Starfield Best Ship Reactors Ranked

For a smooth travelling experience in Starfield, you must have the best ship reactor.

When exploring several planets and fighting in space, it is crucial to have the best reactor for your ship so you can smoothly cruise in space. Starfield offers over 60 reactor options, and each gives you a different output than the others. However, choosing the best ship reactor in Starfield is quite a challenge.

Reactors are crucial components of your ship because they keep your ship running smoothly and without any failures.  Not only do the reactors supply power, but they also have a repair rate that controls how much health your ship can recover.

Since it is the only module that provides the highest amount of hull and decides the crew capacity, it is very important to have the best reactor. Follow the guide below to learn about the best ship reactors in Starfield. 

Best Ship Reactors in Starfield

Choosing the best reaction for the best ships in Starfield is crucial since it supplies power to all other systems. However, choosing from over 60 options can be time-consuming and confusing. To save time and relieve this tension, read below to know the best reactors in Starfield. 

1. Xiang Pinch 8z Reactor

Xiang Pinch 8z is the best reactor to add to your ship, but it is unavailable until later in the game. It is one of the best pieces with a Power Generation 40, a Repair Rate of 6.44, a Health of 129, and a Hull of 1350. Not only does it have the best stats, but adding it also enhances the aesthetic of your ship.

However, you need to have at least rank four at both Starship Design and Piloting. 

2. SF40 Sheared Flow Reactor

Another best reactor to increase the potential of your ship is SF40 Sheared Flow. Manufactured by Dogstar, it has a Power Generation 40 and a Health of 116. You will also get a Hull of 1315 and a Repair Rate of 5.80, which not only increases the power output but also lets you repair it in no time. To add this incredible reactor, you must rank four at Piloting and two at Starship Design.

You can purchase this aesthetically looking reactor from an Akila City technician after you reach level 60. 

3. Theta Pinch D9 Reactor

Theta Pinch D9 Reactor is a masterpiece of Amun Dunn that gives you a Power Generation of 37, a Hull of 1215, a Health of 122, and a Repair Rate of 6.09. This C-rank reactor has a crew capacity of 3 and a Mass of 122.

Along with having a high repair rate and health, it only enhances the look of your ship. You can add it to your ship when you reach rank four at Piloting and rank two at Starship Design. 

4. Fusor DC403 Reactor

Fusor DC403 Reactor is the fourth best-ranked reactor to add to your ship in Starfield. It has a Power Generation of 38, Health of 115, Hull of 1190, and a Repair Rate of 5.75. You can add this reactor at rank four of Piloting and three ranks of Starship Design. 

5. Fusor DC402 Reactor

Fusor DC402 is another C-rank reactor built by the same manufacturer of SF40 Sheared Flow. It has a Power Generation of 34, Health of 102, Hull of 1020, and a Repair Rate of 5.75. This is enough to help until you gather enough credits for the above-ranked reactors.

Like SF40, you can buy it from Akila City Technician after reaching level 60. However, you cannot use it until you are ranked four in Piloting and two in Starship Design. 

6. Theta Pinch C9 Reactor

Manufactured by Amun Dunn, the Theta Pinch C9 Reactor is worth its cost. By purchasing this reactor, you will get a Power Generation of 30, a Hull of 975, a Health of 109, and a Repair Rate of 5.44. In addition, it has a crew capacity of 3 and a mass of 109.

Ensure you are at rank four of Piloting and two of Starship Design; otherwise, you won’t be able to add to your ship. 

7. 104DS Mag Inertial Reactor

103DS Mag Inertial is a B-rank reactor, which is worth its cost. It has a Power Generation of 39, Health of 71, Hull of 1125, and a Repair Rate of 3.54. With its price, you will not only get a moderate power output and repair rate, but it also enhances the look of your ship.

However, to add this reactor to your ship, you must rank three and four at Piloting and Starship Design, respectively. 

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