How To Return To Earth In Starfield

Earth has become a part of the history books in Starfield with little to no beings left on it

In Starfield, Earth is not your primary planet where the human race lies. Instead, you will be residing in Jemison.

It is hard to believe that a planet with billions of species was destroyed due to losing its atmosphere.

The Government had under fifty years to evacuate the entire planet before it became a dust ball. However, despite what the crew in Constellation believe, you can still return to the Earth in Starfield.

How to visit Earth in Starfield

Earth has become a part of Starfield’s history in the year 2310. Due to atmospheric problems, it soon became a ball of dust with no inhabitants in it. However, you can visit the abandoned planets in Starfield. One of these planets includes the likes of Earth.

Earth in starfield

You can visit Earth by traveling from the Settled Systems to Earth’s solar system in Starfield. You will find Earth resting near Luna which is the moon of Earth in Starfield as shown in the Starmap above.

Do note that you can only return to Earth if you have fast traveling unlocked. You will not have fast-traveling locked by default. However, you can unlock it early on in the campaign. Using the fast travel feature, you can easily track down abandoned planets, and visit other locations in different systems as well.


Additionally, you will take part in your second mission in Satrfield called The Old Neighbourhood. During this mission, you will have to visit the solar system in search of an Artifact.

This is where you will have a chance to return to the Earth. Below we have arranged the best way to find Earth on the Star Map and fast travel to it:

  • Navigate to the Starmap and Zoom out of your system.
  • Choose the Sol (solar system)
  • Press and hold the “Jump” button.
  • Once in the Solar system, select “Set Landing Target” on Earth and land.

What is left on Earth?

Although Earth is a shallow image of itself with nothing residing there. You can still explore it in Starfield to come across a few remnants and Landmarks.

However, due to the freezing cold temperature, it is best that you equip a suitable spacesuit for your venture. Below is a table dedicated to all the landmarks found on Earth in Starfield:

LandmarkHow To Unlock
The ShardAcquire a copy of Oliver Twist at Akila City from Sinclair’s Books
The Pyramids Acquire a copy of Ancient Civilization of Egypt at Akila City from Sinclair’s Books
The NASA Launch TowerTake part in the the Unearthed main story mission in Starfield

In addition to these landmarks, there are a few resources that somehow managed to survive the disaster in Stafirled. These resources include Chlorine, Dysprosium, Iron, Lead, and Water.

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