10 Best Weapons in Bioshock Infinite

Good gear and weapons in BioShock Infinite can help you trounce the bad boys. To be the best, you must select the best weapons and gear.

Bioshock Infinite features the series’ most diverse lineup of weapons yet. From shotguns and pistols to launchers and rifles, there is a lot to choose from, which can be quite hard for newcomers, which is where we come in.

This guide’ll explore the top 10 best weapons in Bioshock Infinite, covering their upgrade paths and best-use scenarios.

10. The Barnstormer RPG

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The Barnstormer RPG kicks off our list of the best weapons in Bioshock Infinite. It is an excellent weapon that can be used to dispel large groups of enemies very quickly. It has massive splash damage, so accuracy doesn’t matter nearly as much as other weapons on this list. The major downside of the RPG is its long reload times, which can make using it a very long ordeal. You’ll need to find a good window or ample cover to ensure you don’t lose too much health when reloading.

Additionally, you are not immune to its splash damage, which means that if you fire too close to the enemy, you will likely take some damage. This reduces its usefulness in congested areas and makes it more of a long-range weapon.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$385
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Clip Increase)Increases magazine size by +50%$816
4 (Speed Boost)Increases projectile speed by +100%$333

9. Vox Hail Fire

The Vox Hail Fire is another explosive weapon like the Barnstormer. This launcher’s main advantage over the previous entry is that it can fire several rockets at once, easily overwhelming your enemies. It also has the advantage of stunning enemies and breaking their cover.

Additionally, the projectiles from the weapon bounce and can be detonated manually. The downside of this weapon is that it has a very small default magazine ammo capacity. This is further exacerbated by the rarity of this gun’s ammo.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$688
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Radius Increase)Increases radius by +100%$415
4 (Clip Increase)Increases magazine size by +60%$399

8. Triple R Machine Gun

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The eighth spot goes to the Triple R Machine Gun. This large machine gun weapon has a very high fire rate but very low accuracy. While it excels at the medium range, it does not work well for the close or long ranges, which considerably hampers its usability. However, this can be remedied through its third weapon upgrade.

The Triple R Machine Gun also burns through its magazine very quickly. Like the previous shortcoming, a weapon upgrade can also be remedied.


The best weapon combo for Bioshock is a ranged weapon and a close-quarters weapon. You can choose a carbine, machine gun, gun, or pistol and pair it with a shotgun or launcher.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$236
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Accuracy Boost)Decreases weapon spread by 75%$512
4 (Clip Increase)Increases magazine size by +100%$391

7. Sky Hook

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The Sky Hook is a melee weapon in Bioshock Infinite that lets you kill enemies and traverse the world and the battlefield to gain the upper hand in combat scenarios. It is meant to be used in tandem with your guns as, on its own, it does very little damage. Using the Sky Hook, you can latch onto skylines and drop down on your enemies to deal devastating damage.

This weapon is mainly strategy-based and should not be relied upon as your main source of damage, though it can be used to execute enemies when they’re low on health. This weapon has no upgrades.

6. Peppermill Crank Gun

The Peppermill Crank Gun, like the Sky Hook, has no weapon upgrades, so you’ll be stuck with the base configuration until the end of the game. This isn’t bad, as it boasts an extremely fast fire rate and high damage, letting you dispel crowds with ease and speed. It also has a sizeable magazine capacity, letting you get in many shots before you have to stop and reload.

The only real downside of this weapon is that you have to charge it up before you can fire it, which requires some strategic planning.

5. Huntsman Carbine

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The Huntsman Carbine kicks off the top five and is an excellent weapon at long to medium ranges. Its very fast rate of fire lets you take out most enemies in a few shots. It is also very accurate and fires hard-hitting shots. Despite the accuracy, its magazine depletes rather quickly, leaving you vulnerable in many scenarios. This can be remedied with its third weapon upgrade.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$357
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Clip Increase)Increases magazine size by +50%$484
4 (Recoil Decrease)Decreases recoil by 60%$333

4. Vox Heater

The Vox Heater is a slightly altered version of the China Broom shotgun that inflicts burn damage on enemies after you shoot them. It is extremely effective at close range and can quickly dispel groups of enemies. The Vox Heater ranks lower than the China Broom because of its longer reload time and its single-shot capacity.

While the former can be remedied with the fourth weapon upgrade, the latter cannot, therefore making it slightly less viable than the weapon the Vox Heater is based on.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$554
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Reload Increase)Decreases reload time by 50%$752
4 (Spread Boost)Increases cone width by 20%$467

3. Birds Eye Sniper Rifle

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The Birds Eye Sniper Rifle is the best long-range gun in Bioshock: Infinite and takes the third spot on our list. Its extreme accuracy and high-hitting shots make it a worthwhile addition to your arsenal and a perfect gun for picking off enemies quickly at range. A single body shot is enough to remove most enemies, even during the late game.

The Birds Eye Sniper Rifle’s fourth weapon upgrade further decreases its recoil by 50%, making it even more accurate.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$349
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Fire Rate Boost)Increases fire rate by +100%$654
4 (Recoil Decrease)Decreases recoil by 50%$288

2. China Broom Shotgun

The China Broom Shotgun, despite being the standard shotgun in the game still stands out as one of the best weapons. When fully upgraded, it can easily last you from the start of the game to the finish. It is extremely effective in close-quarters combat scenarios, making it perfect for crowd control. This weapon is also good at one-shotting enemies.

The only downside of the China Broom is its massive damage drop-off as soon you start shooting it at range.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increases damage by +25%$225
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Reload Increase)Increases reload speed by +50%$456
4 (Spread Boost)Increases cone width by +20%$360

1. Paddywhacker Hand Cannon

BioShock Infinite Weapons

The Paddywhacker Hand Cannon is on our list of the best weapons in Bioshock: Infinite. This extremely strong pistol can take out most targets in a single shot, making fights with enemies like the Handymen a breeze. The Paddywhacker also benefits from high accuracy, increased critical damage, and a quick reload time.

The only real caveat of this gun is its high recoil, which can be remedied by purchasing the fourth upgrade tier.


The China Broom Shotgun and Paddywhacker Hand Cannon are the best weapons for a 1999 playthrough.

Upgrade tierEffectCost
Upgrade tierEffectCost
1 (Damage Boost 1)Increase damage by +25%$448
2 (Damage Boost 2)
3 (Reload Increase)Increase reload speed by +50%$656
4 (Recoil Decrease)Decrease recoil by 20%$350

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