Starfield Best Ship Engines Ranked

Travelling across galaxies requires you to have the best ship engines in Starfield.

To be the space surfer of your dreams, you must have the best modules in your ships. One of the crucial modules of the ship is its engine. Engines are the mechanics behind the speed, acceleration, and handling of the ship. To outpace your enemies and reach the location quickly, you must have a good engine for your best ships in Starfield.

Best Engines in Starfield

Here is the list of the best ship engines in Starfield to add to your ship. We have ranked them according to Engine Thrust, Manoeuvring Thrust, Health, and Max Power. 

1. Poseidon DT230 Engine

Poseidon Dt230 is the best engine to add to your ship. This C-class engine has the highest Engine Thrust (34520) and a Manoeuvring Thrust of 11600. This beast has a Health of 140 and a max power of 4 that lets you accelerate in space without worrying about hitting mini asteroids. You can purchase this engine if you are ranked 4 in Starship Design. 

2. Amun Dunn X-300 Engine

Another C-class engine available in Starfield is the Amun Dunn X-300. It has an Engine Thrust of 25890 and a Manoeuvring Thrust of 8400. It has a Health of 156. Manufactured by Amun Dunn, the Amun Dunn X-300 has a max power of 3. However, it requires rank 4 in Starship Design, so rank up before purchasing this monster engine. 

3. Supernova 2200 Engine

Supernova 2200 is another engine manufactured by Reladyne. Adding this engine to your ship will give you 25700 Engine Thrust, 7650 Manoeuvring Thrust, Max Power of 3, and 148 Health. These incredible stats make it one of the most preferable engines to purchase. You will need a rank 4 of Starship Design to add it to your ship. 

4. Poseidon DT220 Engine

The Poseidon DT220 Engine is another product of Panoptes that has an Engine Thrust of 28320. Additionally, it has 9600 of Manoeuvring Thrust, 135 of Engine Health, and a Max Power of 4. It also has a good design that will enhance the aesthetics of your ship. However, it requires rank 3 in Starship Design, so satisfy this requirement before buying this engine. 

5. Amun Dunn X-200 Engine

Another good option for an engine is the Amun Dunn X-200, a C-class engine manufactured by Amun Dunn. It has an Engine Thrust of 21240, Manoeuvring Thrust of 7200, Max Power of 3, and an Engine Health of 150. With this much health, you do not have to worry about lighter collisions with asteroids. However, you need to be at rank 4 in Starship Design. 

6. Supernova 2100 Engine

Supernova 2100 is a C-class engine manufactured by Reladyne. It has a max power of 3, an Engine Trust of 21120, and a Manoeuvring Thrust of 7050. In Addition, it has a Health of 142 and 334 Mass. It requires a Starship Design rank of 3, so increase your rank before buying this engine. 

7. SAL-6830 Engine

The SAL-6830 Engine is one the best engines in Starfield. It has an Engine Thrust of 18,00, higher than many other engines. This Engine has a Manoeuvring Thrust 8,800 that lets you outpace other engines. It also has good Health and a maximum Power of 2. This is enough for you to ease through the early phases of the game. 

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