Far Cry 5 Baseball Cards Guide – All Baseball Cards, Grand Slam Side Quest

Far Cry 5 Baseball Cards Guide highlight the locations and instructions you need to collect all the Baseball Cards. This is objective of the side-mission.

Our Far Cry 5 Baseball Cards Guide will highlight the locations and instructions you need to collect all the Baseball Cards. This is the objective of the side-mission titled ‘Grand Slam’ and we will help you achieve it in no time!

Far Cry 5 Baseball Cards

Firstly, you need to head to the Oberlin Picnic Area in the Whitetail Mountains.

There, talk to a guy named George (yes, he’s a real basketball fan) who will give you the location of a basketball card to be found. The rest of the cards locations can be added to your map upon purchasing them at the shops.

Southwest of F.A.N.G Center
Located near a river, is a house which holds a baseball card. Approaching the house from the front will mean some enemies which need to be taken care of. After doing so, enter the house and find the card above a couch on a shelf.

Northwest of Cedar Lake
Beware of some enemies near the house located here. Take em out and then proceed to enter the house from the front door. The card is found on the bedside table.

West of Cedar Lake
Located up north in the mountains, the location is easier to access via a flying vehicle or the ‘Grapple’ skill.

Take the enemies out and head inside the building. The card is located behind the front door on a desk. Note, you can find a chopper here which you can use later for reaching other locations for the baseball cards.

North of Whitetail Park Visitor Center
Easier accessed by a helicopter, this place will have no threats or enemies but is located in the hills. Head to the barn and find the baseball card on the shelf.

Southwest of Clagett Boathouse
Located on the main road, be wary of any enemies or other threats. You need to head to the petrol station and locate the baseball card beneath the ‘Clothing’ sign.

Cooper Cabin
Located northeast of Wolf’s Den, head inside the cabin. Find the room with a mattress lying against the wall, the card is located on the shelf near this.

F.A.N.G. Center
This is an enemy stronghold which, chances are; you may have cleared it by now. If not, then you can expect a swarm of enemies which you need to clear out. Once all threats are eliminated, head to the building right of the main entrance. The gift shop will have a shelf with the card on it.

McNeil Residence
Head Northeast from the F.A.N.G center to reach here. Killing the enemies, head to the white barn and collect the card lying on the shelf behind the door.

Northeast of Baron Lumber Mill
Behind the mill, you would notice some racetracks and a white container. Clearing out the enemies in the path, head inside this white container by kicking down the door. Grab the last baseball card from the door.

Return to George the baseball fan and complete the quest.

This is all we have in our Far Cry 5 Baseball Cards Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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