BioShock Infinite Gear, Weapons Locations and Upgrades Guide

Good gear and weapons in BioShock Infinite can help you trounce the bad boys. You can upgrade your stuff to become even stronger.

Sure, it’s not crazy Rapture with a bunch of splicers aching to squeeze some ADAM out of you, but by no means is Columbia a safe haven for an unwelcomed fellow like Booker DeWitt. That’s why it’s important to get your hands on the finest self-defense (yeah, sure) weaponry you can get on the steampunk potential utopia in BioShock: Infinite.

In this guide, you will find detailed information on all the gear items, weapons along with the locations where you obtain them, the upgrades, and their cost.

Bioshock Infinite Weapons and Upgrades

Broadsider Pistol
The first weapon you’ll acquire is the classy Broadsider Pistol, with a separate magazine and a long thin barrel. Come on, you must’ve seen one of these with them Nazis in those World War games, right?

Booker obtains the pistol in a box of items he’s carrying before entering Columbia.


  • Pistol Damage Boost 1 – $199
  • Pistol Damage Boost 2 – $199
  • Pistol Clip Increase – $275
  • Pistol Ammo Increase – $404

The Skyhook isn’t really a weapon, though it is used as one by Booker. The tool is primarily used for hooking up to skylines to travel about the city, but it also seems to work quite well when you decide to thrash it into someone’s skull.


Founder Huntsman Carbine
This semi-automatic rifle is a nice upgrade over the pistol, but you’ll probably maintain a ‘meh’ attitude towards it until you get a pretty recoil decrease and pimp it up a bit.

You can really find this carbine all over the flying district; it seems to be the standardized ‘minuteman’ weapon.


  • Carbine Damage Boost 1 – $357
  • Carbine Damage Boost 2 – $357
  • Carbine Clip Increase – $484
  • Carbine Recoil Decrease – $333

Vox BurstGun
Now here’s a nice little automatic firearm, provided you can control the recoil. This is another gun you’ll find throughout Columbia, and is definitely a better option than the Huntsman Carbine.


  • Burstgun Damage Boost 1 – $423
  • Burstgun Damage Boost 2 – $423
  • Burstgun Recoil Decrease – $822
  • Burstgun Ammo Increase – $672

Founder Pig Volley Gun
The first time you lay eyes on the name of this weapon, you’ll probably think it’s a hunky-dory makeshift carbine. It’s not till you fire the thing that you realize that you were prejudiced. The Volley Gun is a mean beast that can launch multiple explosives in quick succession. Just make sure you aren’t aiming 90 degrees when doing so.


  • Volley Gun Damage Boost 1 – $522
  • Volley Gun Damage Boost 2 – $522
  • Volley Gun Radius Increase – $536
  • Volley Gun Clip Increase – $740

Vox Hail Fire
Now there’s a name that makes a bit of sense. Though you might think of the Hail Fire as an upgrade to the Volley Gun, it’s not quite so. Well, actually, it pretty much is, except that it’s a separate weapon on the whole. Again, be careful where you choose to launch the explosive.

You’ll likely come across this weapon regularly as you progress ahead in the game.


  • Hail Fire Damage Boost 1 – $688
  • Hail Fire Damage Boost 2 – $688
  • Hail Fire Radius Increase – $415
  • Hail Fire Clip Increase – $399

PaddyWhacker Hand Cannon
If you’re getting fed up of the Broadsider, then you should consider getting your hand on this oddly named magnum pistol. You’ll enjoy having it as a sidearm, provided you can deal with the reload time. But then again, what’s classier than a bad-ass putting them bullets in a rusty old revolver, eh?


  • Hand Cannon Damage Boost 1 – $448
  • Hand Cannon Damage Boost 2 – $448
  • Hand Cannon Reload Speed – $656
  • Hand Cannon Recoil Decrease – $350

Barnstormer RPG
You know a weapon means business when it has RPG written with it, and fortunately the Barnstormer is no different. This bad boy can really pack a punch, and is fairly accurate as well, though the speed might be a bit of an issue if you’re looking to shoot it in a pacey foe’s face.

You’ll find this weapon midway of the game.


  • RPG Damage Boost 1 – $385
  • RPG Damage Boost 2 – $385
  • RPG Clip Increase – $816
  • RPG Speed Increase – $333

Bird’s Eye Sniper Rifle
I’ve always preferred the bolt-action sniper rifles over those modern shoot-them-with-insane-recoil-and-noise stuff. Yeah, this is also pretty noisy, but I just feel the bolt-action offers more control, and that’s why I just adore having the Bird’s Eye bad boy with me at all times. Expect to grab this from a marksmen foe (of which there are plenty) in Columbia.


  • Sniper Rifle Damage Boost 1 – $349
  • Sniper Rifle Damage Boost 2 – $349
  • Sniper Rifle Fire Rate – $654
  • Sniper Rifle Recoil Decrease – $288

Founder Tripple R Machine Gun
When you come across the Triple R, you’ll know it’s time to throw away that carbine and the Vox Burstgun. The ‘Triple R’ actually stands for Rolston Reciprocating Repeater, and the ads all over the place will suggest why it’s such a good item to have.


  • Machine Gun Damage Boost 1 – $236
  • Machine Gun Damage Boost 2 – $236
  • Machine Gun Accuracy Boost – $512
  • Machine Gun Clip Increase – $391

Vox Repeater
Okay, maybe I wasn’t entirely honest when I said stuff about the Triple R. The Vox Repeater is a great competitor to the previously mentioned auto-rifle. Yes, it does belong to the Vox Populi – the meaner ones will probably be carrying it.


  • Repeater Damage Boost 1 – $416
  • Repeater Damage Boost 2 – $416
  • Repeater Recoil Decrease – $711
  • Repeater Clip Increase – $449

Peppermill Crank Gun
When even the meanest inhabitants see this ferocious-looking weapon in your hands, they’ll tremble with fear. This is the game’s gatling gun, and boy will it wreak havoc. You’ll get it from those annoying Motorized Patriots.


China Boom – If you’re going through this list, you’ll probably be wondering where the shotgun went. I loved the shotgun in the first BioShock game, and ensured that I pimped it up to the max limit. The China Boom is the new shotgun in Infinite, and it maintains the close-ranged lethality that we’ve all loved since we were kids (might not apply to all gamers).


  • Shotgun Damage Boost 1 – $255
  • Shotgun Damage Boost 2 – $255
  • Shotgun Reload Speed – $456
  • Shotgun Spread Boost – $360

Vox Heater
Yeah, I also thought that it’d be a flame thrower the first time I came across the name. Apparently, this oddball of a weapon is a shotgun. But when you fire the thing, you learn it’s not entirely one, though it can behave like it. The compact weapon fires non-rifled ordinance, and you’ll want to be up close to whoever you’re firing at for the best results.


  • Heater Damage Boost 1 – $554
  • Heater Damage Boost 2 – $554
  • Heater Reload Speed – $752
  • Heater Spread Boost – $467

Bioshock Infinite Gear Upgrades

Gear upgrades in Bioshock Infinite grant passive abilities to the players. Players can equip four gear upgrades of different types – Hats, Shirts, Pants and Boots. You can only choose one upgrade from each category.

Following are the gear upgrades you can equip in the game:

Bioshock Infinite Gear – Hats

Ammo Cap
When you engaged in fire fight, your empty clips have 40% chance of auto-filling without you having to reload.

Burning Halo
Gives you 70% chance that a melee target will be set ablaze. They will get around 300 damage over four seconds.

Electric Touch
Gives you 50% chance that a melee target is stunned. You victim will be vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Hill Runner’s Hat
Shield breaking will result in increased movement speed. You will be 50% faster for five seconds.

Quick Handed
It decreases weapon reload time by 30%.

Rising Bloodlust
Get a kill to increase your weapon’s damage. Stacks up to five times and resets 10 seconds after your last kill.

Sheltered Life
Makes you invulnerable for a brief period when you regaining health from Snacks and Health Kits.

Kill enemy with Devil’s Kiss, Shock Jockey or Bucking Bronco and its effects will chain to nearby enemies. AOE effect!

Bioshock Infinite Gear – Shirt

Coat of Harms
Makes it easy for you to melee execute your enemies.

Nitro Vest
Increase splash damage radius of explosives.

When you strike any enemy, you have 50% chance of burning the nearby enemies and inflict 400 damage to victims over three seconds.

Scavenger’s Vest
40% chance to salvage ammo from enemy corpses.

Shock Jacket
When you strike enemy, you have 50% chance to shock nearby enemies. You will inflict 50 damage to your victims and they will be vulnerable for two seconds.

Winter Shield
You are invulnerable for a brief period when you jump from a Sky-Line.

Bullet Boon
It will increase clip-size for all weapons by 50%.

When you melee strike a staggered enemy, you have 60% to critical hit the enemy. Your victims take 25% damage when you strike them.

Bioshock Infinite Gear – Pants

Angry Stompers
You will deal 2X damage when you are low on Health.

Makes melee targets briefly vulnerable and your victims take 2X damage for five seconds.

Deadly Lungers
Increases range of Melee strike by 3X.

Fire Bird
When you jump from a Sky-Line you have 100% chance to burn nearby enemies. Your victims take 400 damage over three seconds.

Ghost Posse
When you kill enemies with Vigor Trap, you have 50% chance of causing the enemy’s gun to become a ghostly ally for few seconds.

Head Master
Increases critical strike damage by 50%.

Health for Salts
You can use health to cast Vigors when you are out of Salts.

Last Man Standing
When you are low on health, killing an enemy will give you health boost.

Sky-Line Reloader
Automatically reloads the weapon when you jump on or off a Skye-Line.

Spectral Sidekick
When you drop a weapon, it creates a ghostly ally for a few seconds.

Bioshock Infinite Gear – Boots

Death from Above
Increases weapon damage by 30% on Sky-Lines.

Fit As a Fiddle
When you revived, you have full health.

Newton’s Law
When you land-off a Sky-Line, it knocks back nearby enemies.

Kill an enemy from a Sky-Line for a 50% chance of brief invulnerability.

Dealing excessive damage stuns nearby enemies.

Tunnel Vision
Aim and it increases 25% damage while hip firing reduces the damage by the same amount.

Vampire’s Embrace
Get melee kills for health boost.

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