Starfield Best Ship Dockers Ranked

When building your ships make sure to choose the best ship Dockers in Starfield.

Dockers are one of the many parts of a ship in Starfield. They are used as a connectivity module that creates a link between your ship and other ships and stations. You can use dockers as your major source of transportation from one location to the other. This makes them one of the most integral parts of your ship when exploring different galaxies in Starfield.

Best Dockers in Starfield

Ship Dockers have made a massive impact in Starfield. Their primary goal is to build a one-to-one relationship between ships and stations by connecting them. You can consider Dockers as a bridge between you and other life forms in space. Moreover, you can use them as a route to dock your ships but also as a trading spot.

You can trade energy and cargo. However, most importantly, you can migrate to other ships, which can come in handy during certain missions in Starfield. Below, I have ranked each docker in Starfield according to their value:

5. 100DP Slim Docker (Top)

100DP Slim is a Top Ship Docker Module in Starfield. When using dockers in Starfield, your main focus should be their durability. This is where the Docker Hull comes to your aid by providing additional durability to your ship. The 100DP Slim Dockerconsists of a total of 3 Hulls. Therefore providing your ship an extra lifetime when your shields are down. Also, it is a lightweight docker module with a Mass of 1.

4. Connect-Pro Docker (Port)

Connect-Pro is a Port Docker Module in Starfield. This Docker consists of 2 Hulls, a lesser number of Hulls than 100DP Slim. However, that does not take away the durability factor it offers when your shields are taken down by the enemy ship in Starfield. In addition, it has a slightly bigger mass than other dockers, with a value of 2.

3. Connect-Pro Docker (Top)

This Connect-Pro is a Top Docker in Starfield. Using it, you will get access to 2 Hulls, which are more than enough to safeguard your ship from intruders. Furthermore, considering its Mass, it offers a Mass of 2, which provides more space on your ship and helps increase your ship crew size in Starfield.


2. Extender Port 200 Docker (Top)

Arguably one the heaviest Top Ship Dockers in Starfield. With a Mass of 3, the Extender Port 200 Docker is a heavy tank with 2 Hulls. Its mass and the number of Hulls it possesses can be a recipe for building a strong ship in Starfield.

1. Hope 11 Docker (Fore)

The Hope 11 is a Fore Ship Docker Module in Starfield. It consists of a Mass of 2, making it a middle-weight docker. Additionally, it provides you with a single Hull, which, although it is the lowest on this list, can still pack a punch with its durability.

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