Best Skills To Unlock First In Starfield

Here are the best early-game skills to unlock first to give you a huge advantage at the start of your Starfield playthrough.

Starfield features a number of skills across multiple skill trees that can all be unlocked with enough playtime. This is because there is no level cap in the game, but being able to eventually unlock all skills does not mean that you can throw away your skill points on random skills.

Leveling up becomes harder the more you progress. To make your playthrough easier, you need to unlock the best skills to make your early-game strong.

As you start playing Starfield, you’ll receive three skills according to your starting background. You can unlock more skills further in the game, and each skill you unlock will grant your character different abilities. Therefore, choosing the right set of skills is very important.

So, if you’re unsure which Starfield Skills to go for at the start of your journey, you’ve landed at the right place. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of Starfield’s best Skills to unlock.

Best early-game skills to unlock first in Starfield

At the start of the game, it is important to equip the right set of skills to complement your character in their initial phases. The following are some of the best skills to have early on in the game and will prove very beneficial for your gameplay.

Boost Pack Training (Tech)

Unlocking the Boost Pack allows you to do double jumps and reach otherwise inaccessible or hard-to-reach locations in Starfield.


With a massive open world and numerous planets to explore, having the Boost Pack lets you move faster. It is also going to help you in combat by taking advantageous spots, making it one of the best skills to unlock first in Starfield.

Medicine (Science)

You are going to need a way to heal and regenerate health since Starfield is going to throw all sorts of pirates, aliens, spacers, and other enemies at you.

The Medicine skill needs to be unlocked first in Starfield because you will heal more health by using emergency kits, trauma packs, medicine packs, and such. You are going to increase the effectiveness of your healing.

Persuasion (Social)

Social skills are very important in Starfield, and Persuasion skills come a long way in the game. By unlocking this skill, your chances of persuading and convincing characters will increase. Moreover, upgrading to higher ranks will increase your persuasion success by 10%.

This can majorly affect your conversations with characters throughout the game and help save you from ferocious moments.

Commerce (Social)

If your goal is to make money as soon as possible in Starfield, then the Commerce skill will come in super handy. This skill allows you to buy items cheaper and sell them for higher prices. You’ll receive 10% more credit and any item you sell, which can be quite useful in the long run.

Security (Tech)

As you progress in Starfield, you’ll come across locks you’ll have to pick to claim the items inside. The locks can be of different levels; some may be easier to pick, while others are harder. Investing a skill point in the Security Skill will allow you to pick locks more efficiently.

This is an important skill you’ll need throughout the game. And the more you upgrade it, the easier it will be to unlock more advanced locks.

Moreover, you can also use bank auto attempts to help unlock the locks much faster with ease. Master-level locks can be unlocked as Rank 3 of this skill. Moreover, at Rank 4, you can use a digipack to make things much easier.

Ballistics (Combat)

Ballistic weapons are the most common to be found in Starfield. On top of that, they are also probably the most powerful. Now, the Combat tree, in our humble opinion, does not seem as exciting, but it is still useful and worth the investment of the Skill point.

The Ballistic Skill in Starfield will enhance damage produced by ballistic or laser weapons by up to 10%. This percentage can be increased as you upgrade the skill. Extra damage on the most common weapons in the game can come in super handy over the long run.

Weight-Lifting (Physical)

If there is one skill that everyone needs to prioritize in their early game, it is the Weight-Lifting skill in Starfield. As the name suggests, it increases your total carrying capacity to let you carry and store more items on you.

There is a lot of equipment out there to find, and exceeding your limits is going to make you encumbered. You do not want that, so invest in this skill first in Starfield.

Stealth (Physical)

Fancy making a space ninja to avoid direct conflict? Unlocking Stealth early on is going to let you sneak up on enemies for sneak attacks.

You can compliment this skill by using silenced or suppressed weapons for a complete stealth playthrough.

Other decent starting skills in Starfield

Although we have discussed some of the best starting skills above, there are some other skills you might want to have as you journey through the stars.


Unlocking this skill will allow you to pilot Class B and Class C ships. You’ll gain the ability to ship thrusters. On top of that, you’ll also get a better turning rate and maneuverability. This skill can be vital as you pilot high-tier ships as you progress in the game.

Weapon Engineering

The Weapon Engineering skill allows you to craft weapons and weapon mods that will allow you to excel in the game. Upgrading the skill can allow you to play around with master-level weapons.


The Theft skill enhances your pickpocket abilities. This will allow you to steal valuable items from targets. You can also pickpocket powerful weapons from your enemies. The more you upgrade the skill, the better your pickpocketing abilities get.


With the Geology skill, you can extract inorganic resources from surface objects. Resources like titanium, iron, and more can be used for crafting different materials.

Targeting Control Systems

The Targeting Control Systems Skill allows you to target enemy ship engines to either hail or board them without destroying their ship to smithereens.

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