which can be sold for credits to vendors.

One of the planets in Starfield’s intergalactic map that you can survey is the Jemison. This is the planet that hosts New Atlantis, which is the biggest city in Starfield. You will visit here during the “One Small Step” and “The Old Neighborhood” missions.

Surveying and obtaining information about a planet’s resources, creatures, and weather is important. This will help you to know where you should go to get a specific thing. Also, surveying a planet to 100% will give you a data slate that can be sold for 4000-6000 Credits.

How to 100% survey Jemison in Starfield

You don’t necessarily need to scan all of the Jemison to get 100% of its survey data. Scan a planet for its flora, fauna, animals, plants, inorganic resources, and planet traits.

You will often need to travel from one biome to another to find different species of plants and animals. One thing you can remember is if you extract a plant, it will be included in the scan. Similarly, if you kill an animal, a scan will also have it.

To ease your process, here is a list of all the floras, faunas, and resources that you can find on Starfield planet Jemison:

Jemison Survey Checklist

Every planet has a survey checklist that has survey requirements for different flora, fauna, and resources. Once you complete this Survey Checklist, your survey will be 100% complete, and you will also get 300-500 XP in the game.

To completely scan Jemison in Starfield, you have to first land on its surface and scan the following items to complete the survey:

FaunaApex Crocodaunt, Apex Parrothawk, Beetle Grazer, Carasnail Scavenger, Flocking Seabat Geophage, Herding Cutterhead Herbivore, Herding Reefwalker Scavenger, Hunting Tuskfrog, and Pack Coralbug
FloraAurora Palm, Boreas Root, Broadleaf Rose, Cliff Laurel, Cold Cave Nettle, Glossy Stickweed, Spiral Creeper, and Tufted Snow Willow
ResourcesArgon, Chlorine, Chlorosilanes, Lead, and Water

All Fauna on Jemison

To find Fauna on Jemison, take out your scanner and look for the following resources in Starfield.

Fauna SpecieBiomes
Apex CrocodauntFrozen Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Apex ParrothawkFrozen Mountains, Deciduous Forest, Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Beetle GrazerFrozen Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Carasnail ScavengerDeciduous Forest, Mountains
Flocking Seabat GeophageDeciduous Forest, Mountains
Herding Cutterhead HerbivoreDeciduous Forest, Mountains
Herding Reefwalker ScavengerFrozen Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Hunting TuskfrogDeciduous Forest, Mountains
Pack CoralbugDeciduous Forest, Mountains

All Flora on Jemison

To find Flora on Jemison, take out your scanner and look for the following resources from the Starfield Survey Checklist.

Flora SpeciesBiomes
Aurora PalmDeciduous Forest, Mountains
Boreas RootFrozen Mountains, Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Broadleaf RoseMountains, Coniferous Forest
Cliff LaurelFrozen Mountains, Deciduous Forest, Mountains, Coniferous Forest
Cold Cave NettleFrozen Mountains, Mountains
Glossy StickweedDeciduous Forest, Mountains Coniferous Forest
Spiral CreeperDeciduous Forest, Coniferous Forest
Tufted Snow WillowFrozen Mountains, Mountains, Coniferous Forest

How to find all Resources on Jemison in Starfield

Finding resources on a Jemison is a lot easier than finding animals or plants. Here is a list of all the available resources from the Survey Checklist on Jemison with their locations in Starfield.

ArgonToxic vents“Argon has several uses in Starfield, from the production of graphite, researching dark matter at the Research Laboratory, in lighting, preservatives, or even in cryogenics.”
ChlorineToxic vents“Chlorine is an uncommon inorganic resource found in Starfield that can be used in several crafting outpost structures such as the Pharmaceutical Lab, Tick Turret Mk I, and Laser Turret Mk I..”
ChlorosilanesNatural SpringsChlorosilanes are used for various crafting and research projects such as Resource Extraction I, Optic, and Laser Mods I and II projects.”
LeadNatural Springs“Lead is a resource that is used in the majority of gear-crafting and base-building projects.”
WaterRock Deposits“Water is one of the fundamental requirements for life, which is used in research projects at the Research Laboratory.”

All Biomes on Jemison

Biomes are important regions of planets that host different communities of plants and animals. In Starfield Jemison, you will find 4 types of Biomes:

  • Deciduous forest
  • Coniferous forest
  • Mountains
  • Frozen mountains

How to discover Starfield Jemison Traits

Traits are special locations on a planet in Starfield that can be life signs or resources. If your Survey checklist has an exclamation circle on the bottom, it means you need to scan the planet for traits. Not all planets have traits, but that is not true with Jemison. Jemison in Starfield has 3 traits:

Sentient Microbial Colonies: To get this trait in Jemison, you must go to Sentient Microbial Colony locations and scan different Microbial Colonies.

Melted Glacier: Getting this trait is very easy: scan Glacial Remnants.

Ecological Consortium: In the map where it is labeled Ecological Consortium in Jemison, scan the Hives of that location.

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