Far Cry 5 Bobbleheads Guide – Find All Cheeseburger Bobbleheads, Mint Condition Side Quest Guide

Our Far Cry 5 Bobbleheads Guide is for completing the 'Mint Condition' side-quest by collecting all the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads. This Far Cry 5 Guide.

Our Far Cry 5 Bobbleheads Guide is for completing the ‘Mint Condition’ side-quest by collecting all the Cheeseburger Bobbleheads. This Far Cry 5 Guide details these locations along with the directions you need to take to get to them.

Far Cry 5 Bobbleheads

Talking to Dave Fowler in Fowler’s Retreat located in the Whitetail Mountains will trigger the start of the quest ‘Mint Condition’. You can purchase maps of Cheeseburger Bobbleheads from the nearby shops.

Baron Lumber Mill
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
This is an enemy stronghold which you can either clear out or stealthily grab the Bobbleheads. Use the stairs at the front of the Lumber Mill to go through a window. The Bobblehead is located in the kitchen.

Whitetail Parker Ranger Station
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
Located southwest of the F.A.N.G center. Head to the main office building and go the next room which is located behind the desk. The bedside table on the left will have the Bobblehead.

Island North of Grand View Hotel
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
Since this Bobblehead is located on an island, you will have to swim all the way from the Grand View Hotel to this area. Find a log cabin and head inside to find the Bobblehead on the bed. Be wary of the bears that roam this island though.

Landsdowne Airstrip
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
North of F.A.N.G station, the Bobblehead can be found in the Hangar Pains Pepper Stash. Since this is at a fair bit of height, you need the parachute and grapple ability to reach this area.

Climb up the roof of a power station and use the grapple ability to reach a nearby radio tower. Use the parachute to drop down onto the roof of the hanger. Head inside via this roof to find the Bobblehead on a shelf.

Whitetail Park Visitor Center
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
Another enemy stronghold, clear the enemies. Move upstairs and turn left and enter the Souvenir Shop. You can find the Bobblehead on the shelf.

South Park Entrance
Region: The Whitetail Mountains
Located right on the border of Jacob’s and John’s region and North of Rae Rae’s Pumpkin farm. Use the stairs located at the back of the buildings to ascend. You will find the bobblehead down below along with some other junk.

St. Isidore School
Region: Holland Valley
The school is northeast of Fall’s end and some threats will be around. Go to the backside of the school and climb up onto the roof. Collect the keys from the chimney and use the zip line to move to the smaller building nearby. Unlock the door and grab the Bobblehead.

Bradbury Tractor Shed
Region: Holland Valley
This shed is found between the Fall’s end and Lamb of God Church. Eliminate any threats which you may come across. Head to the building beside the shed and shoot down the barred windows. You will be able to collect the bobblehead from the refrigerator.

8-Bit Pizza Bar
Region: Henbane River
Head west of Hope County to find this bar. Head inside it and you will find the bobblehead on the shelf behind the counter.

Feeney Residence
Region: Henbane River
Located on the outskirts of East of Faith’s region. After clearing out the enemies, head inside the house and over to the kitchen. The bobblehead will be lying on the kitchen bench. Go back to Dave and hand him these Cheeseburger Bobbleheads to collect your reward!

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Bobbleheads Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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