How To Build Ship From Scratch In Starfield

Although building a ship in Starfield takes a lot of time and effort, it is worth the investment.

Usually in Starfield, you will be taking pre-build ships and modifying them according to your needs. You will go to a ship merchant and ask them to show you ships or you may acquire one in the world. But you can also build a ship from scratch in Starfield too.

Doing so is worth the effort. Having your ships means that you can travel across different galaxies with your crew members and take part in multiple missions. Not to mention, without a ship, you cannot take part in any interstellar activities. You will be stuck in one place only.

Building a ship from scratch in Starfield explained

Before you can build a ship from scratch in Starfield, you must acknowledge some prerequisites that come with it. Initially, you must have a decent amount of Credits in your account to build a ship in Starfield. Being out of budget means that your ship will lack the resources needed to make it the best Starfield Ship.

Furthermore, the criteria for building a ship require you to have at least 100,000 Credits to start your construction phase. Other than that, you must unlock the best skills in Starfield, such as Pilot and Starship Design, to fly your own ship. Both of these skills come under the tech tree of your ship.

Pilot skills allow you to rank up and reach a level where you can fly different classes of ships. On the other hand, the Starship Design skill allows you to gain access to multiple ship designs and modifications. Below we have given the best ways to build a ship from scratch in Starfield:


Cockpits in Starfield are the primary resource to build a ship. They consist of the pilot’s seat, which helps you fly the ships and find different systems. This is the brain of the ship. Cockpits may vary in size depending on the mass of your ship. However, they can hold up to 7 passengers at once. Therefore, I would prefer to go with the Cockpit first.



Your crew members will be left out of the adventure if you keep them conserved in the cockpit. Therefore, follow up by placing Habs in Starfield at the back of the Cockpit.

This will give your team enough space to explore the interior of your ship. A decent Hab for your ship is the Companionway Hab in Starfield which is a good all-rounder option for your ship.

Landing Items

Landing items include the likes of a Landing Gear and Bay. These are necessary items to build a ship in Starfield. Landing Gear consists of the likes of Landign Thrust and a Hull. While the Thurst determines how much mass you can carry, the Hull, on the other hand, keeps your ship at maximum health.

Using this Gear, you can easily land on different planets, such as Earth. The Landing Bay will also help you enter and exit the ship without facing any problems. The design of these landing items doesn’t matter. Instead, they are the least attractive parts of the ship.


Other than exploring space, you will be docking your ship in Starfield on different space stations. With a perfect docker in sight, you can easily land your ship on any space station. This adds to the exploration part of your journey as it will help you in several missions. Therefore, having the best Dockers in Starfield is a must.

Cargo Hold

Throughout your expedition in space, you will come across several opportunities to earn credits. This includes selling your Cargo. Therefore, you must place a Cargo hold as well that can hold tons of cargo for you. This will help you build a ship in Starfield with maximum cargo to carry.

Fuel Tank

Without a Fuel Tank, you cannot journey across space. Therefore, once you are all set and done with the Cargo Hold, it is time to connect the best Fuel Tank for your ship in Starfield. Make sure you choose a tank capable of traveling lightyears without running out of fuel. It will help you build a ship with maximum speed.

Grav Drive

To build a ship in Starfield, you cannot leave out the Grav Drive. This equipment helps you jump across planets within a short period. This allows you to travel in less time while also reaching your destination as required. However, you must know how to power Grav Drive in Starfield to use it on your ship.

Reactors and Engines

Nothing can be compared to Reactors and Engines in Starfield. When you build a ship in Starfield, you cannot fly it until you have connected a proper engine to it and a Reactor will power that. Therefore, having a Reactor on the list makes up for the best combination of items on the ship.

Shield Generators and Weapons

Apart from simply flying you to your destination, ships are meant to be attacked by intruders. Therefore, you must equip both offensive and defensive equipment on it as well. Starting with the Ship Weapons in Starfield. You can use any weapon ranging from Energy to Ballistic.

To defend yourself from enemy fire, you will need a Shield Generator in Starfield to last longer in combat. These two items, respectively will allow you to build a ship in Starfield that can withstand the damage given by enemy ships during combat.

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