NHL 21 Beginners Tips

If you are just starting with NHL 21, our beginners tips can come in handy.

If you’re a newcomer to the NHL franchise, scoring might be difficult. Luckily for you, we have you covered, as we will give you an in-depth overview on how to score with our NHL 21 Beginners Tips.

In this guide, we’ll go over the basic controls, plus some tips that you should keep in mind while you play on the virtual ice.

NHL 21 Beginners Tips

It’s not hard to figure what the main goal of hockey is: Score more goals than the opponent. You can’t win games unless you score, so knowing how to consistently put the puck in the net is critical in NHL 21.

Practice Before You Try Being Competitive
There’s a training mode under the practice tab that you can use to improve your skills and learn your best plays. Attempt all the tutorials multiple times and learn the skill stick.

You can also play any offline game mode and start with difficulty on pro.

This will be extremely frustrating and challenging since you will fail a lot at the start but you will start to improve faster.


HUT Challenges and Squad Battles
After hitting the Practice Mode, you can practice your skills at offline HUT Challenges and Squad Battles.

The HUT Challenge requires you to attempt three objectives. Completion of one is necessary but the other two can lead to bonus rewards.

Grinding in Squad Battles will have you face off against other HUT teams and winning will reward you with coins and packs. So this is a good way to keep coins in your account while improving your own skills.

These battles won’t be easy and it will be a time consuming process which can start to feel tedious.

However, you can increase your chances of coming up victorious with the following tips and tricks.

Teamwork Makes All The Difference
Hockey is a fast game, but that doesn’t mean you can win if you simply press and try to constantly move towards the goal. Play it slow and pass the ball around a bit to play possession hockey.

You pass by pressing RT/R2. You can easily give up potential goals by being too aggressive and not sharing the ball amongst your other players.

Maintain A Solid Defense
When playing Defense, you should prioritize your player positioning. Know which players can do the most help and send them ahead while you leave behind a few players who still provide excellent defense.

Sending out the last guy in the back to score will leave your goal exposed and results in you losing. For this reason, you should try out different defensive positions and stick to those as much as you can.

Take Advantage Of The Improved AI Offense.
NHL hockey is a sport that becomes more aggressive each year. This can and has led to problems where the speed was too much for the game to handle.

This year they’ve made a few technical significant improvements that reduce these bugs and errors. This means the AI is less likely to go haywire when coming at you.

This also means that you are more accurately able to check their patterns and positioning and plan around it. Removing of unpredictable variables such as bugs can help you plan your play much better.

Practice One-Times Shots
One-timed shots are difficult for goalies to stop and have a high chance of success. This is why they’re widely used and often recommended to players who want to ensure successful goals. cross-ice pass, as goalies have to move across the crease quickly to make a save.

You can try these shots by passing the puck to a teammate and then having that player shoot the puck as soon as he gets it.

Meaning that player should have the shot winded up before you pass to him.

Be sure to pass to a player that is in a good position to score. This means you probably shouldn’t try it with the guy standing just 4 feet to your left.

If you want to increase confusion amongst the opposing team then try cycling the puck.

This means that you should pass it around from player to player and then give it at last to the player who is perfectly positioned to goal.

Dekes Can Get Past Any Goalie
NHL 21 has many different dekes available for you to try out. These all vary in terms of complexity and difficulty but you can get the hang of them with a bit of practice.

Backhand and forehands are the most common and simplest Dekes that you can use. For now let’s start you off with those.

The Forehand Deke works by pressing shift RS to the direction you want to use for the shot. Put it on the right for right-handed shots, and to the left for left-handed ones.

Backhand dekes are performed by pressing shift RS/Right Stick to the left for right-handed shots, and the opposite way for left-handed shooters. These are fairly simple and easy to learn.

There are many more complex and challenging Dekes that you can use to get the best of Goalies.

Be sure to learn the Lacrosse and the Kucherov (Fake Shot) as well. Be sure to only attempt dekes when you’re close to the opposing defender is close to you.

Know When To Fight
Whoever said fighting never solved anything clearly isn’t a hockey fan. You can incite a scuffle or accept an invitation to one.

If you’re victorious then this will re-energize all forward lines and defensive pairings.

The downside is that it will take said player off the field for a few minutes so don’t send out your most elite ones.

They’re not usually the best fighters anyway so you don’t want to put yourself at a disadvantage.

Also be sure to control your hits so you make each one count. This is because fighting will seriously drain your stamina.

Use blocks and dodges as much as you can and wait for your opponent to tire himself out. Once you have an opening, land a big hit and then block again.

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