How to Unlock All Toads in Super Mario Run?

In Super Mario Run, you can unlock all manner of toads which you can use to build your kingdom. So you must know how to do that.

In Super Mario Run, you can collect different-colored toads and use them to build your Kingdom. You can get your hands on red, purple, green, blue, and yellow toads. You can collect these toads by playing the Toad Rally game mode and picking an opponent with your desired colored toad.

If you manage to pull off a run more stylish than them, you’ll have a chance to win the colored toads next to their names. In this guide, we’ll review how to get all five colored toads in Super Mario Run.

How to get Red Toads?

Red Toads are available by default and should appear after you complete the first four levels of the first world. The first four levels of Super Mario Run are free.

How to Unlock Purple and Green Toads?

For these Toads, you must complete the First World, which requires you to buy the full version of the game for USD 9.99. the first four levels of the game are free, but the rest have to be purchased.


Apart from purchasing the game, your chances of acquiring different-colored toads boil down to your skills in the Toad Rally game mode. Make sure to practice this mode to increase your chances.

How to Unlock Blue and Yellow Toads?

This one is also similar to finding Purple and Green Toads in Super Mario Run. To unlock Blue and Yellow Toads, you must complete the entire second World after buying the game.

After you have met the conditions, you will receive a notification saying that you’ve unlocked new levels in Toad Rally and then you should be able to find the different colored Toads in the Toad Rally.

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