Far Cry 5 Resistance Points Guide – How To Fill Resistance Meter, Earn Resistance Points Fast, Recommended Activities

Our Far Cry 5 Resistance Points Guide will tell you all about how to ensure that you are getting the Resistance Points at the fastest pace possible.

Resistance Points are very important in Far Cry 5 as they determine your progress through the region. Unless you have the required Resistance Points, you will not be able to face the final boss of each region. There are many different ways to earn them, so you will need this Far Cry 5 Resistance Points Guide.

Our Far Cry 5 Resistance Points Guide will tell you all about how to ensure that you are getting the Resistance Points at the fastest pace possible. There are numerous ways to get Far Cry 5 Resistance Points so we will take a look at them individually as well!

Far Cry 5 Resistance Points

There are three different regions, and all of them have ways to earn Resistance Points that are similar for the most part. Here is how much you will roughly earn for each of the actions that you do:

  • 50 RP: Rescue Hostages
  • 50 RP: Kill VIPs of the Cult
  • 75 RP: Destroy Roadblocks
  • 75 RP: Destroy Supply Vehicles
  • 100 RP: Destroy Silos
  • 100 RP: Destroy Shrines
  • 100-200 RP: Complete Side-Missions
  • 200 RP: Clutch Nixon Challenge
  • 400 RP: Liberate Outposts
  • 600-900 RP: Do Story Missions
  • 600-900 RP: Do Gun for Hire Missions

Let’s go ahead and take a look at how you can start earning Resistance Points at a much higher pace than you would be able to normally. Each zone has its own Resistance Meter so you would need to earn the points individually for each zone.

How to Earn Resistance Points

First of all, you should prioritize all of the places in the region which have human and animal icons on them. You can do quite a lot of things here which will not only increase your Perk Points, but also your Resistance Points. The named locations on the map usually have the best rewards for you, so head there first.

Story Missions reward you with the maximum number of points, so tackle them first. Look for an American flag on the map and do these missions before doing anything else in the region if you are looking to gain RP fast. Most of them are found in named locations anyways, so this ties in with the first point.

Once you have done that, look for the Star Icons as they have Side Missions which can reward you with more RP. After that, head over to the pin symbols which have quests for you to do or a travel point that you can use. If you are lucky enough to find a Cult Outpost at the pin, then all you need to do is to clear out the enemies and you will be granted quite a few bonuses RP.

You will also be able to find missions by simply exploring. Try to go down the main roads of a map and spot enemies with white icons, which are essentially mini-quest. You can also buy a plane from Rye & Sons Aviation and use it to blow up the red structures found in the regions to get bonus RP.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Resistance Points Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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