Starfield Best Ships To Get

With the best ship to pilot in Starfield, you can complete missions at a rapid speed at the cost of some credits

Ships are your main source of traveling in Starfield. Without them, you cannot explore the different planets in space, nor will you be able to complete your missions. Therefore, you are going to need the best ships possible in Starfield.

There are many ways to do this. You can buy them, find certain ships for free, and sometimes steal them after a firefight. However, not every ship is worth getting; some should be acquired at all costs. You will need to know which is which for a good gaming experience.

Best Ships in Starfield allow you to create better ship builds. They consist of durable dockers and a fuel tank large enough to travel across different parts of space. Furthermore, they must be a reliable source of exploration and can handle a maximum number of crew members on board.

If you cannot steal any ships, several are scattered around different planets. These ships are free of cost and are pretty definitive. Therefore, my picks for the best ships to acquire in Starfield are below.

Hoplite III

Hoplite III belongs to the B class of ships. Meaning it possesses class A and C traits: Mobility and Damage. Perhaps the best part of buying this ship is its 800 Fuel Range.

It helps you travel several thousand miles into space without running out of fuel. Also, it has a decent cargo capacity, which you can upgrade using your credits. You can buy this ship from Deimos Shipyard in Starfield at 200,000 Credits.


Space OX III

Another B-class ship on this list means it is mobile and has an offensive mechanism installed on it as well. Space OX III is one of the largest ships you can acquire with a massive cargo capacity. It is highly protected with its shielding, which helps you travel to several planets safely. Plus, it is a force to be reckoned with. You can buy the Space OX III from Neon’s ship services for 250,000 Credits.


Shieldbreaker is arguably one of the best cargo ships in Starfield. Due to it being a Pirate ship, you will receive a large cargo which you can use to haul your stuff across different planets easily. It is a class B ship built to provide mobility and offensive skills.

Additionally, you will receive enough crew size to board your crew members, who will be secure within its defensive mechanism. You can buy this ship from the Crimson Fleet HQ for 250,000 Credits.

Crimson Fleet Reaper III

Another class B ship on this list. The Crimson Fleet Reaper III is best used as a mobile ship specializing in attack. Using this B-class ship, you will receive a large cargo capacity, which is the primary goal of this ship. It also possesses a decent Hull and Shields, which help safeguard it from enemy ships.

The only downside is that It lacks fuel capacity, which does not allow it to travel much farther. However, you can spend minimum credits to cover its fuel flaws. You can buy this ship for 235,000 Credits from the Crimson Fleet HQ on the Key. You can acquire it soon after joining the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield.

Vista III

If you plan to explore the three-dimensional continuum, look no further than the Vista III. This ship is one of the bulkiest to ever fly in the system. Furthermore, it possesses better shielding than any other ship you can acquire.

It belongs to the C-Class of ships in Starfield, meaning it also has maximum offensive skills in its arsenal. You can buy this ship at 300,000 Credit from Neon’s ship services.

Abyss Trekker

Abyss Trekker is perhaps one of the best and most dangerous Starfield ships. It is a C-Class ship, which makes it best for combat. Additionally, it possesses one of the best Shielding and Hulls to protect you from enemy attacks.

However, it does not hold much cargo capacity since it is not made entirely for transportation. You can use its hundreds of missiles to damage enemy ships and loot their good. You can buy it at the Paradiso from Ship Services Technician for 347,230 credits.


Vanquisher is a take ship that belongs to the C-Class of ships. You can use it for combat, especially considering how it possesses missiles that damage other ships. Plus, you can place a great load on board due to its large cargo capacity.

Additionally, it provides great shielding to prevent you from entering harm’s way. If you want to flee the scene, the Vanquisher also offers a massive fuel tank that provides enough fuel to travel several miles into space. You can buy it in Neon from the Stroud-Eklund Showroom at 335,655 credits.

Watchdog IV

Watchdog IV is one of the fastest ships you can acquire. It travels faster than most ships you will fly. It belongs to the class A ships in Starfield. Meaning its main purpose is to provide maximum mobility during your exploration. The best thing about Watchdog IV is that it can hold loads of cargo and has a strong shield and Hull to protect you from attacks.

Furthermore, its massive size allows you to have maximum crew members on board. However, the only drawback you will face will be fuel issues. You can spend some credits to modify it to make it one of the best ships in Starfield. You can buy from multiple vendors at the Settled System for 200,000 Credits.

Starborn Guardian

Starborn Guardian is a Class-A ship that provides maximum speed. Additionally, you can use it to perform distant Grav jumps never seen from a ship before. It provides amazing shielding for defense and two high-caliber weapons, such as Gravity Torpedo and Solar Flare Beam. You can use these weapons to destroy any enemy ship coming in your way.

However, you can only acquire this ship using Starfield’s New Game Plus mode. Once you have finished the game, it will be rewarded to you as a part of NG+. Plus, each time you start a new NG+, you will be rewarded with a more defined and upgraded version of the Starborn Guardian free of cost.


The Narwhal is one of the most expensive ships you can acquire in Starfield. Its large cargo capacity allows you to transport any item you want. Plus, with its shielding, you will be able to travel safely without having to worry about intruders. Also, having a decent fuel tank, you do not have to think twice before venturing into the depths of space.

In case of an attack, you have 82 missiles to take care of business, with each missile capable of destroying ships on the first strike, making it the best C-class Ships to acquire. You can buy it at 432,620 credits in Neon from Taiyo Astroneering.

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