Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters Guide provides information and clear instructions for collecting them to complete the side mission

Our Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters Guide provides information and clear instructions for collecting the Vietnam Lighters in order to complete the side mission titled ‘What They Carried’.

Far Cry 5 Vietnam Lighters

East of Fall’s End is a residence named Redler Residence. Here you will find Wendell Redler. Talking to him will trigger the ‘What They Carried’ side-quest and will task you with finding all the Vietnam Lighters in the game.

According to Wendell Redler, these lighters will hold the key to unlocking a weapon cache which he has stashed somewhere.

Some codes are inscribed below each lighter and together they will help Redler unlock the weapon chest. After acquiring the quest, purchase the maps for locations of the Vietnam Lighters.

West of Cedar Lake
Region: Whitetail Mountains
In Jacob’s region, head west of Cedar Lake to find an underground bunker. Enter it and collect the first lighter from the shelf that stands there near two blue barrels.

Northwest of Widow’s Creek
Region: Whitetail Mountains
Head off the main road to find a similar bunker. Enter it to find lighter #2 in the back room next to a television.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center
Region: Whitetail Mountains
If you already haven’t carried out one of the rescue-hostages quest here, you will need to do that first. After doing so, you need to head upstairs and turn left and head to the information center. Enter the second room on the left, you will find the lighter on a shelf.

Elliot Residence
Region: Whitetail Mountains
This lighter will be affiliated with the ‘Holdouts Pepper Stash’ mission. The residence is located south of the F.A.N.G. You need to jump onto the second level of the building, the place where the barbed wire is broken.

You need to follow these instructions closely: jump from the window and into a bathroom. Then from the window here, walk along the roof and use the window to drop down into the building.

Move downstairs and into the kitchen. At the feet of a dead body (presumably), you will find a key card!

Collecting this will trigger a hoard of enemies firing at your including explosives to set the building on fire.

Head to the barn shed with the American flag, and enter the bunker inside it. Shoot down the lock on the stash and use the key card you acquired to unlock entrance to the main section of the bunker. Collect the lighter situated on the bench.

Fillmore Residence
Region: Holland Valley
Located East of Fall’s end and West of Dead Man’s River. Had to the barn which has an antler on the wall outside it. Search the second room of this shed to find the lighter on a shelf.

Miller Residence
Region: Holland Valley
Situated southwest of the Fillmore Residence above, you will find a white shed here. Next to it will be a bunker. Enter it to find the lighter lying near the bed-stand.

Harris Residence
Region: Holland Valley
Situated northwest of John’s region, you will find a brown shed here. Go inside and enter the bunker to find the light on a shelf near the bed.

Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm
Region: Holland Valley
You will be able to make out a bunker easily in the open field. Head inside to find the lighter near a chair that stands near a bed.

McCoy Cabin
Region: Henbane River
Situated west of Peaches Taxidermy, a bunker can be found near the cabin. It is covered by partially covered by a green tarp. Head inside to collect the light from a shelve in the second room.

McClean Residence
Region: Henbane River
Situated between Faith’s region and Dutch’s Island. A swarm of enemies need to be taken care of after which you need to proceed to the backside of the property.

Here you will be able to find a bunker. Enter it and move to the back room to find the lighter lying on the bed (what, it needs rest too!)

Abercrombie Residence
Region: Henbane River
East from Hope County Jail, you need to gain entry into the house from the back. You will be able to locate a bunker just before the stairs.

Go inside to grab the lighter off the shelves in the second room.

Counselor’s Cabin
Region: Henbane River
Situated southwest of Moonflower Trailer Park. Find the bunker which is located between the house and the shed as you go around the back of the residence. The lighter in this bunker will be found in the second room on a shelf.

Return all of these twelve Vietnam lighters back to Wendell, and the old guy will give you your well-deserved reward.

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