Starfield Best Ship Fuel Tanks Ranked

You will always be running out of fuel in Starfield so choose the best Fuel Tank when building your ship

Fuel Tanks are one of the ship parts in Starfield. Fuel Tanks are used to hold your ship’s fuel to travel into space and explore various parts of the galaxy. The bigger the tank, the more capacity you will have, and the further you can go.

However, if you are the kind of explorer who likes to visit far-off places like Earth in Starfield, you need fuel. Therefore, upgrading your Fuel Tank and increasing Fuel Capacity is best.

Best Fuel Tanks in Starfield

Your ship’s Fuel Tank is integral to your exploration in Starfield. You will use them to travel across different galaxies in search of life. Moreover, you can complete missions such as High Price to Pay and No Sudden Moves. During these missions, you must protect the Artifact you stole from Captain Petrov, which requires a lot of fuel usage.

Fuel tanks will allow you to store multiple resources that help in its movement, especially allowing you to perform Grav jumps and fast travel easily. Below, I have arranged the best Fuel Tanks based on their Grav Jump Fuel:

5. M10 Ulysses He3

The M10 Ulysses He3 is a top-tier Tank in Starfield. This part has a Mass of 12, which makes it a light-weight Tank. Furthermore, using its 50 Grav Jump Fuel, you can perform Grav Jumps at a decent speed. This makes it one of the best Fuel Tanks to acquire. Dogstar designs this Fuel Tank and is worth 1187 in Starfield.

4. M30 Ulysses He3

M30 Ulysses He3 is an upgrade of the M10 Ulysses He3 tank. It is slightly heavier at a Mass of 18. This lands it in one of the heaviest Fuel Tanks in Starfield. Using this tank, you will be able to have a total of 100 Grav Jump Fuel in your arsenal. Dogstar designs this Fuel Tank and is worth 2137 in Starfield.


3. M40 Ulysses He3

The M40 Ulysses He3 is arguably the best tank from the Ulysses He3 series. This tank provides an astonishing 150 Grav Jump Fuel with a Mass of 25. Furthermore, this makes it the heaviest Starfield Fuel Tank. Lastly, this Fuel Tank is designed by Dogstar and is worth 3135 in Starfield.

2. 400G He3

Ballistic Solutions Inc. is the designer of the 400G He3 Tank. You can use this Tank to receive an impressive 140 Grav Jump Fuel. Moreover, it consists of a Mass of 21, which is decent for a Tank of its size. In Addition to that, this Tank is worth a value of 2945 in Starfield.

1. Titan 550 He3

This Tank is self-explanatory. It is a massive Fuel Tank that weighs at a Mass of 21. Additionally, it consists of a 160 Grav Jump Fuel, which is the highest number on this list. Nautilus designs it, making it one of the best Fuel Tank designs in Starfield. Moreover, it is worth 3325, the highest value of any Fuel Tank available for use.

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