Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide

In this Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide, we will not only list the weapons that are available to you in Far Cry 5 but we will also tell you how you can upgrade.

Despite the developers’ statements that Far Cry 5 is not a first-person shooter at heart but rather a game which has the shooter element into it; guns play a pivotal role in Far Cry 5. There is an assortment of weapons for you to choose from, and it can be quite confusing without a Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide at hand.

In this FC 5 Weapons Guide, we will not only list the weapons that are available to you in the game but we will also tell you how you can upgrade the weapons that you do have in your arsenal and customize them for your pleasure.

Far Cry 5 Weapons

The game offers weapons ranging from baseball bats to flamethrowers and even a Magnopulser.

The stock weapons in the game do not have additions such as sights and silencers. In order to upgrade your weapons and add these luxuries to your guns, you need to look for a General Shop. It is quite easy to find these as they have a green icon with a white gun logo on top of it.

Once you are in the shop, talk to the person and go to the weapons section to either buy new ones or upgrade the ones that you already have with you. Select the weapon and then select the upgrade option.

Just remember that upgrading and buying require quite a bit of money so it is best if you save a large portion of what you pick up if you are planning to pimp your weapon.

Weapons List

Here is a list of all of the weapons that can be found in FC5.

Melee Weapons
As the name suggests, these weapons deal damage only at close range. However, they have no ammo and can be reused as much as you want.

The Shovel is a great weapon to have in the early stages of the game. It does not cost a lot of money but it can deal as much damage as the spiked bat, which costs over twice as much as the shovel. Amongst these, there is the Optimism Shovel that has a smiley literally painted on its head so as in Joker’s wise words you can put a smile on their faces.

Baseball Bat is another weapon that you can get for cheap. It does not have any characteristic that makes it stand out from the crowd but it is a good all-around weapon that you can get without having to splash out the cash.

My personal favorite, the Brass Knuckles get my fists pumping when there is naked head bashing to do. Especially when human attachment is attached.

Other than that, you have one more melee weapon, a Pipe. The Pipe has a socket at both of its ends and it causes 50% weapon damage and has enough accuracy to knock down the opponent

  • Whacki
  • Spiked Bat
  • Bolted Pipe
  • Socket Pipe
  • Baseball Bat
  • Aluminum Bat
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Shovel AKA “Optimism”

The only Bow available is the Compound Bow, and it works as a standard Bow would. It has a short range but is quite deadly when it hits its target.

Each Bow is almost the same as the other ones and it works as a standard Bow would. It has a short range but is quite deadly when it hits its target.

You might think that the Recurve Bow is the best bow, but the Compound one has the best value. Of course, as you progress further into the game and are not short on cash you can have a recurve bow. However, if you are in the early stages and want a bow that is good enough to do the job, then the Compound one is the best.

However, if you’re interested, you can also use Slingshot; a silent non-firearm weapon. This Bow provides you with unlimited ammo upon loading rocks. Slingshot is mostly used against lower-level cultist due to it having a low damage rate.

  • Compound Bow
  • Recurve Bow
  • Slingshot

These tiny guns are quite compact so they provide a fair bit of mobility. However, the stopping power is quite lacking and it is best to not have these as your first option.

The M-79 is the best weapon for those who are quite confident in their aim skills and are willing to take the risk of having a low rate of fire in exchange for a lot of damage and decent accuracy.

However, if you prefer a stealthy gameplay rather than a violent confrontation, the classy 1911 Handgun is a semi-automatic pistol, with a fair fire rate and comes with a silencer attachment.

If you want to get a pistol simply for the purpose of having a backup weapon (as it should be used), then go for the SMG-11 as it also has an automatic firing mode. This can help you get out of tight spots and works perfectly with the sniper rifle, as you can have one weapon for long range conflicts and one weapon for the short-range ones.

Skorpion; a machine pistol is an amazing weapon with decent damage, fire rate, and magazine size. Overall, it’s good for a close-range combat.

Another Sidearm is the .44 Magnum; a swing-out reloaded, double-action, six-shot revolver with an amazing handling feature along with a good accuracy rate and weapon damage.

  • 1911
  • Toaster
  • SMG-11
  • The Shark
  • .44 Magnum
  • Skorpion Big Spender
  • P226 AKA Amendment 2
  • M-79 AKA Shark Shooter

These guns have a huge amount of stopping power but they lack the range. These are best kept for short-range fights rather than long-range ones. Shotguns never cease to delight you with the gentle splash of red whenever you manage to land a direct shot.

SBS ‘The Farmhand’ has very good accuracy so you should try to use that if you have the money. All of the shotguns have roughly the same damage in the game so it comes down to accuracy to make the difference, and that is where the SBS variant shines.

If you are looking for something a little more forgiving, then go for the SPAS 12 as it has a decent rate of fire along with the damage and can be quite useful when facing multiple enemies at once. Additionally, it can also be equipped with incendiary grenades to rain hell on the adversaries, hence the name ‘Flameout’.

M133 or the Grand Slam is a weapon that should be your last option since it doesn’t have any additional attachments to it and is slower and quite weaker than the other two Shotguns.

  • SPAS-12 AKA “Flameout”
  • SBS AKA “The Farmhand”
  • M133 AKA “The Grand Slam”

Submachine Guns
The only SMG available to you is perhaps the most famous SMG of all time. It has a very good rate of fire along with an all right amount of stopping power. It is best to use it at close ranges and avoid long drawn out fights in the open with it.

It is of the size of a pistol and two could easily fit the pistol slots, one per each. They can be lifesaving in close combat when the ammo of primary weapons run out. Conversely, they can be used in contrast with a heavier weapon at close range.

SMGs have a very good rate of fire along with an all right amount of stopping power. It is best to use them in close ranges and avoid long drawn out fights in the open with them.

MP5K is the only SMG you would need. Not only does it come with no cost and you can get it through the story, but also it is at least as good if not better than every other SMG in the game. Do not bother wasting your money on any other SMG and instead buy upgrades for MP5K if you have extra cash lying around.

  • MP5K

There should be no need to explain what an Assault Rifle does. It has good range; good damage and is perfect for beginners in almost every single shooter game.

A combination of burst shooting ability and reasonable accuracy at considerable distance put them way ahead other options. An AR-C is the impersonation of all that. However, a major setback is that without an extended mag, you suffer a lot of reloads and ammo shortages.

The 45/70 is great as it does not cost a lot and yet has very amazing stats. Try to master this weapon, as it can be the difference between life and death in medium-ranged engagements. However, it is a single fire weapon only.

If you are looking for a fully automatic weapon, then you cannot go wrong with the AK-47. That is consistent across pretty much every FPS though, so you probably already knew that.

MS16 is a semi-automatic rifle that is best used for hit-and-run or counter-sniping tactics. It may be difficult to use with a suppressor but still it will kill an opponent easily due to its high accuracy.

  • “Stars ‘N Stripes”
  • AC-R AKA “The Shark”
  • 45/70 AKA “Fall’s Ghost”
  • AKM-S AKA “The Whitetailer”

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifles reward quick reflexes, as most of these guns will get you a one-shot kill. It is best to use these weapons at long ranges rather than close ones as they have an extremely low rate of fire.

The MBP.50 is a great all-around sniper that does not cost that much either. It has amazing accuracy along with a deadly amount of damage. This is great for taking out targets that are at an extreme distance.

The SA50 brings the proper balance to firepower, range and fire rate and is thus called the ‘Free State’.

If you are looking to find a semi-automatic or a fully automatic counterpart of the sniper rifle. Then the AR-CL can do the trick.

The gun’s versatility allows itself to be used to eliminate enemies far away and double down as a sub-machine at close range. Not what a man sneaking on a sniper would expect. Therefore this comes quite in handy, keeping a stealthy movement, killing enemies afar and when needed, even have a head-on combat.

However, remember that it does not have enough damage as many of the other snipers and thus, you need to be extremely accurate and consistent at long ranges to kill the target. As a compensation, you will be much better at close range with this than the other snipers.

308 Carbine is a bolt action Sniper Rifle. It has high accuracy, good weapon damage but lacks in handling. It is an updated version of the AR-CL but since it’s a bolt action weapon, it’s really hard to handle.

  • MBP .50
  • SA50 AKA “Free State”
  • AR-CL AKA “Sharkbite”
  • 308 Carbine AKA “Old Flame”

Machine Guns
Huge guns with huge damage. However, they do not have the best accuracy and it is best to use them to suppress enemies rather than kill them.

The M249 is the best MG there is in the game. It does not have as much damage as the other MG that you can equip but it does have a much better rate of fire that means that you will have much higher DPS with this than any other gun.

You can also get the Militia variant but it costs way too much and should only be bought if you have the dough to spend on it.

M60 is another Machine Gun with a good accuracy, weapon damage and rate of fire however, due to its cheap handling it’s not recommended.

  • M60
  • M249 AKA “Milita”

Special Weapons
Flamethrower is a great weapon for taking out tons of enemies in close quarters. However, remember that it sets the terrain on fire and you can end up burning yourself too, so watch out.

Both of the Rocket Launchers in the game are almost identical, so it does not matter which one you use. Just use the one that seems to fit your aesthetic preference and you shall be fine.

  • Flamethrower AKA “Flames on Flames”

The Magnopulser shoots pulses of energy that throws the enemy a few feet into the air before landing them down. They can also vaporize a target if used at a point-blank range.

The Magnopulser is one of the very few weapons in the game that has unlimited ammo. Such a weapon is a must have to use in such urging situation. The gun can be acquired by completing a series of side quests.

Next is the RAT4. I cannot possibly stress this more that it is a must-have weapon, period. Its unique features include target locking aircraft and choppers. It launches self-guided missiles and even an incendiary cluster rocket that carpet-bombs a small field eliminating all adversaries.

M-60 LMG and M-249 LMG are two light machineguns, not so cool. However, when put together, they can allow you to keep shooting for two to three minutes straight (300+ rounds).

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Weapons Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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