Far Cry 5 Platinum Guide – How To Unlock All Achievements/Trophies

With the help of our Far Cry 5 Platinum Guide, you will be able to unlock each and every possible Achievement/Trophy in Far Cry 5 that is not tied with the game's DLC.

There are a total of 51 Trophies for the PS4 along with another 50 for Xbox One. To unlock all of them, you first need to know what they are, and that is where this Far Cry 5 Platinum Guide comes in. Our Far Cry 5 Platinum Guide will tell you how to get all of the Trophies and Achievements and how to get the Platinum Trophy in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 Platinum Trophy

The Platinum Trophy can only be earned on the PS4. In order to earn the Platinum Trophy, you need to get all 50 of the other Trophies available in the game. The Platinum Trophy is not tied to the DLC and cannot be earned on the Xbox One. Let’s take a look at all of the Far Cry 5 Trophies along with their rank (Bronze/Silver/Gold). After that, we will tell you what you actually have to do in order to earn that specific Trophy so that you can be on your way to earning the Platinum Trophy. Here are all of the Trophies and Achievements that you can get while playing Far Cry 5.

Achievement/Trophy How to Unlock
The Spark Complete the Prologue.
Special Delivery Complete the ‘Special Delivery’ Side Mission after liberating John’s Region. You can check out our Side Missions Guide for more help.
Walk the Path Complete ‘The Bliss’ Story Quest.
Saving Sherriff Whitehorse Liberate Faith’s Region.
Saving Deputy Pratt Liberate Jacob’s Region.
Science Fact Find Larry at the Parker Laboratories fast travel point to the west of Fall’s End and complete all four of his quests.
Ain’t no Wallflower Speak to fifty citizens of Hope County and finish the dialogues.
Been there, Done that Finish all of the hunting and the fishing challenges. You can find our Far Cry 5 Hunting Guide for more help.
Liberator Liberate five locations of the Project at Eden’s Gate.
Scavenger Finish three Prepper Stashes missions. You can check out our Prepper Stashes Guide for more help.
What Now? Complete any three Side Missions. You can check out our Side Missions Guide for more help.
A Wing and a Prayer Complete the ‘Wingman’ Story Quest in John’s Region.
Sewer Rat Complete the ‘Clean Water Act’ Story Quest in Faith’s Region.
Peachy Keen Complete the ‘Here Kitty, Kitty’ Story Quest in Faith’s Region.
Kicking the Hornet’s Nest Reach Resistance Level 4 in any one of the regions. You can check out our Resistance Points Guide for more help.
Arcade Hero Play the Arcade Hero Mode 5 times.
Arcade Hunter Kill 100 people in Arcade Multiplayer.
Arcade Enthusiast Complete 10 featured Arcade Maps in either the solo or the Co-op Mode.
Arcade Competitor Win 10 featured Arcade Maps in the Multiplayer Mode.
The Hurk Locker Recruit Hurk Drubman from Jacob’s region. After that, have him as an active buddy and use him to destroy a vehicle by aiming at it and hitting the left directional button.
Locked and Loaded Buy all attachments of one weapon. The bow works best here as it only has 2 attachments. Take a look at our Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide and Loadouts Guide for more help.
Ghost Kill Do a headshot from over 150 metres away.
Extra Crafty Craft 25 recipes. You can simply craft ‘The Ultimate Hunter’ recipe as it is the easiest. Take a look at our Far Cry 5 Crafting Guide for more help.
Fashion First Buy $1,000 worth of clothing. Check out our Outfits Guide for more help.
Big Spender Buy $50,000 worth of vehicles. You can check out our Vehicles Guide for more help.
Stocked Garage Buy 3 vehicles.
Ace Killer Destroy 10 planes while using an aerial vehicle. You can simply get a plane with a gun from the hangar and spawn planes in front of you.
Squash and Run Kill 20 enemies by running them over. It is best to do this at an outpost as you need to avoid civilians anyway.
Fertilizing the Land Grab a tractor from the ‘Nolan’s Fly Shop’ Outpost in Faith’s Region and run over 5 enemies.
Death from Above Take out 4 vehicles by dropping a bomb on them from the plane. Simply get a plane and get four vehicles in a garage before raining hell on them.
Opportunity Knocks Distract 15 different enemies using a rock or a can.
Road Gunner Kill 25 enemies while driving. Will automatically be earned during the ‘Widowmaker’ Side Mission.
Fish Market Sell 20 fish for cash. Check out our Fishing Guide for more help on catching and selling fish.
Where’s the Beef Kill a bull using your bare hands. Get ‘The Furious’ homeopathic to one-shot the bull.
Ignoble Beasts Kill a bison with a melee weapon. Once again, get ‘The Furious’ to make your life easy.
Hitting it Off Get a friend and play 3 quests with him/her. Be sure to check out our Online Guide for more details.
Close and Personal Do 25 close Combat Takedowns. Do this using R3 when you are near an enemy. Be sure to check out our Combat Guide for some more helpful tips.
You are Wrath Complete the ‘The Confession’ Story Quest.
Only You Complete ‘The World is Weak’ Story Quest found in Jacob’s Region.
Blissful Complete the ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ Story Quest found in Faith’s Region.
Pack Rat Get the Bobbleheads, Whiskey Cask, Comic Book, Baseball Card, Vinyl Crate, and the Vietnam Lighter.
Troublemaker Destroy one piece of cult property in each region. This includes Shrines in Dutch’s Region, Silos in John’s Region, Wolf Beacon in Jacob’s Region, and Shrines in Faith’s Region.
Arcade Player Get to Level 20 in Arcade Mode.
Hope County Master Angler Get all four of the fishing rods in the game. The basic one is found for fre at any fishing spot, natural one can be bought at a shop for $800, the Wonderboy fishing rod has you completing Skylar’s quests at Dylan’s master bait shop in Jacob’s region and the Old Betsy Fishing Rod is given to you for beating the fishing records of each region in Hard Mode.
Like a Bird Travel more than 5000m in your wingsuit. Unlock the ‘Wingsuit’ perk and press R3 after jumping from a cliff.
Explosive Surprise Get the Saboteur perk and sabotage five enemy vehicles. You also need to ensure that an enemy dies with the vehicle. Wait for an enemy vehicle to come and shoot the driver. After that, plant a bomb on the car and make it explode while killing the passenger.
Survivalist Get 25 perks out of the 50 available.
Together Forever Complete the campaign.
Saving Deputy Hudson Liberate John’s region.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Platinum Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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