Starfield Best Outpost Locations

An outpost on a remote planet in Starfield allows you to have a base of operations and mine resources so here are some best locations.

Exploring thousands of planets can get tiresome and places to rest and just kick your feet up are rare in Starfield. Fortunately, players can create their own bases or outposts in Starfield wherever they like. This allows them a place to rest, store their items, and do whatever they like, depending on the features of the base.

However, like real life, not all planets in Starfield are inhabitable and only some of them are practical enough for you to establish your base on. This guide will look at some of the best places players can establish their base in Starfield.

Starfield best Planets to build Outposts on

Players will be returning to their outpost multiple times during their adventures across the universe of Starfield. Your base will offer you a place to rest, store your items, upgrade your weapons and ship and much more.

A base or outpost will also allow players to store all their raw materials and this is where players will be doing most of their crafting, so we will set up some general parameters according to which we will judge our outpost location. We will look at the planet’s location, how easy is it to find resources on the said planet and are the environmental conditions are viable for survival.

Nesoi – Olympus System

Nesoi in the Olympus system is the best planet to set up your major base in Starfield. The planet has a moderate climate and players can freely roam the place. There is almost nothing toxic in this planet’s environment so you’ll be safe overall.

Nesoi is rich in almost every type of resource. Basic resources like Benzene, Irioum and Tantalum and rare resources like Uranium, Iron and Argon are also abundant.


The planet is also located close to many star systems, allowing you to easily travel among them. You won’t have to invest in a very powerful gravity drive system to travel from your outpost in Nesoi to other planets.

Jemison – Alpha Centauri System

Jemison is one of the main planets in Starfield. The planet houses the city of New Atlantis, meaning that it is one of the planets you will be regularly visiting throughout the game. Jemison offers multiple biomes with pleasant environments.

Jemison features abundant resources, although you’d need to travel to different biomes, you can get them easily. Being close to a major city, players can also access vendors easily without having to jump to another planet.

Pyrocyon III – Procyon A System

Pyrocyon III is not a practically habitable planet. Extreme cold temperatures and all the water on this planet contains chemical. There are no established populations on the planet and building a base on the planet will be hell, but there are upsides to Pyrocyon III as well.

Pyrocyon III is one of the most resource-heavy planets in Starfield. You can find almost every resource on the planet and quite easily. A modest number of different plants and flowers can also be discovered on this planet.

Pyrocyon III is also close to a number of different major star systems of the game, such as Alpha Centauri, and makes it easy to travel for the rest of the game with all the resources you can carry.

Even though the planet is extremely inhospitable, the abundance of resources and the location of the Pyrocyon III make it one of the best planets to pick for your outpost in Starfield.

Titan – Sol System

Titan is not a planet; it is one of the moons of the planet Saturn. You need to have Planetary Habitation skill to be able to build a base on Titan due to the extremely cold temperature of the celestial body.

Titan is rich in late-game resources like Tungsten and Titanium, and in high abundance no less. Titan offers a perfect place for a late-game outpost just for farming. In addition, being in our own solar system does feel a bit cozy.

Volii Epsilon – Volii System

Volii planet is a mineral-rich planet. Mid-game, the planet provides the best place for your base in Starfield as all your resources will be practically a short walk away and you can mine to your heart’s content.

The planet is close to other planets boosting good resource count. A single flight away, players can get to any resource they might want.

Volii Epsilon is not a suitable planet for outpost early on as the conditions of the planet are less than favorable. High Solar radiation and chemical-based water are not something players would accept at first site, but it won’t be much of a trouble later on.

In the end, selecting all the planets you want to build a base on depends on what you are willing to accept and what benefits you are getting from the planet in question, you will always get good planets to build your resting place at.

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