Far Cry 5 Hunting Guide – How To Hunt, Hunting Tips And Tricks, Challenges

Hunting works a little differently in Far Cry 5 than in other games. Instead of using the animals as a food source like most other games, the primary advantage of hunting in Far Cry 5 is to complete hunting challenges to get points and unlock perks. You can of course also sell the meat and the skin for extra cash. To figure out how to hunt and which challenge requires what, you will need this Far Cry 5 Hunting Guide.

Our Far Cry 5 Hunting Guide will tell you all of the challenges that you can complete to get rewards. It will also mention how you can hunt better and give you tips and tricks to quickly start hunting the animals in the game.

Far Cry 5 Hunting Tips and Tricks

To begin hunting, you will need a weapon. That is fairly easy to get and once you have that, you can walk through the hunting grounds to see which animals are on offer. If you find a hunting magazine somewhere, you can take a look at it and figure out some specified hunting grounds which will have a lot of animals for you to kill.

The best weapons for hunting are Sniper Rifles and Composite Bows due to their extreme accuracy. Other weapons will ruin the animal skin and thus make them less worthwhile for you.

Animals can also fight back though, therefore, make sure you have an escape plan ready when hunting for predators. Prey animals usually run so it is best to use a Sniper Rifle on them, whereas predator animals can be taken down by almost anyone since they will attack you when you shoot at them. Remember that if you attack a large animal like a bear, you will need multiple shots as they will not fall down easily.

Hunting Rewards And Challenges

Here is a list of Far Cry 5 Hunting Rewards. We mention the amount and the kind of animal to target followed by the reward points that you would get for doing the aforementioned.


Challenge Requirements Perk Points Acquired
Deer Skinned 1 1
Pronghorns Skinned 1 1
Elks Skinned 2 2
Caribou Skinned 4 3
Bison Skinned 3 3
Moose Skinned 2 3
Hares Skinned 1 2
Boars Skinned 2 2
Skunks Skinned 3 2
Wolverines Skinned 3 2
Wolves Skinned 5 2
Cougars Skinned 4 3
Black Bears Skinned 2 2
Grizzly Bears Skinned 3 3
Turkeys Skinned 2 2
Eagles Skinned 3 3
Kokanees Caught 1 1
Arctic Graylings Caught 1 1
Golden Trout Caught 1 1
Rock Bass Caught 1 1
Smallmouths Caught 1 1
Largemouths Caught 1 1
Bull Trout Caught 1 1
Lake Trout Caught 1 1
Rainbow Trout Caught 1 1
Chinooks Caught 1 3
Pallid Sturgeons Caught 1 3


That is all we have for our Far Cry 5 Hunting Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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