Far Cry 5 Comic Books Guide – All Comic Books Locations, Where To Find

While Ubisoft has changed its open-world formula a bit but still, there are collectibles to be found in the vast open-world of Far Cry 5 which also include comic books. In this Far Cry 5 Comic Books Guide we will help you locate all of the comic books in the game so that you can grab them without any problem.

Far Cry 5 Comic Books are scattered across the open-world, however, not all of them will be readily collectible as for some you will have to talk to people first in order to get the location of the Comic Book and that is where our Far Cry 5 Comic Books Guide comes in.

Far Cry 5 Comic Books

Far Cry 5 is the latest entry in the franchise and this time around the game is set in the state of Montana and given that it is an American state, it makes sense that Ubisoft would feature collectibles native to the land like Comic Books.

With these Comic Books scattered throughout the open-world, we will help you with collecting all of them along with giving you the exact locations. The following are the locations of the Comic Books along with instruction regarding how to get them.

How To Activate The Sidequest

Before you get to grab the comic books in Far Cry 5, you will need to activate the Golden Age Nostalgia sidequest that will mark the locations of the comic books on your map.

To activate the sidequest, go to the Dodd Residence in Holland Valley and talk to Nadine Abercrombie. Once you are done talking to her, the location of the first comic book will be marked on the map.


Furthermore, after activating the quest, the map with all the comic books locations will be available for purchase from shops. The following are the locations of the Far Cry 5 Comic Books and we will be listing them according to their region.

Whitetail Mountains
Whitetail Mountains is Jacob’s region and as we mentioned earlier the comic books are scattered throughout the region. The following are Far Cry 5 Comic Books locations.

Elliot Residence
Elliot Residence is located south of F.A.N.G center. From the porch, jump to the verandah and go through the window. The comic book will be on a case next to a lamp.

Jefferson Lookout Tower
Get to this Lookout tower and head inside the cliffside building. The comic book will be on the table.

McNeil Residence
Head to this location to get the Far Cry 5 comic book.

Holland Valley
Holland Valley is John’s region and in this particular region you will find quite a few comic books and following are the locations for all the comic book in this region.

Parker Laboratories
Parker Laboratories is west of Fall’s End. Go inside the building with the green roof and the comic is on the desk.

Boyd Residence
Boyd Residence is west of the Dodd residence. You will find the comic book inside the left bedroom.

Bradbury Farm
Bradbury Farm is south of the Lamb of God Church. Head inside the barn and jump to the second level and the comic book will be on the mattress.

Henbane River
Henbane River is Faith’s Region and following are the location of the comic books in this region.

Peaches Taxidermy
Peaches Taxidermy is a landmark which should be visible on your map. Travel here and get inside the building with grey exterior and the comic book will be right next to the television.

Chan Residence
Chan Residence is south of Angel’s Peak. You need to go around the back of the house and enter through the door there and you will find the comic book on the bed.

Vasquez Residence
You will find the comic book at this location.

Camp Cougar
A comic book is located at Camp Cougar.

O’HARA’S Haunted House
O’HARA’S Haunted House also hides a comic book.

Boshaw Manor
Boshaw Manor also has a comic book inside its walls.

That is all for our Far Cry 5 Comic Books Guide with tips on all the locations for the comic books so that you can collect them without any trouble.

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