Elden Ring Horse Guide To Find, Summon and Upgrade

Elden Ring allows you to traverse the Lands Between on a majestic horse named Torrent. This opens up a whole...

Elden Ring allows you to traverse the Lands Between on a majestic horse named Torrent. This opens up a whole new layer of gameplay and makes travel and discovery an amazing experience. In this guide, we will walk you through how you can get the horse, Torrent, in Elden Ring. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Elden Ring Horse Location

To find the horse in Elden Ring, you must meet Melina who will be at the Gatefront Ruins right after the tutorial’s site of grace at the beginning of the game. You need to rest here to trigger a cutscene with Melina.

However, if that doesn’t happen, you must rest at several more Sites of Grace such as Stranded Graveyard, The First Step, Church of Elleh, Groveside Cave before returning to the Gatefront Ruins.

How to Get the Horse in Elden Ring

Elden Ring world is huge and while there are fast travel checkpoints around the map, you need to explore the map yourself to discover everything it has to offer.

To make sure that your journey across the Lands Between is swift, there is a horse named Torrent in Elden Ring on which you can travel!

This horse not only grants you incredible speed but also grant you unique attacks and traversal opportunities. Torrent also helps you get away from enemies.

Torrent can jump from the first time you unlock it, but its speed gradually increases as you progress through the game. This horse can also double jump in some areas of the map specially to scale up cliffsides.

However, you don’t get access to the Horse in Elden Ring right away; you have to unlock it first.

Understanding Horse Controls

Keep the Spectral Steed Whistle with you all the time by going into the quick items in the menu and then assigning the Spectral Steed Whistle to an empty slot.

When you use the Spectral Seed Whistle, your character appears on top of the horse right away. However, Torrent cannot be ridden inside dungeons, castles, or any other enclosed area.

To ride faster, hold Circle or B; But be careful, as doing so may drain stamina.

How to Dismount Torrent

Dismounting Torrent in Elden Ring is not some rocket science. Just use the Spectral Steed Whistle again and you will be able to dismount the horse. If you want to jump off quickly and head straight into the combat, press L3 button (analog in) while moving.

How to use Spirit Spring Jump

You can also do Spirit Spring Jumps in Elden Ring. Spirit Springs are wind portals that can be used to traverse unreachable areas while riding the Horse.

Mount the horse and ride towards the Spirit Spring to perform the Spirit Spring Jump. When you’re approaching the Spirit Spring, press X or A to ride the current through the air.

You will not be injured if you fall from a Spirit Spring Jump while riding your horse. This will assist you in reaching high heights.

Horse Combat Tips

If you are riding your horse, Torrent and you want to attack your enemies without dismounting the horse, press R1 or RB to attack with your right hand weapon and press L1 or LB to attack with the weapon in your left hand. Your stamina will deplete if you attack while riding the horse.

The triggers may also be used to launch a charged strike from either side. While on the horse, players can utilize flasks and other objects, as well as magic.

How to Summon your Horse

Before you get to ride the Horse in Elden Ring, you need to get your hands on Spectral Steed whistle. After you’ve discovered three Sites of Grace, only then you’ll be able to use the Spectral Steed Whistle.

After you have discovered the three Sites of Grace, go to the Site of Grace near the Gatefront Ruins. Rest at that Site of Grace and you will meet Melina in the cut-scene in which she will give you Spectral Steed Whistle.

The Spectral Steed Whistle is used to summon the Torrent, but you cannot summon it everywhere. There are some areas and dungeons where Torrent just cannot be summoned.

How to Dodge on Your Horse

You can dodge while mounted just as you dodge on foot. Remember that you can also double jump on your horse to dodge or evade projectiles.

How to Upgrade Your Horse

Once you’ve rested successfully at the Site of Grace, you can upgrade your Horse by using Runes at any Site of Grace.

Horse Damage and How to Heal Your Horse

Your horse, Torrent, can be very helpful in Elden Ring as they help you move quickly across the map. They are not immune to damage though. If your horse takes damage, remember to heal him when safe from enemies.

To heal your horse, you can use a raisin called the Rowa Raisin. It is the most common Raisin in Elden Ring and can also be crafted using the Crafting kit.

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