How To Get Graven-Mass Talisman In Elden Ring

You have to enter the secret snowy area known as Consecrated Snowfield to get the Graven-Mass Talisman in Elden Ring.

The Graven-Mass Talisman is considered to be one of the best talismans in Elden Ring since it improves the potency of Sorceries.

Players looking to delve into creating a Sorcery build will understand the importance of maximizing every attack they cast so that they can really benefit from the increased Sorcery damage.

The Graven-Mass Talisman is a late-game item in Elden Ring. Here is how you can get your hands on it.

Graven-Mass Talisman location in Elden Ring

You have to enter the secret snowy area known as Consecrated Snowfield to get the Graven-Mass Talisman in Elden Ring. You will need to acquire both pieces of the Haligtree Secret Medallion before you can enter the region.

The area is optional and can be missed while focusing on the main story of Elden Ring. You will however pass the region on your way to Miquella’s Haligtree.

Graven-Mass Talisman map location in Elden Ring

Head to Liurnia and the Mountaintops of the Giants to acquire both pieces of the Medallion respectively. Now activate the medallion to access the Grand Lift of Rold.


The lift will take you to the Consecrated Snowfield and you must then head east from this location until you reach a frozen river.  

Once you reach the location you will find that the area to the top is sealed, and you will have to find ways to open your access point. You will need to complete the Albinauric Rise puzzle to continue.

How to complete the Albinauric Rise Puzzle

As you reach the location you will find that your route to the top is sealed, and you will be tasked to complete a puzzle to progress.

The solution to the puzzle can be found by having a scan of the nearby environment. As you have a look, you will find two imps having an altercation.

You’ll quickly realize that the solution is to make one of the Imps kill the other.

You can go about it in two ways, each of which will require separate items to complete.

The first way is to instigate one of the imps to finish the job. Crystal Darts have an added effect that makes enemies go mayhem and attack all other enemies in the area. Similarly, the Bewitching Branch has an added benefit that charms the person it is used on, making them attack on your behalf.

Approach the imps and use either of the items on one of them. This will make them kill the other completing the puzzles.

Alternatively, the second option involves summoning ashes to do the job for you. Fanged Imp Ashes will be the go-to here as they will attack and take out one of the Imps completing the puzzle for you.

You can purchase Fang Imp Ashes when you are inside the Raya Lucaria Academy. The Merchant there will sell them to you for two thousand runes.

Once the door to the tower is unsealed, you can climb up to the top floor and collect the Graven Mass Talisman.

Graven Mass Talisman effects

The Graven Mass Talisman should be a mainstay for every one of you considering setting up a strong Sorcery Build in Elden Ring. The Graven Mass works pretty similarly to the Flock’s Canvas Talisman but for boosting your Sorcery attack damage.

The Graven Mass Talisman is one of the best Talismans in Elden Ring since it gives an 8% boost to the potency of Sorceries. So hastily add it to your Talisman Slot.

The Graven Mass can be considered a late-game item since the Consecrated Snowfield is accessible very fairly late in your Elden Ring journey.

Earlier on, you can consider using the previous version of Graven Mass the Graven School Talisman which gives only a 4% increase to your Sorcery attack damage which is still better than nothing.

Interestingly enough, you can equip both the Graven Mass Talisman and the Graven School Talisman at the same time which will increase your Sorcery potency and damage by an impressive 12%.

Adding both these Talismans at once wouldn’t be possible unless you have unlocked additional Talisman Slots by finding Talisman Pouches.

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