How To Power Up Gravity Drive In Starfield

A powered-up Gravity Drive allows you to jump from one planet to another with a Grav jump.

Exploring an entire universe where everything is light years apart from each other, just flying from one place to the other will take a LOT of time. Fortunately, players can use Gravity Drive in Starfield that can allow them to cover long distances in a jiffy. In this guide we will extensively look at the use of a power drive and how you can power it up in Starfield.

How to power up your Gravity Drive in Starfield

In order to utilize and power up the gravity drive in Starfield, you need to redirect some of the power of your ship to the Gravity drive system. On your control console, Gravity Drive, or Grav Jump, is denoted by GRV.

When you want to make a jump, select the GRV section of your control panel and use your arrow keys for PC, or your analogue stick if you are playing on a console. Allocate as much power as you can spare on your GRV. The more power you allocate, the faster your Gravity Drive System will charge in Starfield.

Once you are satisfied with how much power you want to put in your Gravity Drive System, confirm it and this will charge up your Gravity Drive. Once your Gravity Jump has charged, players can simply select what star system they want to jump to. Do this and the ship will take them there. How far can players Grav Jump depends on the power of their Gravity Drive System. The stronger your system is, the further you can jump without having to stop to recharge again and again.

How to increase Grav jump range in Starfield

To increase the distance players can jump in a single charge of Gravity Drive, players need to upgrade their Gravity Drive System. Visit any vendor selling upgraded items for your ship. Ship Service Technicians are the vendors you want to visit, they can be found in almost every settlement in Starfield.

At the shop, purchase any powerful Gravity Jump System. The stronger your Gravity Drive System is, the further players can jump in an instant in Starfield. A high-grade Gravity Drive System will also increase how fast players can charge their Grav Jump.


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