How To Get Staff Of The Guilty In Elden Ring

The Staff of the Guilty mainly revolves around the Faith and Strength stats and can be obtained by farming Thorn Sorcerers.

Elden Ring features several Staff weapons for you to use against your enemies. There are many variants in the staff variety itself, ranging from Colossal weapons like the Rotten Staff to more subtle Glintstone Staffs like the Staff of the Guilty.

The Staff of the Guilty mainly revolves around the Faith and Strength stats, and although looks like a piece from a withered sapling having no weapon skill, it can still be insanely proficient in battle.

Before we move on to the stats that make it so, we must first learn how to get the Staff of the Guilty in Elden Ring.

Staff of the Guilty location in Elden Ring

While most weapons can be bought or received as an assured drop from major boss fights, that is not the case with the Staff of the Guilty. To find the Staff of the Guilty, you will have to grind a lot by fighting Thorn Sorcerers.

Only the Thorn Sorcerers that wield a blazing stave can drop the Staff of the Guilty though, not the normal ones. That said, there is only a small chance that you will get the drop, as you only have a 2% base drop with this weapon, and that too on 100 Discovery.

You can find the Thorn Sorcerers at two different places in Elden Ring: Fort Laiedd and the Guardians’ Garrison.

The best and most efficient way to obtain the Staff of the Guilty though is to farm the blazing stave-wielding Thorn Sorcerers at Fort Laiedd, since you can access the location pretty early on in the game.

How to reach Fort Laiedd

The best location to get the Staff of the Guilty is at Fort Laiedd, which is in the northwestern corner of Liurnia of the Lakes region. This is because this location can be accessed pretty early as opposed to the Guardians’ Garrison in the north, to access which you first have to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus to get the medallions and then move through the Altus Plateau, which is way ahead of the Fort Laiedd region.

Moving back to how you can reach Fort Laiedd, you must first make your way over to the Erdtree Grazing Hill Site of Grace. From there, you must ride up the rock hill, circling over to the top from the right side.

At the top, you will encounter the Tibia Mariner, but you can completely skip the fight by clinging to the western edge and making your way forward. Using your Torrent is recommended since you must be fast.

Next, make your way north into the valley of Mt. Gelmir, which is going to be right next to the yellow tree. Right in front of you in the corner should be the Seethewater River Site of Grace.

From there, you must hop onto your Torrent and make your way northwest all the way up to the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace, which is at the other end of the valley.

From the Seethewater Terminus Site of Grace, you should be able to see a large Fort structure in front of you. This is the Fort Laiedd, which houses the Thorn Sorcerers you need to farm.

At this point, all you have to do is to kill the Thorn Sorcerers wielding a blazing stave and loot them until you obtain the Staff of the Guilty. You can use a Silver Scarab to boost your chances of getting the weapon.

Staff of the Guilty upgrades and stats

Although the staff of the Guilty does not possess any weapon skills, it can still be a great weapon to use in battle owing to its versatile play style. The weapon scales incredibly well with the Faith stat, even reaching S rank upon being fully upgraded.

This staff gradually builds up Blood loss upon constantly attacking enemies and even boosts the damage dealt by Thorn Sorceries by 20%, which makes a Blood Thorn Sorcery build the best build for the Staff of the Guilty in Elden Ring.

You can even infuse this weapon with the Spinning Weapon Ash of War to make it more efficient in its bleed buildup.

The minimum requirement to wield the Staff of the Guilty along with its scaling is given below:

  • Faith: 12 (C0
  • Strength: 8 (D)

The staff starts off with a 38 Physical Damage stat and a 100 Critical stat, but you can upgrade it with Smithing Stones to make it more efficient:

  • Level: +25
  • Physical Damage: 66
  • Strength: C
  • Faith: S
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