Starfield Best Grav Drives Ranked

Grav Drives allow you to traverse vast stellar distances in Starfield with ease. The better the grave drive, the more distance you can travel.

Grav Drives are one of the many options you can upgrade on your spaceship in Starfield, carrying your crew on voyages throughout the Universe. Grav Drives are the components responsible for jumping from one system to another.

Having a better Grav Drive will mean you can easily reach star systems that are further away. There are many options for these drives in the game. And so, it can be quite confusing to choose the best one for your ship.

Best Grav Drives in Starfield

1. NG300 Grav Drive

Starting at the very first number, we have the NG300 Grav Drive. This Grav Drive is an absolute overkill for your build, as it is mighty and has outstanding Health. The NG300 has a 27 Grav Drive Jump with a Grav Drive Health of 147. These stats are the highest Grav Drives you will encounter in Starfield.

However, getting this Grav Drive will be more towards the midgame to endgame as such options become available after the game progresses in its difficulty.  

2. Helios 300 Grav Drive

The Helios Grav Drive is also easily the best option after the NG300, as it has slightly lower stats than the NG300. It has a Grav Jump Thrust of 23 and 68 Grav Drive Health. The Helios Grav Drive will also be available to you midgame, as it is also an overkill at the initial stages of the game. 

3. R-2000 Alpha Grav Drive

The R-2000 is the third-best option on our list of grave drives in Starfield due to its outstanding stats. It has a 20 Grav Jump Thrust and 61 Grav Drive Health.  


4. Helios 200 Grav Drive

The Helios 200 is the previous version of the Helios 300 and is comparatively almost similar. Helios 200 offers a Grav Jump Thrust of 19 and a Grav Drive Health of 57.  

5. NG200 Grav Drive

Same as the Helios 200, the NG200 is also the previous version of the almighty NG300 Grav Drive. It is slightly behind on the stats but still makes up for it at a decent 18 Grav Jump Thrust and 76 Grav Drive Health. 

6. SGD 1300 Grav Drive

The SGD 1300 drive is the best option you can go for after spending considerable time in the game. It has a Grav Jump Thrust of 16 and 65 Grav Drive Health. 

7. NG170 Grav Drive

The NG170 is a worthy opponent of the SGD 1300. It has a slightly lower Mass and Grav Jump Thrust at 14 but has one of the best health out of all the Grav Drives in Starfield in this category. The Grav Drive Health of the NG170 stands at 61. 

8. SGD 1200 Grav Drive

The SGD 1200 is the older version of the SGD 1300. They have little difference; the only difference is in the Mass, Jump Thrust, and Health. SGD 1200 offers 55 Grav Drive Health and 14 Grav Jump Thrust. 

9. R-1000 Alpha Grav Drive

The R-1000 is a very decent option for Grav Drives in Starfield. It has 16 Grav Jump Thrust and 52 Grav Drive Health. 

10. Helios 100 Grav Drive

Helios 100 is the same as the R-1000 stats-wise. It has the exact copy of the stats of the R-1000 at 16 Grav Jump Thrust and 52 Grav Drive Health. 

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