Far Cry 5 Animal Companions Guide – Where To Find, How To Get, Advantages

An interesting feature of Far Cry 5 is the fact that you can recruit animals to your cause. These animals are quite a bit different from one another and all of them give you various different advantages that can be useful in your quest across the world. However, it is not easy to have them as your companion and that is where you will need this Far Cry 5 Animal Companions Guide.

This Far Cry 5 Animal Companions Guide will tell you about all of the companions in the game. It will mention how can you get the companions on your side and what advantages will they bring to the team once they are with you.

Far Cry 5 Animal Companions

There are 3 different animals scattered throughout the world. You can tame all of them and have one of them as your companion at any one given time.

They can be added to your allies after you do one thing for them or the other. In order to use them, open the ‘Fangs for Hire’ tab and select one of your animals. They will automatically start doing whatever it is that they do.

The three animals are a dog, a bear, and a cougar. All of them are quite different to one another and thus, their positives are different too. Let’s take a look at all of the Far Cry 5 Animal Companions individually and learn how to tame them.

How to Get Animal Companions

Here are the three companions that you can get as you battle the evil cult across Montana.

Boomer (Dog)
After you have freed Dutch’s Island, you have to go to the dog icon at the Pumpkin Farm. Here, you will get a quest known as ‘Man’s Best Friend’. Complete the quest and set the dog free.

Once you do that, you will have Boomer as an animal companion. Boomer automatically tags nearby enemies and disarms them. He can also perform stealth kills and bring ammo for you along with scaring bears away.

Peaches (Mountain Lion)
Once you have liberated Dutch’s island, go to the northwest corner and talk to Miss Maple in Peach’s Taxidermy to begin the quest required.

Follow the yellow marker and bring Peaches home to have her as your companion. Once you have done that, Peaches will perform stealth kills and keep trained wolves away from you as well.

Cheeseburger (Bear)
Free the island and then go to the bear icon. Here, you will need to destroy the cult outpost and talk to Wade Fowler so that the quest known as ‘Right to Bear Arms’ can begin.

Complete the quest by rescuing Cheeseburger from the Linero Building Supplies site to have him as your companion. He is not stealthy but he is very tough and can easily barge into outposts to take them all out on his own.

That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Animal Companions Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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