Starfield Ship Shield Generators Ranked  

Shield generators can be a life saver in space combat in Starfield as they can protect you from enemy fire. Some are better than others and it's important to know which is which.

In Starfield, you need to know how to protect your ship if you want to last in ship fights which you can do with shield generators. These are your first layer of defense when it comes to space warfare. They generate a force shield that reflects the enemy’s damage off your ship and leaves you safe. Shield Generators are a core addition to your ship’s vast arsenal.  

But not all ship shield generators are made alike. Some are better than others. While others are only mediocre at best.

Best Ship Shield Generators in Starfield  

While exploring the space in Starfield, you will need to upgrade your ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities constantly. Thus, to improve your defensive capabilities, shield generators are your first line of defense.

1. Marduk 1010-A Shield Generator 

The Marduk 1010-A Shield generator is the best one across all platforms. This shield generator has an overall health of around 405 but has a 10% shield regen rate. This means that it can restore your shield in approximately 10 seconds. Furthermore, this shield generator’s power consumption is 4.  

Looking at the stats like this does not make any sense at first. But this shield generator is the most balanced one in the game. It is the best all-rounder, the jack of all trades. 

2. Tower N400 Shield Generator 

The Tower N400 shield generator has one of Starfield’s most balanced maximum health and shield regeneration rates. This has 545 health and 7% regen rates. Furthermore, this has a power consumption rate of around 5. It provides better protection but has greater power usage.

3. 11T Defender Shield Generator  

The 11T defender shield generator offers a health of 505 and a shield regen rate of around 7%. It consumes 5 power. It can easily hold its own against enemies while not lacking in health and regen.

4. 101D Guardian Shield Generator 

The 101D Gaurdian Shield Generator has the most health out of any shield generators available in Starfield. This behemoth of an item gives you a whooping 680 max shield health. But this comes with a catch. This shield generator has one of the slowest shield regen rates in the game at 5%. Furthermore, the power consumption also is 6. 

This shield will be best used as an all-guns blazing combat style. You will need to kill your enemies as fast as possible.

5. Warden SG-100 Shield Generator 

The Warden SG-100 shield generator is the best option for the mid-game. It is very balanced overall and would improve your defensive measures. It also can scale well as you level up. The Warden SG-100 has a maximum shield health of 525 and a regen rate of 7%. The total power it consumes is 5.  

6. Deflector SG-30 Shield Generator 

The Deflector SG-30 Shield generator offers a maximum of 440 Shield health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 5. What this shield lacks in total health, it covers up with a high shield regeneration rate.  

7. Deflector SG-20 Shield Generator  

The Defector SG-20 Shield generator offers a maximum of 375 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10% in Starfield. It has a decent power consumption rate at 4 and a rapid shield regeneration rate. Both of these cover up its lack of maximum shield health. 

8. Bastille S81 Shield Generator 

The Bastille S81 Shield generator Offers a maximum of 390 shield health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 4. It has a good power consumption rate, shield regeneration rate, and decent shield health. 

9. Deflector SG-10 Shield Generator 

The Deflector Offers you a maximum of 340 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 3. It is a handy Shield generator in the early-game stages of Starfield. 

10. 20S Protector Shield 

The 20S Protector Shield Offers you a maximum of 355 Shield Health and a regeneration rate of around 10%. The power it consumes is around 4. It is better than most and is helpful around the late-early game to the middle game of Starfield.

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