Starfield Best Ship Habs Ranked 

Habs refer to everything related to your ship's interiors in Starfield. They provide different functionality for your gameplay.

Apart from the unparalleled freedom to explore space, Starfield also introduces the most robust ship customization in any game ever. You can kit out and customize your ships in several different ways. In Starfield, Habs refers to Habitat Modules, the main living space of your shape. This houses you, your stations, and your crew.  

There are five ship part manufacturers in Starfield: Nova, Deimos, HopeTech, Stroud Eklund, and Taiyo. Each manufacturer offers their own unique aesthetics which you can pick and choose to meet your own personal aesthetic and design.

The types of Habs these manufacturers offer, however, serve the same basic functions. They give you additional functionality for your ship. The only thing being different between them is their style. Remember that you can select multiple habs in Starfield to slot into your ship.

Best Habs in Starfield  

With there being numerous different Habs in the game, we have picked out the 10 best Habs by functionality type that you should pick out for your ship. Keep in mind that Habs can be found all over the map. You just need to talk to a ship technician to obtain your desired part.  

1. Workshop Hab 

The Workshop Hab gives you access to several pivotal workbenches in your journey across the stars. Firstly, the weapon workbench allows you to craft weapons and apply mods. The industrial workbench lets you craft important components. Finally, the Spacesuit workbench allows you to craft and modify your space suit.

Having all of these workbenches in a singular space makes your game a lot easier as you don’t have to be on the constant lookout for specific workbenches for specific tasks. Additionally, it also saves you a ton of time.  


2. Science Lab  

The Science Lab is a notch above the Infirmary Hab as it also gives you access to a galley in addition to the pharmaceutical and research labs. Galleys are helpful if you have a large crew and must keep them happy. Apart from the aesthetics, it also lends more utility to your ship.

3. Infirmary Hab 

The infirmary Hab nets you the pharmaceutical lab and the research lab. The former allows you to craft aid and healing items right from the comfort of your ship. The former eliminates the need to seek out specific labs on distant planets. The latter lets you upgrade and improve equipment and learn new recipes.

The research lab is essential if you want to improve your effectiveness in the game across several different fronts.  

4. Engineering Hab 

Storage is something you will always need in Starfield, and the Engineering Hab gives you exactly that. The storage is not as big as in the Cargo Hall. But it is still better than nothing. You can also tweak the electrical components of your ship here.

5. Mess Hall 

This Hab is all about keeping your crew happy as it not only includes a galley. It also has a separate cooking station. This is especially useful if you try increasing the bonuses from eating meals.  

6. Armory Hab  

The Armory Hab is a great option if you are all about aesthetics and showing off your loot. It allows you to display and store your weapons and armor without taking up any storage space.  

7. Cargo Hab  

The Cargo Hab nets you the most storage out of all Habs in the game. If you are someone who absolutely requires the most storage, then the Cargo Hab is the way to go. But other than that, this Hab does not have much going for it.  

8. All-in-One Hab 

The All-in-One Hab may sound helpful but serves a more aesthetic purpose than a functional one. The All-in-One Hab includes a bed, navigation slot, galley, and passenger slots. The navigation table is fairly redundant as far as utility goes. But it can work well on smaller ships.  

9. Computer Core 

Computer Core gives you access to Storage and Crew Stations. This is a great option to keep a large crew on hand. But as far as functionality goes, you may be better off with other options.  

10. Brig  

The Brig is a very basic Hab as it gives you a bed and additional storage. It is not anything special but is a good option when you are just starting out.

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