Starfield Best Ship Cockpits Ranked 

Cockpits in Starfield is where you'll spend your time piloting your ship. They contain all the controls and such which allow you to pilot your ship in a better way.

Starfield has some of the most robust customizations in any RPG game ever. Not only can you create the most unique character with an inimitable personality, but you can also kit out and customize your space shape to make it as unique as you. The spaceship in Starfield can be customized in several ways, including the Engine, Bay, Landing Gear, Docker, Cockpit, and more.

Each facet of your ship serves either a functional upgrade or a visual, or in some cases, both.

Best Cockpits in Starfield  

There are several cockpits in Starfield that you can find all over space. We are listing the ten best ones here. Remember that, unlike the Hab, you can only equip one Cockpit in Starfield anytime.  

1. DS30.1 Ares Bridge 

This is perhaps the best Cockpit in Starfield. Not only does it come with the most amount of Crew Stations at 8, but it also has a cargo capacity of 300. You will not only be able to have many companions on board, but you will also be able to carry around a lot of materials and gear at any given time.

The Hull for this cockpit is also very high at 5, giving your ship more health. This cockpit has a large mass of 17, which can negatively affect your ship in some ways. 

2. Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge 

The Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge is another solid option as it has the same cargo capacity of 300 and the same Hull at 5. But it does feature a slightly lower number of Crew stations at just 4. The divide between the value of this Cockpit and the DS30.1 Ares Bridge is quite significant.

If you are unable to afford it, this is a solid section option. You also have the added benefit of a lower mass at 15. 

3. Overseer 300 bridge 

This cockpit further halves the crew stations by two, while still containing the same Hull and storage capacity. The difference in value between this and the Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge is not much. This is a solid option if you cannot find anything better.

However, it has a larger mass at 17, with a quarter of the crew capacity compared to the DS30.1 Ares Bridge.  

4. DS20.3 Phobos Cockpit 

The DS20.3 Phobos Cockpit has a lower cargo capacity at 280, but it does have double the crew capacity of the Overseer 300 bridge. The mass is acceptable at 15.  

5. Viking CP-210 Cockpit 

This cockpit sees another decrease in its cargo capacity, coming in at just 260. The meager mass of 10 makes this an attractive proposition. With a 4-crew capacity, you will have plenty of space for your companions, although not as much as other options.  

6. Armstrong 20E Cockpit 

The Armstrong 20E Cockpit is a good option if you want a higher cargo space and good crew capacity. Both these values come in at 280 and 4, respectively. Additionally, this cockpit features a mass of 15, which is not too bad.  

7. Viking CP-200 Cockpit 

The Viking CP-200 Cockpit is an excellent option if you want to manage the mass of your ship as it only adds a meager eight group to your ship. Additionally, it also features 240 cargo capacity and a crew capacity of 4.  

8. Daimyo Enhanced Cockpit 

This Cockpit is good for starting out but not so much when you’re deeper into the game. It has a cargo capacity of 260 and just two crew stations for a mass that is not worth 12. 

9. DS20.2 Phobos Cockpit 

This is another good starting option but not an excellent end-game option. The DS20.2 Phobos Cockpit features 260 cargo capacity and a respectable 4 crew stations. With a mass of 11, it does not affect your ship negatively. 

10. Viking CP-110 Cockpit 

The Viking CP-110 Cockpit features a 220-cargo capacity while its crew stations stand at 4. While the cargo capacity is fairly low, its extremely low mass of just 5 barely makes a dent in your ship’s overall weight.  

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