Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Guide – Find All Vinyl Crates, Turn The Tables Side Quest

Our Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Guide is for helping the players complete the game's 'Turn the Tables' side-quest by collecting all the Vinyl Crates.

Our Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Guide is for helping the players complete the game’s ‘Turn the Tables’ side-quest by collecting all the Vinyl Crates. The locations for these crates are given below along with directions on how to get to them.

Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates

The quest ‘Turn the Tables’ can only be acquired from Wheaty after completing his ‘Gearing Up’ mission. Located in the Wolf’s Den in the Whitetail Mountains, you can acquire ‘Turn the Tables’ side-quest after completing the previous one.

Having acquired the quest, you will need to purchase a map from a nearby shop. This map will pinpoint all the locations of the Vinyl crates that you need to collect to successfully complete the mission. All of these crates will be lying around in Jacob’s region, the Whitetail Mountains.

Osprey Cabin
Head south of the Wolf’s Den and descend a cliff to come across the Osprey Cabin. Enter the cabin via the door located on the side of it. You will see a yellow crate lying on a table in front of a television.

Dansky Cabin
Even further south from the Osprey Cabin, and between two roads, is where you will find the Dansky Cabin as you can find on the map. Approaching the Dansky Cabin from the front, you will find the crate on the porch under a table.

Hunter’s Pass Shelter
Going north-west of Wolf’s Den is the Hunter’s Pass shelter. Guarding this brick house will be some enemies which you need to eliminate. After doing so, enter the house through the front door and collect the crate lying on a table.

Red Tail Cabin
This cabin is east of Wolf’s Den. Head inside the house through the front door. Turn left to find the crate located in the kitchen. The crane is near the window.

Breakthrough Camp
Keep going east of here until you find the Breakthrough Camp. Enter the camp via the main gate of the camp. Head inside the first house you come across on your right. Find the crate lying on a wooden shelf.

North Park Entrance
West of F.A.N.G center, this particular area can be reached by following the road. Head south of this park (follow the map) to find the house. Collect the crate on the top of a bookshelf.

The Grill Steak
This is a restaurant which can be found south of the F.A.N.G center. Head to the gazebo and find the yellow crate outside one of the tents.

MCA Mobile Lab
From the restaurant, head east and beyond the Baron Lumber Mill to reach the MCA Mobile Lab. Be careful, some wolves roam this region. The crate can be found under the grey-ish hut.

Linero Building Supplies
This location is north of Lumber Mill and west of Fort Drubman. A construction site, this area is riddled with enemies which you are advised to take out first for convenience.

After doing so, head back towards the south of the site and enter a trailer with a blue door. The crate is found on a desk behind a filing cabinet.

South Park Entrance
Located between the Wolf’s Den and Rae Rae’s Pumpkin Farm. Beware of enemies in the region. Look for the ACROD car parking space. Head to the building right next to it and collect the crate lying in front of some file cabinets.

The quest is completed by heading back to Wheaty in the Wolf’s Den in the Whitetail Mountains region.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Vinyl Crates Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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